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How To Optimize Ecommerce Product Pages The Right Way?

With so many e-commerce sites on the market, it is difficult for businesses to grab a significant number of buyers and even generate a decent return on investment (ROI). There are many marketing methods available on the internet, through which it has become easy to bring your brand in front of people, but getting sales is still the hardest job. To a large extent, it depends on your products if you are going to succeed in the market. This is why the pages of your products are gold mines for you. The better the presentation, the more sales! We come here with some of the tried and tested tactics for optimizing product pages.

Analyze your product pages: First you need to analyze your product pages and look for things that are not in line with what your customers need. Check if the product pages loads quickly, attracts users, provides sufficient information, has an attractive copy or not. Your product pages will load faster as the average online shopper only waits 5 seconds for a pages to load. If they do not see your product within this time period, they may be immediately moved to the next pages in your Google listing or your competitor’s website. Then there are other important things, such as the design of your pages, the quality of the content, the context of the meeting, etc. This list of non-existent factors will help you decide what changes will be made in order to optimize your product pages.

Content is important: If you are selling a ring, then just a close-up shot would not serve a customer’s needs. You need to put a picture of the women who wear it, so that the buyer gets an accurate idea of ​​its size, shape and overall appearance. You can use multiple images or even a video demonstration to show the product in the best way. At the same time, make sure that the images are optimized so that the size of the image does not affect the speed of your site.

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Allow social media sharing: Sometimes, people need help from friends or family to decide whether or not to buy a particular product. If you give them the option to share it on social media, they will be able to quickly show it to the required people and decide there and then. It will also help you to avoid giving up shopping. However, it is not recommended that they look gigantic on the screen, as it may also distract users. Keep the buttons small and visible.

Zoom suspension: Most e-commerce giants already have this feature that lets you see every little detail of zoom effects. Users can simply hover over the images to enlarge them. This feature is very important if you are a jewelry retailer online. Generally, women would like to see every detail before buying necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.

Provide Detailed Product Description: In addition to stunning images of your products, 88% of online shoppers believe that a clear and detailed product description is extremely important. The must-have inclusive of your product description is relevant title, features, price, care and maintenance details, material information, dimension, capacity, etc. What is important to include depends mainly on the type of products you have. You need to use a polite and engaging tone so that when you read it, people feel connected and leave a good impression on their minds. Keep in mind search engine optimization factors that may require the inclusion of specific keywords in the content. Use clear structure, dots and titles

Don’t keep fancy CTAs: CTAs are a motivation for action. It is essential for your product pages. You need to know its significance. However, we have seen the use of fancy terms as CTAs on many e-commerce sites. Keeping CTAs simple and concise would help even an ordinary and not-so-understanding customer understand what you are trying to say. You put a ton of effort, time, energy and budget into creating your product pages or campaigns and then throw a useless urge to action at the end.

The brevity and immediacy of one well-written motivation for action will focus on what is important and remove any distractions. Your call to action should be concise but not too short. Buy Now and Add to Cart are the two most commonly used CTAs, though you can change them a bit to make a difference, but don’t give in to fancy vocabulary.

Linking your product to variants: It is a very general desire of a buyer to look for variants for a particular piece before purchasing. If you want to add some personality to your products, add some variations based on color, taste, etc. Also, when naming variants, try to use the easiest language. There are many sites that use fancy color names that people do not understand and therefore the conversion rate decreases. The personality is obviously great, but it should always be of equal purity.

Details that support expensive products: If you sell a low cost product, people will not bother paying, even if they receive half the value in return. On the other hand, if your products are on the high side in terms of cost, then prospects may want to learn a lot about it to decide if they are worth it or not. Such a description can include the origins, features, passion behind the product and many such things that provide your prospects with an extra amount of information from a regular old school PD. Marketers often believe that many things should already be understood by people, although they should understand that people do not know as much as they know.

Be transparent about costs: Find out about the hidden costs you will charge the buyer. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few. Follow the concept of transparency, reliability, providing complete pricing details and shipping information. You can say in your prospects that this particular product includes additional shipping costs, fast shipping costs, VAT, etc. You will be in advance, it will only increase your value in the eyes of your customers. They will feel that you are trustworthy and that they have no credibility.


Using Currency Converter: Most e-commerce websites were created to target many cities or even many countries. If you are targeting more than one country, there is a need for currency conversion. If you have a currency converter on your site, users will be able to see the cost of the product in their local currency and can therefore make a quick purchase decision. There is also an advanced feature we have encountered according to which the currency is automatically converted according to the IP from where the product pages is accessed.

Showing customer ratings and reviews: This is a time when reviews are of the highest importance for digital marketing. On online platforms where the customer knows nothing about you, they need reviews and reviews from other people who have used the same product. Show a cumulative rating along with the reviews so that users gain confidence in your products or services and decide to go with you. Also, customers do not have much time to remember leaving reviews on your site, so after receiving your products or services, you should push them by dropping an email or a message to check your services. Many online shoppers especially prefer to seek advice from someone who has used a particular product before buying it. Eighty-five percent of consumers today trust online reviews as well as personal suggestions. Don’t just keep them on your testimonial pages,

Show recommendation: The last important thing you can do on your product pages to make it productive is to cross-sell sales. That means you have to show them the relevant products according to their purchase. Suppose they are looking for a formal shirt, you can show them a tie or it could be formal shoes or pants that fit so that instead of just getting one thing, they can buy the whole set from you. You can get some amazing examples by visiting some of the e-commerce giants like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart etc. that work for personalization and things are highly recommended to users who also bring sales.

We agree that there must be many more ways to increase the productivity of a web pages product pages e-commerce. Write us what you think your store can do worth visiting.

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