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How to Design an Eye-Catching Logo for Your Company

You have a great idea of business, have a complete research of the market, found talented and experienced people to work with you, but the one thing you should not miss is the logo of your company. It’s the identity of the company, it represents your company in a pictorial form.

Undeniably, the first thing will be identified by the people, in short the logo is the first impression of the brand, and we all know how important it is. So, it could be best idea to take help from the logo design company, they have a better understanding of what suits the best for you. Portray your imagination in business logo design with creativity that captures the attention of the people and brand gets the higher user traffic.

A well-crafted logo is the way to communicate with the customers by including the business value, background, vision and anything you want to deliver, even without saying a word. An appealing custom logo design has an equivalence importance as the name of the company, as both place adjacent to each other. So, it’s not easy to craft a logo, some of the techniques need to be taken care of which helps to create a great logo.

01. Find the Attractive Font

Believe it or not, it’s one of the salient elements that makes your logo catchy and shiny. Choosing a right typeface which suits the colors, shapes of your business logo design along with it, font must portray your professionalism as well.

Finalize the font which looks aesthetic in the custom logo design and becomes your trademark as well which nobody has used till. Myriads of types of fonts are available modern, simple, bold, classic, vintage style and more. It’s completely your choice to select one or two for your logo. Yes, more than that in a single design makes it complex.

Hence, consider this highly important point as it’s equally important as the other elements in the designing.

02. Unique Design Flow

Make your own design flow, have a detailed brainstorming to find something out of the box. You can place the first two letters of the name of the company as a logo, and need to make it catchy and creative.

Your logo is not just an icon and wordmark, it’s too much more than that. It’s a representation of the business, so it must be extraordinary and innovative. It’s fine if you want to put only words in a design, but make sure that it’s connected, otherwise it ruins the whole design.

No doubt, there are many famous professional logo designs which contain only words, they are crafted very nicely and connect with the business value, and the purpose. For example, the logo of the subway is just a name written in it, but really makes sense. Hence, don’t add just a few words and icons without any meaning, connect it with the brand.

03. Gradient Effects

Are you a fan of mixing various colors in a single logo? then this technique is for you. More than one color in a logo may sometimes ruin the whole design but if it’s displayed perfectly then it gives an appealing look.

When Instagram used this technique in their logo, it became popular among many other brands and they have implemented it in business logo design. If you want to stand out of the crowd, and be noticed by the people then this can be your solution. Even it seems like a 3D effect when more than one color is portrayed in a single design.

However, to get the best look designer must have a great sense of the various combinations of colors. In this case, a logo design company can help you to craft an aesthetic logo for your brand. Hence, it’s a good technique but you need to be very careful while selecting a color.

04. Metallic Design

It’s a surefire way to craft a catchy professional logo design. Metallics in design such as text, shape, icons make your logo more shiny. This technique gives a simple yet modern, even this simple design looks appealing in digital and printed media both.

Metallic pattern in the design makes it extraordinary and eye-catching and adds an extra texture. Another way where you give metallic touch is text in the logo, it surely highlights your brand’s name and won’t allow people to move away from it. Even metallic icons in your logo noticed easily as it shines out from other elements.

A proper use of metallic design in the logo can give a unique look to your brand identity and definitely attracts the people. So, it would be a good move while designing a logo.

05. Hand Drawn Design

This is a unique way of designing a logo, it’s true that it’s hard to believe that in this generation when we have a lot of advanced tools to craft a logo, then why should we go for this. Some personal feelings can be delivered through the custom logo design which is hand drawn.

It gives you a chance to portray your own idea rather than depending on the limitations of the design tools. You need to make sure that it is clearly visible and easily understood by the people. This is also important. However, designing a hand drawn logo doesn’t forget to include the trend which is ongoing, it makes it more appealing. Yes, you can add your creativity to make it distinguishable.

Hence, it’s an opportunity to display your creativity along with considering the trends.

06. Logo with Thin Lines

We all wanted our logo to be shiny and bold so this technique will surely give your logo an attractive look. Thinner lines are highly associated with the elegance and sophistication and even seems like a simple design. 

Due to minimal yet alluring design many tech companies have used this as their identity and got popularity as well. You can use the thin lines in the shapes which you have added or else write the name of the company. It really makes your whole design sophisticated and shows your professionalism. 

As we have seen remarkable changes in the use of the logos, and now people are more active in the online media. Therefore, this would be the best choice to capture the attention of the people. 

07. Animated Logo

When discussing the latest techniques and then how can we forget the moving designs. It’s the most attractive and preferred method to give your brand logo an appealing look. 

It will help you in online marketing to attract the people with the moving designs. In the online world, people are more interested to look for the better visual and if you’re able to deliver it then surely helps to get noticed. Moreover, it’s necessary to tell your brand story to your customer and this approach will make a great impact. 

Hence, take help from the logo design company to craft an impressive animated logo and get a unique stand in the market. 

08. Retro Design

Retro is an ancient design style which reflects the importance of culture. Seems like an outdated approach but now designers move towards this again to add the significance of the culture.

Undeniably, retro designs are timeless, so it will never be a wrong choice to use as a custom logo design. It becomes a first choice for the companies related to art work, ancient products and even museums. Even you can use it for any type of business, it will surely give an appealing look. So, while living in a modern world, it’s hard to accept this but it is never a wrong choice to opt for. 

09. Geometric Design

Circle, triangle, rectangle, and many other geometric shapes plays a vital role in designing a logo. A designer must know how to use it precisely in the custom logo design to make it unique and attractive. 

It makes your complex logo simple and makes it recognizable easily. As color has a meaning the same way each geometric shape has a meaning, let’s say a circle denotes an eternity and completeness. A geometric shape can give your designs a 3D as well as flat look, you just need to use it wisely.

10. Simple Design

Simple design always be a trend forever, it never goes off trend. If you know how to use it perfectly then it gives a nice look for sure. A few design elements portrayed nicely is important rather than making it complex. 

Fonts, shapes, colors need to be used in a small amount so that it looks appropriate and gives true identity to your brand. Selection must be unique, you must know the advantage of selecting the right font, color, shapes. 

Many famous companies like Nike, Samsung, have accepted this approach and craft their logo very simply and easily recognizable. 

Wrapping up

Well, as we all know the significance of the logo so we need to make it creative and something out of the box needs to present. Your design must be able to capture the attention of the people easily. In this case the above-mentioned point will help you to design an attractive logo. Based on the demand you need to choose the various design elements and proper use of the discussed points will deliver the best design.

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