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How to get more subscribers on YouTube (2022)

Trying to figure out how to get more subscribers on YouTube?

There is plenty of attention to go around on the network, which has over 2 billion monthly active users. However, given the tremendous competition on YouTube, cultivating a following of devoted viewers isn’t something that just happens. This is true for branded channels in particular.

The good news is that you can get more subscribers on YouTube  right now. In this tutorial, we’ll focus on how to increase your YouTube subscriber count and provide ideas for new brand channels.

get more subscribers on YouTube

Why is it important that you have YouTube subscribers?

A good question!

Contrary to popular assumption, your YouTube subscribers are more than just a point in your favour. If people will work hard they will get more subscribers on YouTube. The following are some main arguments for why you shouldn’t put off increasing your subscriber base

increased audience engagement and reach

You’re more likely to get views on any specific video the more subscribers you have. Larger subscriber accounts encounter a kind of snowball effect. In other words, their videos gain more views and interaction and are therefore more likely to be shared.

Simple, yes? Although subscribers don’t necessarily guarantee views, the YouTube algorithm will give you bonus points if you can raise your view count.

full access to the tools for growing your business on YouTube

Always keep in mind that some YouTube features are only available to brands with successful subscriber growth. For instance, in order to access the YouTube Partner Program and completely monetize your channel, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers. This is a significant accomplishment for newly branded channels.

expanded authority

Finding out how to increase your YouTube subscribers goes hand in hand with building the authority of your brand, if nothing else.

Consider this. Simply increasing your subscription count establishes you as a serious competitor. Similar to this, having more subscribers gives you access to additional chances to work with influencers and other business partners.

How to increase your YouTube following in 8 simple steps

Increasing your YouTube audience takes time and effort. Bigger numbers don’t happen overnight. Here are some essential pointers to help you increase your YouTube subscriber count and lay the groundwork for a loyal audience.

1.Concentrate on increasing your upload frequency.

There are no shocks here: on YouTube, reliability matters.

It’s no secret that companies with more regular uploads often receive more engagement and view counts, even if brands shouldn’t compromise quality for quantity. Due to their frequent uploading, businesses like Sephora may boast large numbers, including 1.31 million followers.

Smaller firms, though, don’t have to keep pumping out videos in an effort to gain more followers. Instead, develop a dependable content calendar and adhere to it. You might be referred to as a “dead” channel if you fail to upload frequently or go weeks without publishing content.

Also, keep in mind that one of the main benefits of channel subscription is ensuring you never miss a new video. The incentive to increase your upload frequency grows stronger.

Look no farther than your own analytics if you’re unsure about “when” or “how often” to upload.

You may use tools like Sprout Social to schedule your YouTube material as well as determine when to upload it in order to get the most engagement.

You can devise a frequency and schedule that fit your bandwidth based on these figures.

2.Consistently interact with the YouTube community

Gaining more subscribers requires engaging with your audience.

Because focusing on your audience demonstrates your concern and desire to create a community. Interactions with viewers and subscribers alike indicate important conversations that can help you increase your audience rather than simply blasting information into the abyss.

Several easy ways to interact with your neighbourhood are as follows:

  • addressing comments. You’d be astonished at how many individuals will sign up as subscribers or regular viewers simply on a straightforward response (see below).
  • listening to recommendations and channel comments. Hey, your mic is too low, or something similar, could have a significant impact on your future videos. You can learn about new content ideas from comments by reading them.
  • Include subscribers in your video content. This is a clever method to up the stakes of being a member, from shout-outs to featuring comments within videos.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          .

3.Highlight content that is problem-solving and search-friendly.

According to conventional wisdom, people use YouTube to find entertainment.

But keep in mind that a lot of YouTube’s most watched and popular material focuses on education.

There’s a good reason why “how-to” and “what is” information rules the platform in such a blatant manner.

Making content around such concerns is a wise choice if you want to increase your YouTube subscriber count and increase your presence on the network right away. By doing this, you can increase your YouTube views and establish yourself as an authority figure in your sector.

4.Generate timely, fashionable content concepts

Trendspotting is essential for YouTube, just as it is for social networking.

Think: “Does [x] still work in 2021?” If there’s a topic that’s generating a lot of discussion among your followers on social media, it probably makes a wonderful topic for a video.

Once more, pay close attention to conversations on YouTube and in other social media platforms to identify trendy content ideas.

5.Take the time to improve your YouTube SEO

Remember that Google search results are utterly dominated by YouTube results. To increase visibility on the site and attract more users, YouTube SEO is crucial.

