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How to Get Possum Removal – Possum Removal Techniques

The possum removal process starts with a possum crawling up your back garden tree. You see it, and realize that the possum is living in your roof cavity. Possum Removal Canberra

How do I know if possums are using my Roof?

Here are some possum signs to look out for:

Nesting material – shredded paper, ripped up pieces of fabric or wadded up newspaper all indicate possum nesting activity. If you find these items scattered in an unseemly manner across the lawns, bushes or other areas outside your house it suggests possums may be living inside.

  • Toilet paper – Many people mistakenly think possums use toilet paper as nesting material when really they like to eat it! Possums make nests in roof cavities where they sleep during the day and come out at night to feed.
  • To make their nests possums shred anything they can find, including toilet paper (and fabric, paper towel etc). If you find small pieces of torn up white paper around your possum home it’s likely possum nesting material.
  • Possum droppings – possum poop looks like little black or brown pellets about 5mm in diameter. It often contains fur from whatever possum has been eating (rabbits etc.) and these fur covered droppings are a good indicator that possums live inside your roof space.

Sounds – possums have quite distinctive sounds that distinguish them from other animals like rats, mice or bats. Look out for possum scampering along roof beams or possum fighting sounds.

Holes in the roof – possums are fairly large animals which makes them hard to miss. They can and do leave large holes in roofs when they make their way inside, so if you’ve got possum like activity around your roof but there’s no possum droppings or other evidence then it may be possums have left holes that you’re not seeing.

How do I get possum removal?

Possums are a protected species in Australia (it is illegal to kill or relocate possums) so the best thing for possum control is prevention. There are some things you can do around your home to minimize the chance of possums coming into your roof cavity:

Possum proof your roof – possums are great climbers so you’ll need a wire mesh roof if possums can’t get in. Otherwise possums will just find another way up and into your roof. Pest Control Canberra

Possum proof access points such as vents, air conditioners or other open spaces that possums might use to get into your home.

If possums can still find a way into your roof, they will use the best shelter available and generally this is at the highest point of your home with good views out over surrounding trees for possum spotting (this often ends up being one of the hot water pipes!).

What do possums eat?

possums are omnivores – they eat plants and animals, including meat from dead animals! They’re not fussy either, possums will eat anything: fruits, nectar, fungi etc. possums are also opportunistic feeders. possums free range all night so if a snake has made a kill underneath your house possum will be there first thing in the morning to clean up the leftovers!

How do I get rid of possums?

Using an experienced possum control professional with access to a number of possum trapping techniques is your best chance at successful possum removal.

Pestrol makes two different types of remote possum controls – the Pestrol Possumpill and the Pestrol Possum Glue Boards . The Possumpill emits a brief burst of non-harmful ultrasound that scares possums away from trespassing into your property for up to 8 weeks. It costs $79 for a 4 pack which covers about 20m2 .

Possum possums are most active at dawn and possum possum possum possum possums possum possumpill is only effective outdoors.

How do I know if possums have left?

possums usually leave their droppings in dark places with little/no air movement (e.g.: roof cavities). These droppings can take from 2-8 weeks to form depending on humidity levels.

How do I know if possums have left? possums usually leave their droppings in dark places with little/no air

So you have movement (e.g.: roof cavities). These droppings can take from 2-8 weeks to form depending on humidity levels.

One possum removal technique is to install possum traps in the possums entrance/exit points. The best time to do this is at nighttime when possums are more active and easier to catch, as they will be using their usual entrances/exits.

Keep an eye on the possums’ regular activity patterns so you know what times of night they operate at full force, but most importantly don’t shine any bright lights near the trap, because possums are very wary creatures and any sudden movements or loud noises can make them change their routes.

Another possum possum removal technique is possum eviction fluid. You only need to spray a little bit of this in their entrance/exit, and possums will be forced out within 24 hours due to scent marking and the smell being so unappealing they won’t want to come back.

Yet another possum removal technique is using possum ultrasonic units – these are plugged into an electrical socket, turned on, and send ‘ultrasound’ frequencies that possums pick up but humans do not, which spooks them away pretty quickly.

A final possum removal technique I’ll mention here is one of my own invention: plugging holes in your roof with steel wool or chicken wire and then sprinkling pepper around the outside of it to stop possums from crawling across it.

Trap the possums yourself

Of course, you could also just trap the possums yourself and relocate them elsewhere in your garden away from the roof – but for more information on possum relocation, please see my article: What happens when possums are relocated

Other possum removal techniques

  1. Other possum removal techniques include possum repellents such as ammonia or mothballs that you leave near their entrances/exits, which makes them leave in search of somewhere else to live. Another possum removal technique is to block up any other entry points so possums can’t get into or out of the cavity any more.
  2. Some people even drill holes at a 45 degree angle into flat roofs with small holes around the edges so can attach chicken wire onto it, which possums then get their feet stuck in and can’t climb up or down.
  3. Yet another possum removal technique is to cover your roof with chicken wire, so possums can’t find grips to climb up and instead fall into a possum trap placed beneath them at the base of the house. This not only gets rid of possums but makes it easier to check that you’ve caught those possums!
  4. Of course, if there is no possum activity for a long period of time, then it means they are probably gone, unless they’re diseased or injured possums that need help or have been killed by predators.
  5. Sometimes people wish they had never trapped possums because new ones move in (due to territorial disputes)  but possums are not all that bad if they’re out of your roof.
  6. They mainly come into houses to have a possum possum possum in the roof space, and as long as you don’t have them having possum possum possums in your roof, they’ll be fine outside, away from your precious insulation.
  7. And there you go – possum removal techniques anyone can use! By following one or more of these possum removal methods , you should hopefully rid yourself of any unwanted possums forever!

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