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How To Remove Scratches From Your Watch?

Do you need to know how to remove scratches from your watch ?

We’re trying to guess what happened – you had your favorite watch on that momentous night yesterday and now – although you don’t quite know why – there’s a scratch on your bracelet or on the crystal.

You have to make that scratch disappear.

After all, it is not just a beautiful watch, it is a second -hand luxury watch .

We know that terrible feeling of having potentially destroyed one of your precious watches, but don’t worry, we are with you. There are reliable ways to polish off surface scratches and dents without damaging the integrity or diminishing the value of your watch.

Obviously, the method used to make the scratches disappear or lessen the appearance depends on where they are located as well as the material affected. Metal needs a different treatment than acrylic or crystal glass and what works for one should never be attempted on the other.

Take the time to find the correct method for your watch and the material in question to avoid further damaging this object.

Remove scratches from the bracelet

Chances are the bracelet is made of chrome, or a soft precious metal, the shallow scratches should be easy to polish. It is important to understand that scratch treatment is made possible by polishing the rest of the metal to the same depth as the scratch, so if the scratch on your watch is deep, it is advisable to consult a professional.

Remove scratches from titanium bracelets

Jewelry polish works just as well and the same as a touch-up pen. After cleaning the affected titanium area, apply jewelry polish to the scratch until it is filled in, then buff the surface to a smooth finish. As soon as the scratch is no longer visible, clean the bracelet and dry it before applying a small layer of white vinegar for more shine.
The most cost effective method is the eraser method, it involves the use of a classic pencil eraser to smooth the titanium and remove light scratches. This method may take a while to get good results, but it’s great for the wallet!

Remove scratches from stainless steel watch bands

Stainless steel should always be polished following the grain to restore the bracelet to its original appearance.

Surface scratches on stainless steel watch bands can be reduced with daily stainless steel cleaners, available in supermarkets, hardware stores and on the internet. A stainless steel cleaner is a powdered substance. Mix it with water and apply it to the affected area, following the grain of the metal.

Work the area for a few minutes until you are satisfied with the result, then remove the excess and clean the band with a damp cloth.

If the scratch is too deep and the cleaner is ineffective, it’s best to seek professional advice from your local watch dealer or jeweler.

Remove scratches from chrome watch straps

Chrome polish is available at most DIY stores and supermarkets, but if you want, you can find polish made especially for chrome jewelry at a jeweler. Either one will do wonders. Using a polishing cloth or light steel wool, apply the chrome polish to the affected area in circular motions for a few minutes, adding polish regularly so as not to use a dry cloth.

Wipe off the chrome polish from the watch with a soft microfiber cloth and check the result on the treated area. If the scratches are still visible, repeat the process. If you repeat this operation several times and the scratches are still visible, they may be too deep to be treated by the varnish. In this case, it is better to seek the opinion of an expert.

Remove scratches from the crystal of a watch

In order to start polishing the crystal, you need to determine what material it is made of. Acrylic has been the solution of choice for centuries due to its high strength and ease of polishing. Sapphire is commonly found in high-end watches since it scores well on the Mohs mineral hardness scale and is almost as strong as diamond. If the crystal in your watch isn’t made of acrylic or sapphire, it’s quite possible that it is made of mineral glass, which is seven times stronger than acrylic.

Remove scratches from an acrylic crystal

1. Protect the bezel, or disassemble the crystal to avoid damaging the rest of the watch and touching the internal mechanics.
Wipe away all oils and dirt from the acrylic surface with a damp cloth.
Using a soft cloth, polish the surface with Watch Crystal Varnish in circular motions until the scratches are no longer visible.
If that doesn’t work, the scratches are too deep to polish. In this case, it is best to take the watch to a professional for their opinion or to have the acrylic replaced.

Remove scratches from a mineral glass crystal

Unfortunately, if you have accidentally scratched your mineral glass watch crystal, your only option is to have it replaced by a professional, as the hardness of this material makes it nearly impossible to polish easily and can potentially damage the crystal.

Remove the scratches from the sapphire crystal

Scratches on a sapphire watch crystal can only be polished on the reverse side, where the anti-reflective coating is located, as polishing the outer coating may remove it, or give an uneven appearance.

Sapphire crystals can be restored to their shine with diamond paste – once the bezel is protected make sure the surface is clean and free of oil and debris, then apply a 3µ paste and scrub in motion circular until the scratch begins to disappear.

Once blended, apply the .25µ paste. Using a clean cloth, make circular motions once more to work the dough. The scratch should now be impossible to detect without a magnifying glass. Once satisfied with the result, wipe off the excess paste and clean the crystal with a damp cloth.

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