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How to make the perfect cup of coffee?

No wonder we need a cup of coffee when this century’s speed is similar to Speedy Gonzalez. Well, we need coffee because we cannot live without it. However, our living has its basis in consuming, eating, drinking but we need to be aware of the quantity of coffee we drink in a day. It does not have to be that soft to get you back in your bed, but it surely doesn t have to be that strong to not let you sleep 2 nights after that day.

We are going to say there has to be a perfect cup of coffee and since we human beings do not have this word in our vocabulary we have to search for the best receipts for almost perfect coffee that will suit our morning routines. Everything around us has a strong conexion with us and the way we make our coffee says a lot about us. So let’s see the perfect cup of coffee that represents you!

Perfect Coffee when you are in a hurry – Espresso

That means an espresso made in a hurry because you are well aware that you will be missing your train or bus or a meeting. So, the perfect recipe for that is a strong espresso, with little or no sugar and no milk. This is the basic you need for a decent morning. Do not forget to take your

Perfect coffee for a perfect weekend – Cookie butter latte

That means you have time to make your brown sugar syrup that requires 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup water. After that you leave it at the temperature of the house while you fill your glass with some ice water. Try to fill it halfway and then add chai tea latte. You can easily find the product in any store so do not worry about that. After that add a couple of spoons of your brown sugar syrup mixture in the glass. I would add some more if you want to be perfect sweat. The rest of the glass will be filled with oat milk. Yes, this is the perfect coffee for a perfect weekend!

Perfect coffee when you get through a break up – Salt Caramel latte

Yes he or she might have left you, but coffee never will. In fact, for this drink you only need the following ingredients: one cup of brewed coffee, one spoon of coconut oil, one spoon of grass fed butter, one sprinkle Himalayan salt, one tablespoon of vanilla extract and one spoon of raw honey. I would go for an extra topping such as chocolate for every lie your ex told you. This would make the perfect coffee for that day. And it gets better while you’re watching Netflix.

Perfect coffee for a incredible hot day – Mocha Frappuccino

Well, this is the moment when you need the entire ice from the earth. But when it comes to coffee a mocha frappuccino is exactly what you need to get you cooler. So for this drink you need espresso but anything is accepted here even drip coffee or instant coffee. And then you add milk and sugar in the blender along with coffee. After that you add some cubs of ice and chocolate syrup. You blend them and after that you put in a long glass with whipped cream on top. Now you’re ready for a day at the pool or on the beach.

Perfect coffee for holiday morning – Cappuccino with syrups

I am thinking about exotic places like Maldives, Znazibar, Sri Lanka and then I realize what would be the perfect cup of coffee on a holiday like this. And then suddenly I realized that you can choose whatever you want on holiday. But one that will go with the croissant and fruits and raspberry jam on the table will be a classic cappuccino. All you need is a fresh espresso with some milk and a hard choice between what syrups to use. Honestly, these are top when it comes to coffee syrups: coconut, caramel, vanilla and tiramisu. On the top you should find some milk foam and this is your coffee on a silent island. It is just perfect.

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