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6 Reasons why simplicity is best in logo design

Brand identity experts know what traits a successful logo design should have. One of their favourite traits includes simplicity and clarity. Gradually, the designers have now come to bring simplicity and clarity into all of their projects.

Your logo represents your business and it’s the first thing your potential customers confront. As your brand increases awareness, people will make a relationship with your brand, and a simple logo, preferably, and skilled Business Logo Design provider, can help the process, which a complex logo could make complicated for the people.

So, here are the 6 reasons why your logo should be simple.

1. It’s Easy to Remember

Consider a friend asking you to picture a logo in your mind, nearly most of the time, you’ll picture a simple logo design. That’s because our minds are prone to process easier content. Which actually is clear in our routine life: what would you remember? A complicated sentence with difficult lingo, or a simple sentence with understandable words? Obviously, you’d prefer the second one, and it’s the same with logo design.

2. Its Easily Recognizable

Get a picture of the brand(in the head), just by a hint of the logo? It’s safe to say that the brand is successful. Take McDonald for instance, a glance of a yellow arch symbol, and McDonald’s it is, says your intellect. Apple with a floating leaf and a bite? Apple!, your mind says. That’s how a simple logo can have an impact.

1 or 2 simple symbols and shapes are easy to stick in the memory. While a complex logo design would require an effort to retain in memory, hence, get ignored mostly.

3. Is Timeless

A simple logo can be timeless as well. For instance, the squared BBC logo, the logo is a classic and the firm doesn’t need a redesign and has the power to stay for decades.

Small firms with low budgets may require a timeless logo design even more, so to escape the costs of logo redesign every year. Redesigning isn’t just about recreation, it includes a whole process starting from scratch.

What’s more is that you have to start re-branding, which includes investing in promoting your new logo and other re-branding exercises. So aim for a logo that has the potential to remain perpetual for decades.

4. Is Adaptable

Simple logos are adaptable. And since your logo is the face that everyone associates with your business, it is a fundamental part of marketing. Alongside, your logo will be used in business cards, website designs, advertisements and more.

For promotional purposes, It will also be printed on tiny objects as a pen, Or on big-sized billboards. Keeping that in perspective, a simple logo keeps a good impression on the smallest, to the largest scalable forms without abrupting its consistency which is necessary to build a strong brand.

It can be that non-simple logo appears attractive from a distance, but will it look fine on your graphic designs? Your business cards? And other graphic designs? Professional logo design services come to the rescue!

Ensure that your logo can be easily recognized, no matter the size, tiny or large, whatever it is used on. The Fax principal is a practice that many designers use in the logo design project, the principal suggests that logo has to look appealing on a faxed copy, which is black and white and on letterhead as well. Although the fax machine has become obsolete, the principal is still alive.

5. Conveys your Message

A simple logo sends its message to the target audience in the best and easy way. Unlike a complicated logo, which often confuses the potential customer about your business. As a matter of fact, it’s primarily important for a logo to convey the right message about the business.

6. Is hard to imitate

A clear and simple logo is also hard to imitate. If your logo is convoluted, some designer might just manipulate it, tweaking some tones and lines and call it their own, which is really harmful to your brand. Such is not the case with a simple design, each line, each detail, each colour tone is there for a reason. Even the most minor changes could affect the entire logo.


A logo is not the only ingredient of a successful business, but a thoughtful, simple, clear, eye-candy logo design made by professional logo design services is undoubtedly a stern part of a reputable brand.

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