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How to Improve Your Website Performance by Conducting Content Audit

Starting a website comes with tons of responsibilities, especially if you want to establish your brand recognition through that. In order to make a website successful, you need to incorporate smart approaches to make it stand out among your contemporaries.

While there are tons of ways to improve it, Content Audit plays an integral role in changing the fate of your website. While the metrics help to check your target audience’s behaviour, content audits help to denote how your website is performing with all the content you have been putting up.

Since it is about improving your website’s performance, you should have a clear idea about how Content Audit works. This is a brief guide for you to get a few insights, have a look!

What does Content Audit mean?

To put it simply, Content Audit is a process of evaluating the quality and performance of your website content that you have posted earlier. It is a kind of assassination that is required to improve the quality of a website.

Content Audits can be done manually, which gets a little time consuming, or even you can opt for top proofreading services to get it done.

Why do you need a Content Audit for your website?

Ever wondered why your website is not getting enough traffic even though the content quality is top-notch?

Conducting a content audit provides that solution for you since you get to identify the weak areas your website has been possessing so far. Even though the idea is to gain organic traffic by applying smart strategies, keeping a check on the performance is equally important.

  • Content audits help you discover certain areas that are not working on your site’s favour so that you can change it.
  • It also detects the latest SEO tactics that can improve your site performance.
  • Website malfunction can harm your content in the long run and conducting an audit lessens that chance and provide a better user experience as well.

How to run a Content Audit to improve a website?

While marketing and promotions play a huge role in establishing a business, making the site error-free is equally important to grow it. Content Audit is a systemic approach to assess areas that are lacking and affecting the website.

Here’s how you can start the process:

  1. Have clarity regarding your long-term business goals.

No matter how hard you work to make your content top-notch, small errors can ultimately hamper the process. In order to prevent that, you should be aware of your long-term plans regarding your website and the business. Set your goals accordingly and check if you are making relevant content to achieve that goal.

  1. Be more organized while gathering the content.

Even if you own a small website, whole assessing the website performance, you should gather all the content your site has. Start with selecting the type of content you will be going through and collect the URLs of those pages to begin the process.

  1. Use Analytics to check if the content meets the audience’s expectations.

Before delving deeper, you should be aware of what your target customers are expecting from your content. While running the audits, check if there is any missing link that can attract the audience more. Additionally, collect all the URLs that are underperforming and compare them with the better ones.

In order to create a better impact on the readers, your content should possess certain elements, and Content Audit helps to check that. There are so many flaws a content can have that even the best content writing company can overlook them sometimes.

So, if you are facing difficulties with your site performance too, it is high time you run a content audit.


Subhodip Das, founder and CEO of Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd. is a professional Content Researcher who has a keen to explore diverse attributes of this industry. He is equally passionate when it comes to creating engaging ad copies and a unique set of content. With so many years of experience in digital media, he is aware of all the right methods to help a business grow.

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