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Why WHMCS Reseller Hosting is the Best choice for an E-commerce Website.

If you are running an E-commerce Business then you already meet all the issues and advantages of this business. Issues like hacks, unauthorized login, high traffic, downtime, messy management, and advantages like a good source of income, easy approach to sell. But we will only talk about the E-commerce business challenges and their solution. 

So if you are an owner of an e-commerce business and you have also an online source to present your product to your customers. Then definitely need a reliable and secure web hosting platform. Where you can build your e-commerce website and can run your business efficiently. 

To getting advance and secure services you can choose any expensive web hosting type like dedicated and vps. But you want a perfect and cheap source to resolve your problem then you should go with Reseller Hosting with WHMCS software. 

Reseller Hosting is the only web hosting type where you can enjoy unlimited and advanced features at a cheap price and WHMCS software will help you to manage all the client’s system and billing transition activity automatically. Let’s dive more into What is WHMCS Reseller Hosting and how can it best fort your E-commerce Business. 

What is WHMCS Reseller Hosting

FIrst WHMCS is not a part of typer of Reseller Hosting, it is an automation software, that chosen by peoples with Reseller HOsting to enhanced the services and easy to manage. WHMCS is software that will work for the management of all the automation activities and billing transitions. It is a type of portal where you can do secure billing, manage the orders, resolve the technical issues of your customers, handle the business activities automatically, and much more. And on the other hand Reseller Hosting is the web hosting type, where you have allowed to recreate or repackages your web hosting. Also, you can rent your web hosting to another customer and can make money easily.

Most of the peoples are using Reseller hosting to develop a web hosting business among the end customer who wants just a small part of a web server. But if you are running an e-commerce business and want responsive web hosting for creating your business website. Then Reseller Hosting is the best choice for you. Lets’ know-how. 

Requirements to Run A E-commerce Website Online

Best WHMCS Reseller Hosting

Before knowing about the solution, you have to know why you need a reliable source. As you have seen that most of the e-commerce website takes too much time to load because of high traffic and heavy pages, and in results, you have to lose your genuine customers, who can make a huge profit. Along with, To prevent unauthorized users, and cyberattacks you need a higher level of security system, that can keep your website and your data secure. 

Apart from these basic requirements, you also need some features for technical support. Such as –

  • SSL certificate to secure website URL, so that google and customers make trust on your website.
  • DDoS Protection, to protect your website data, files, and document
  • Secure Billing Software, to secure payment, billing transition, and order placement.
  • High Traffic Range, to save your website from downtime, crash. Becasue when your server can’t handle high traffic, your website server might be crash.
  • Backup and disaster recovery, to secure your website from disaster breakdown. When websites face downtime, or server crashing issues, there has an 80% chance to lose all data of your website. 
  • Maintenance, to update your website server system with new technology so that no one can beat your speed.
  • User-friendly infrastructure, to make comfortable your customers, and they can easily understand your website formatting.

How WHMCS Reseller Hosting can be the best choice for your E-commerce Business

As we mention above about the requirements of an e-commerce business are not only fulfilling by WHMCS Reseller Hosting. You can choose any other resource for that and run your website easily. But in this condition, you have to pay a high amount of money, that you can get at a cheap price also. 

WHMCS Reseller Hosting is the type of web hosting where you can enjoy all the advanced features of web hosting services. It comes with a faster server, secure and regular security system, advanced billing security features, responsive infrastructure, required bandwidth, and much more. And WHMCS Software makes your customer and billing support advance and secure. 

To explain better and in-depth, we are listening to some benefits of using WHMCS Reseller Hosting For E-commerce Business. 

Benefits of whmcs reseller hosting for E-commerce business

Fast Automation

Whmcs Reseller Hosting unable to manage invoice generation, secure transitioning, and client’s online billings details. Therefore, unlimited reseller hosting with WHMCS is a choice that offers complete automation services to do easily all the order placement activity.


With WHMCS Reseller Hosting you will get intense and advanced web hosting resources with ultimate advantages, and advanced features benefit at a cost-effective price. So a person, who can’t afford expensive and high-budget hosting services, can easily buy the WHMCS Reseller Hosting plans.

cheap WHMCS Reseller Hosting

Managed Platform

Unlimited reseller hosting with WHMCS comes with a proper and advanced control panel, and excellent web hosting services. Therefore, it can be easy for you to manage and handle all the user’s order tasks, and the functionality of a server. 

An additional layer of Security 

When it comes to what security measures, then you should give extra attention. And don’t do compromise with the security system. With whmcs reseller hosting, you will get high-end data encryption, because you never know when your data get stolen, free all to secure your website URL, DDoS protection, and much more to protect your e-commerce business with service attacks, Firewalls, Antiviruses, end-to-end data encryption, and much more at a low price.


After this post, you have clear that what is whmcs reseller hosting and how can it beneficial for your e-commerce business. You can make your business faster, secure, efficient, advanced, and user-friendly with unlimited WHMCS Reseller Hosting. And to get more and more advanced technology features with 70% off on the total price, then you can choose Wisesolution for your business. Who offers all the services with additional services at the most affordable price in India.

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