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How to Extend the Battery Life of Your iPod?

So you got yourself a new Apple iPod, but you’re so addicted to music that the device battery is running out drastically—what you need is to take care of tips to keep your battery running for an extended period, instead of thinking of iPod battery replacement––because it’s new.

However, if your iPod’s battery life has diminished entirely and cannot hold a charge as before, it’s time to replace it. At Esource Parts, we bring you the best performance batteries so you can enjoy the music exactly the same way as if it was new. We provide high-performance iPod battery replacement in Canada at affordable prices. 

For now, many of these tips may help you improve the battery life of your iPod, and you’ve heard before as a few of them are common sense; still, we’ve got them here for our readers. 

Tips to extend the iPod battery life

Let’s dig into the details!

  • Keep Your Device out of Extreme Temperatures

Whatever you do, don’t expose the iPod to the sun or try to operate on Mt. Everest; otherwise, your device that maintains its charging for hours will eventually lose its performance, and you’ll have to pay for iPod battery replacement service

In other words, don’t keep your iPod in a hot, parked car because heat kills batteries faster than you imagine. The same rule holds true for an extreme cold environment. However, it would be best if you tried to store your device in a cool place but not too extreme cold temperature 

  • Don’t Keep Your iPod Unused for Long

Keep your device running for a few hours, even if you wouldn’t want to use it regularly. And be sure to charge it once a month or as needed to keep its battery chemistry peppy.

  • Turn Off Background App 

To turn off the background app on an iPod, go to Settings> General Background App Refresh. This disabling feature will turn your iPod to function smarter. 

For example, if you open Facebook throughout the day, your iPod learns that and automatically updates the app in the background, so you always see fresh content. We know you like this feature, but it takes up battery. Then why not update app content yourself? 

So smart that iPod pays attention to what apps the users use most and tries to make things easier for them.

  • Turn Off App Auto-Updating for Apps

Here comes another smart way your iPod touch makes things easier for you. But what causes the battery power to drain faster, is its feature of automatic updating of background apps. That’s nice, but these downloads can use up battery life.

Settings> iTunes & App Store> Turn off Updates.

Instead of requiring its users to update the latest versions of apps, this feature updates them as updates become available. What you can do is wait to update all apps at once when your iPod is plugged in the charger or is fully charged. Updating all apps once will save battery power.

  • Keep Bluetooth Off

You may have no idea, but your iPod battery dies faster each time you connect to other devices. This is especially true for a wireless technology that allows you to transmit audio and other items to other devices, i.e., Bluetooth––that constant searching for devices drains battery power fast.

  • Keep Wi-Fi Turned Off

The constant use of Wi-Fi drains your iPod’s battery in a similar way you experience using it on your Smartphone. Like Bluetooth, you can disable the Wi-Fi option from Control Center. 


Save energy by turning Wi-Fi off unless you’re using it.

  • Reduce Screen Brightness

The brighter the screen of your iPod, the more battery power it requires. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce the screen’s brightness, and you’ll quickly realize that the batter of your iPod touch lasts longer.

To adjust the screen brightness, go to Settings> Display & Brightness options.

Other tips to extend the iPod battery life 

  • Put your iPod to sleep to conserve its battery. 
  • As soon as you see the low battery icon, plug the iPod into an electrical outlet. Also, the iPod battery indicator feature shows how much charging is left.
  • Do not keep your iPod in any heat-trapping cases while you put it on for charge.
  • Feature like the backlight can make the battery drain faster.
  • Turn off music EQ

Looking For the Best iPod Battery Replacement?

You might have tried the above-mentioned tips to extend the battery life of your iPod but still if it is no longer holding a charge as before, its time to search for iPod battery replacement service

Moreover, you can get your hands on an iPod Touch 6th Gen replacement battery that has a 1043mAh capacity and high-performance power supply. It means you will no longer need to invest in a portable power bank because this long-lasting battery will turn your iPod touch feel brand new!


  • Voltage: 3.83 V
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Comparable standby and talk time 
  • Compatible with iPod Touch 5th generation

Likewise, you can also check iPod Touch 4Th Generation 4G Replacement Battery specifications if your device battery drains too fast.

Final Thoughts

When thinking about your iPod battery replacement in Canada, we advise you to buy from Esource Parts that delivers you stable and safe to use batteries capable of recharging your device without losing its capacity.

Feel confident in your new purchase! 

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