Never pass up the chance to use pertinent keywords in your titles, descriptions, and tags. Including keyword-rich videos in your content strategy will eventually increase your subscriber count. The following Guitar Center playlist demonstrates how to master YouTube SEO without coming across as spammy:

6.Try out different video durations to see what your audience like.

It’s a fact that there isn’t a single, appropriate length for YouTube videos.

The truth is that different brands have different ideal video lengths. Long-form films and live streaming are how some firms grow their audience, while others rely on shorter, bite-sized material.

Many major companies with large followings change things up by combining short-form and long-form videos. Examining your own data and testing with various video formats are necessary to determine what your audience wants.

7.Do not be afraid to directly ask for subscriptions.

Being reserved won’t help you increase your YouTube subscriber count. There are several classy, non-spammy ways to solicit patronage for your channel. This comprises:

  • mentioning (and providing a visual hint for) subscription in passing throughout your intro or outro
  • At the end of your video, including a call-to-action screen or YouTube cards.
  • a subscribe button in the description of your movie

8.Make your material known outside of YouTube

Utilizing your engaged audience outside of YouTube is key to expanding your subscriber base there.

This entails posting to any social network in between as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

When viewers are most likely to be interested, you can easily cross-post your YouTube content across different networks using tools like Sprout. One of the best strategies to increase your subscriber base is to funnel social traffic to YouTube and convert your existing social media followers.

9.How to set up your channel to increase your organic YouTube follower count

Here are some recommendations for setting up your channel that, beyond simple advertising, will attract new subscribers.

Authenticate your Google account.

Be sure to validate your Google account if you haven’t already. You can upload 12-hour films up to 256GB in size by doing this.

Be careful not to confuse Google verification with YouTube’s own verification mark, as those are only available to channels with 100,000+ subscribers. However, obtaining the badge is unquestionably a worthwhile long-term objective!

Design appealing channel branding

Effective branding is essential to differentiating out from the competition in an environment with so many channels and competitors.

Utilize striking graphics, and take the effort to individually tailor your channel’s creative components. You are included in this:

  • Channel icon in banner
  • Describe your channel

Include a unique channel trailer.

A channel trailer’s purpose should be fairly obvious. Keep in mind that YouTube enables you to include two distinct trailers on your channel: one for viewers who are already subscribers and one for viewers who are not.

A customer channel trailer essentially acts as a marketing tool to promote your content and introduce you to potential subscribers.

Implement “Sections” on the homepage of your channel.

You may organise playlists and series on your YouTube channel into “Sections” and display them prominently on your homepage.

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your greatest material and establish yourself as a valuable resource for prospective subscribers. The use of sections is very beneficial for businesses that upload a variety of content that needs to be arranged outside of your “Uploads” page.

Utilize the YouTube clickable subscription tools.

As previously mentioned, asking for additional YouTube followers is a no-brainer.

And the platform has a few tools that can assist you in doing just that. This comprises:

individual end screens

recommended video cards to keep subscribers to your channel

A watermark with the word “Subscribe” at the conclusion of your videos

Reasons not to purchase YouTube subscribers

The same is true on YouTube, where you should never purchase Instagram likes or any other kind of social media interaction.

We won’t bore you with the reasons why, but as a word of warning, you should think about the detrimental effects on your brand, such as:

  • Completely breaking YouTube’s fake engagement policy could result in your account being terminated or your channel being shut down.
  • reducing the likelihood of collaborations because other accounts believe your participation isn’t real
  • skewing your engagement metrics and reducing the value of your actual subscribers to nothing more than a number

Translation? Never purchase YouTube subscribers.

How many YouTube subscribers you currently have

The key to making the aforementioned advice effective is to maintain a careful check on your subscriber numbers.

Just a quick reminder, YouTube makes it simple to keep an eye on your numbers at all times. Simply:

  1. Access YouTube Studio by logging into your YouTube account.
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, click “Analytics” (on desktop).
  3. To examine your current subscriber count and subscriber growth over time, select the “Realtime” card under the Overview tab.

Additionally, we advise you to read our article on YouTube analytics and how to dig deeper into your data. The platform’s data, for instance, can demonstrate the proportion of subscribers to non-subscribers among your viewers:

And with that, our guide comes to an end!

How can I increase my YouTube subscriber count?

There is no disputing that increasing subscriber numbers necessitates a lot of labour.

However, maintaining a vibrant YouTube community is more important than ever as video content continues to dominate social media and the internet at large.

By following the aforementioned best practises and advice, you can develop yours more quickly.

A free 30-day trial of Sprout’s in-depth publishing and analytics tools for YouTube should also be used if you haven’t done so already.

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