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How to Learn Quran Fast with Arabic Tajweed?

More than a sacred book of Islam. The Quran is a way of life. It’s a book where the almighty Allah made his revelation through his messenger Muhammad. Quran is a tool to guide someone through everything related to Islam and its teachings. While grasping the lengthy book of the Quran may seem to be a difficult task to many, Arabic Tajweed could be a way out. Here’s why.

What is Tajweed?

In layman’s terms, Tajweed is an assemblage of rules for reciting the Holy Quran properly. A lot of people, be it Muslims or non-Muslims, make common mistakes while pronouncing the words of the Quran. This where Arabic Tajweed comes in handy. A better understanding of Tajweed could guide you through everything in the Quran. Tajweed will not only help you to pronounce the words correctly, but the right techniques will also enable you to learn the Quran without much hassle. Once you start adopting Tajweed rules correctly while memorizing the verse of the Quran, nothing can stop you to feel the unimaginable power of the almighty.

Why Learn Tajweed?

Before beginning with your first Tajweed session, first, learn the objective of reading the Holy Quran in the first place. As mentioned earlier the Quran is the guidebook to lead us to the glory in this mortal life as well as the life after death. Those who learn the Quran and its right usage to worship Islam, Allah will surely lead them to the Jannat or heaven. So, being a compulsory task for all Muslims, we must learn an effective way to comprehend the words of the almighty. Thanks to multiple online Tajweed courses, now learning the Quran will be easier than ever.

How to Adopt the Technique Effectively?

To learn the Tajweed rules successfully, first, you need to set a goal as you do before working on any long-term plan or objective in life. When you are done with reading the weekly or monthly goal, try to devote your time and effort to it to stick with the process for longer. Hence, punctuality and determination are the keys to adopt the technique like a pro.

Practice More

The more you practice, the more you will move one step further towards perfection. But when to practice? Well, we recommend you to practice in a peaceful environment where you can’t be disturbed by any intruders. As we mentioned earlier that concentration is the key, practicing in tranquil surroundings will only enhance the learning process better. You can also practice with your family members, friends, or teachers.

Fix a Learning Method

Not everyone is capable of learning something quickly and accurately. Some may be slow learners but what is important is to keep yourself up with the ongoing process for a long period. To begin with, choose a learning method and do your study based on it. Your method may not sound perfect to others, but it might have been fruitful for you. We will recommend you to start at Islamic prayer times, also known as Namaz e Fajr. Then repeat all day long whenever you get time as what you have learned so far. The repetition method could be extremely helpful to get things memorized well.

Learn Online

In the age of the Internet when the world is at your fingertips, why shy away from the technology. A lot of paid or free online one-to-one classes are available to learn Quran online. So you have the technology to accelerate your learning spree.

Learning and reciting the Holy Quran could be a blessing for us. With Arabic Tajweed, things will only be quicker. May Allah bless us all and guide us through the journey of exploring his revelation in the Quran.

Take help when you stuck with something

When you are learning Quran, make sure that there is always someone to help you correct your mistakes.

It is normal that you will make mistakes while reading. If you don’t correct your mistakes while reading, then you will learn Quran inaccurately. That’s why you have to ensure that someone can help when you read Quran.

It could be anyone you take this help from your family person. Even you can take help from mobile apps. This day’s mobile apps can help you to learn Quran like a teacher.

Learning Quran Online Made Easy

Learning Quran is not just learning Arabic. It is much more than that. Quran learning is tricky because you have to learn it accurately. Many people can read Quran, but the question is how many can read Quran accurately.

Choosing the right class is the first step for learning Quran accurately. Here in this guide on the best online Quran classes, I have provided the best available Quran classes. You won’t go wrong if you choose one of these classes.

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