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How To Transform A Boring Blog Design Into Something Amazing


What is the purpose of reading a blog? Yes, the primary aim is to get information about a specific topic. Thirst for the information makes people search for a blog that can satisfy their needs.

It is an undeniable fact that nowadays, people believe bloggers more than their favorite personalities, journalists, and books. Their utmost priority is the content but the design also matters.

Yes, you must know that you need to make your design attractive as well, besides the content. It must be understood that content and design go hand in hand in making a blogging website popular.

Quality and the accuracy of the content can be maintained but the way it is being presented also matters. Design is something that grabs the attention of the readers and makes them read the content.

Thereby, blog designs perform as an invitation card to your audience. You can surely attract the audience through content, but you can do the same through visual effects.

A boring blog design will make the audience leave the website without reading the content.

Add The Wow Factor In Your Blog Design

The ultimate aim of a web designer is to make people fall for his design. The design becomes an outfit for a blogging website that presents the blogs in the best version.

There are a few practical points that must be followed by you to make sure that the design is easy to navigate, appealing, poke the interest of audiences, and make them spend much time on your blogs.

So, how can you make your blogs captivating? Let’s get started with some tips that are going to help you in the long run.

1. Don’t hesitate to white space

While preparing a design for your blogs, you must be thinking of a design that can consume all the whiteness. No, you are doing a mistake here.

While creating a design for your blog, don’t treat white as an enemy whom you have to defeat or eradicate. Instead, you must treat it as your ally.

It is important to give the eyes of your audience a refresher. White is the only shade that gives freshness to the eyes of your audiences. Incorporating more shades can make the design too bright.

Leaving white space in the design will give an opportunity for other shaded to pop out. Moreover, it will give some time to the eyes of your audience to relax for a while.

Remember, the bottom line is that don’t try to vanish all the white spaces in the design.

2. Pick a scheme of shades and stick to it

In case you want to know what is a scheme of shades, then it is a combination of shades that is used in the design discipline. Shades are something that can turn something into more beautiful.

At the same time, the wrong choice of shades can make the design look too loud. You cannot focus much on too light or too dark shades. Picking the right combination is essential for a blog.

Too many dark shades will make the readers unable to read the content, and too light shades will hardly make any difference. The shades must be according to your logo or must be related to you in some way.

Shades leave an impression of the content and ideas that you wish to promote. Choose a combination that you can follow in the future as well. Don’t forget to follow the scheme.

Using different schemes for each blog might leave a negative impact on the readers. Moreover, your audience will not be able to remember your blogs.

3. Light and dark contrast

Another way to make the design of your blog appealing is by choosing the light and dark contrast. As mentioned earlier, choosing only dark or light shades might not be a good option.

Correct contrast of light and dark will keep the readers equipped with your blog. Furthermore, it will make the content enjoyable and more accessible to the readers.

You can go for light background and dark shades for the content. Light shade in the background will make the content more visible. You can even turn the things and make a dark background with light content.

The rule of the thumb is to make the design attractive and captivating. You can browse some other blogs as well to have an idea of some appropriate examples.

While choosing shades for your website, try to think from a viewer’s perspective. This will act as a guiding agent in choosing the right combination of shades.

4. Invite readers by using strong images

Adding strong images is something that not even beginners forget to implement. They act as a guiding force in enabling readers to understand the content.

Even if your content is not lengthy, it will fail to sustain the attention of the readers. Images make them curious about what’s more in the content.

Even if the quality of the content is high, the readers will not feel interested in reading the entire content. Presenting only words will not work for your blogs because no one likes to read; everyone wants to see something as well.

Here are some benefits of using images:

  • Transforms concepts for easy understanding

The images help in making the readers understand complex headings. This will ultimately reduce their stress of understanding the topic.

Images can interact with the readers and give them a synopsis of the content.

  • Creates great catchphrases

Adding an image of surprise always contributes to the content. Boring content can make the readers navigate another blog.

Adding images can even make a boring topic interesting and lighter the tone of the content.

  • Helps blog to become more effective

Readers don’t have time to give full attention to your blog, and images can speak the same that your content wants to say.

Eyes always look for something catchy and pictures. So, adding images is like fulfilling the expectation of the readers.

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5. Make sure that your design conveys your message

The most important thing that you must not forget to consider that the blog design must become a mouthpiece for your website.

Until your readers get the message you want to convey, they will not be able to connect with your blog. The design needs to convey a precise message.

Avoid making designs that are only eye-catching; they need to carry the message as well. Above all, try to get what designs your readers might be looking for.

You can simply look for some trending designs and try to get what people like most.

The Bottom line

No one can deny that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and in the case of blogs, beauty comprises both content and design.

Hence, it is vital to check what you are presenting on your blog. Also, the readers must never slip out of your mind and things like what they want and what catches their attention.

It is crucial to remember that no matter how well your content is. No one will read it until they will get something eye-catching. You should work toward getting the attention of the readers.

The above tips will surely help you to make your blog an amazing thing.

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