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How to Earn Good Profit with Linux Reseller Hosting?

Due to low-cost investment and high demand, Reseller hosting is taking the lead in the web market. Many businesses have already started their reseller hosting company, and large no. are still waiting to diversify their income source. 

With reseller hosting business, people get 2 choices: Linux reseller hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting. Where windows technology requires a high cost to maintain its windows security, Linux is preferably cheaper, flexible, and highly secure. Therefore, people with good technical knowledge prefer Linux over windows for their business websites.

In this article. I’ll further explain what Linux Reseller Hosting is, how to earn extra profit via it and who is the best linux reseller hosting provider in India. 

What is Linux Reseller Hosting?

As the term indicates, Linux Reseller Hosting refers to hosting where the large web hosting companies sell Linux hosting resources (CPU, RAM, bandwidth, storage, etc.) in bulk to their clients. The clients further re-package, re-plan, re-customize, and re-sell these resources to their end customers for a good profit.  

Here clients are free to use their own brand name, and hence their customers will never know the authentic sources of their server. Linux is best suitable for people having good technical knowledge, such as web developers, game developers, graphic designers, etc. 


How to earn profit from Linux Reseller Hosting?

Before learning about how you can earn money, let me first clarify that Linux Reseller hosting is not similar to an Affiliate program. You won’t get a commission for each new customer referred by you in the Reseller Hosting business. Let’s check out the ways to earn good profit below:

1. Find your relevant niche

Since you are just a newcomer or start-up, you need not focus on competing with the big web hosting providers. These big companies have already established their name in the Market and set highly competitive prices for their servers. Additionally, they have high funds to target a diverse customer base.

To become a successful Linux reseller, you need to target a niche audience who requires this Linux technology as their server base. This will also help you create marketing, features, hosting plans and services to fulfil your target audiences’ needs. 

Your revenue will remain small because of particular niche hosting, but you can earn big profits once your business starts growing.

Before deciding on a target audience, keep in mind that your chosen niche is large enough to sustain your business in the long run. There are many tools available to search for your target audience, one of the most popular and free tools is “Google Trends.” Using this tool, you can easily reach your potential customers.

2. Plan for Future Expansion

Targeting a niche audience will save your cost and will help you in improving your customers’ experience. But do not get too specific as it can hamper your future growth. Once you decide on your target niche, it’s time to concentrate on your future expansion opportunities. 

Suppose in Google trends; you found that new restaurants are searching more for hosting than it will be a viable decision to expand your business in the hospitality industry to capture your potential Market. 

Having a future business plan ensures that you are targeting a suitable customer base for your business growth. 

3. Position Yourself in the Market

After knowing your niche, identify your target audience needs that you want your hosting provider to fulfil. Once you know the needs now examine the hosting providers already serving your chosen niche clients.

If possible, sort out at least the top 10 competitors and see at what prices they are offering their products and prices. 

To stand out from these competitors, you have to either sell your hosting plans at a lesser price or offer premium options. No doubt, the premium option involves more resources, unique features and 24/7 customer support. So there are more chances that the premium option can attract more customers to your hosting services. 

4. Choose the Right Hosting Provider

As a Linux reseller, your hosting services will completely be dictated by your Linux reseller Hosting provider. Therefore choosing the right hosting provider can give a solid start to your business. 

For excellent results, only select the reseller who matches your customer needs precisely in terms of resources and features. There are a lot of hosting providers that sell unnecessary hosting services to earn extra money. Therefore, only buy a Linux Reseller Hosting plan that gives the best value of money to you and your end customers. 

5. Create a Strong Brand

To make a good profit, it is compulsory to create a strong brand in the Market. Make sure your brand reflects your target audience as well as your product and services equally. Today the whole Market is running on branding; if people couldn’t recognize your brand, your product or service won’t create a sale. 

6. Launch Your Reseller Hosting Business

After selecting a hosting provider and creating your own brand, its a time to make your own hosting packages that you are going to sell your end customers and launch your business in the Market.

To do so, find a suitable web designer and get your hosting website designed by him. With your own website, you can capture a big market sitting in one place.

One more important thing, with buying whmcs reseller hosting tool, you can easily create multiple client accounts, manage bandwidth, RAM, CPU usage and create your own web hosting plans. All at one place. 

Isn’t that interesting?

7. Excel at Customer Support

To stand out from your top competitors, it is essential to provide excellent customer support to your customers. Customer support is the pillar of the web hosting business; if it can boom your business, it can boon it too. Make sure your company provides the best customer support to its end customers; otherwise, you will automatically get out of the competition. 

8. Connect With Your Ideal Customer

To get the best results, only market the people who fit your niche or say who is looking for your product and services. 

For this, first identify the channels where you can directly communicate with your ideal customers, such as forums, publications, etc., then try to communicate with them via your packages and plans. Usually the ROI via these channels are really high.

Hopefully, soon you can increase your customer base by taking small – small steps towards your business growth. 


The best Linux Reseller Hosting Provider in India


The Best Linux Reseller Hosting Provider in India - Wisesolution

Wisesolution is the market-leading Linux Reseller Hosting provider in India. The Hosting resources and services wisesolution offer, no one offers in the industry. In more than 130 countries, the company servers and its happy clients still rely on wisesolution for all hosting problems and solutions. Its enterprise-grade resources and top-class services maintain the trust of clients for the last 5 years. The company’s technical experts work 24/7 to serve its clients and end customers with the highest uptime. Wisesolution also offers zero risk and 7 days money back-back guarantee to keep it stand out from its competitors. 

For more information, you can call out the experts of wisesolution at +91-6378789956.

Also read, Why WHMCS Reseller Hosting is the Best choice for an E-commerce Website.


Hope, this article helped you to know how you can earn a good profit with the Linux reseller hosting business. Since you know the ways now, you can easily set up your own business and establish your own brand name as a web hosting provider in the Market.

Partnering with Wisesolution will give you the advantage to beat your competitors with your best prices. Wisesolution offers cheap Linux reseller hosting plans to all its clients with enterprise-grade resources and the best customer support. So what are you waiting for?

Go and grab this opportunity as soon as possible. 


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