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Important Tips for Selecting A Winning Domain Name

After doing a lot of brainstorming, you stumbled upon a new concept to start a website. You would have a lot of things to consider before starting the website. The domain name is one of the vital things; you want to decide before actually announcing it.

A domain name refers to the name of the website that you and everyone use to reach to your website. One needs to fill the domain name on the URL, and then reach to the website.

Once you reach there, you could know about the company, their work, requirements, address, telephone, etc. All the information is available on a website, and the domain name is the key to reach the business website.

If the domain name is short and memorable, then it can help to bring good traffic on the website, and eventually, it increases the website ranking. However, reaching to a memorable domain name is absolutely a task.

This post aims to highlight a few key properties that take you to a unique memorable domain name. 

Getting A Good Domain Name Is A Challenge: 

Today everything is online. Whether it’s a small, medium, or reputed business, everyone looks for the best domain so that it could be everlasting.

When you finalise a domain name and move to domain purchase online, you would realise that most of the best domain name is taken,

A domain name consists of domain name extension like .COM, .IN, .CO etc. A solid URL yields a multitude of advantages, including:

  • Establishing authority
  • Reinforce brand identity
  • Promote business

Be Memorable: 

Every business idea is inspired by something. You could use that inspiration to the domain name and make it memorable. When the employer name is connected to the domain name, it gets easy to remember.

Every domain has millions of websites, so the domain name you have decided might have selected already. Enlarge your circle of idea. Get ideas and share some with experienced people, and finalise one short, creative, and memorable domain name. So, your business prospect doesn’t struggle to remember it, and there is proper traffic on your website.

Be Trendy:

Now, the domain name doesn’t go alone. If you take a look on all the famous domain name, they have a fancy bottom line. Thus, after completing domain purchase online, ensure to decide a catchy tag line for the domain name.

You could also do a little bit of experiment with the domain name; this way, you could add the flavour of creativity. Avoid following while deciding your domain name:

  • Mixing number and words
  • Hyphens
  • Homonyms
  • Abbreviations

Use A Keyword: 

There are some defined and high-ranking keywords for every business you want to run. Try to add one of the high ranked keywords to the domain name. This would help you with the SEO.

After using the keyword in the domain name, you would get the good ranking in popular search engine. Once you get the suitable domain and go for online domain purchase, then you could but the suitable domain for your business website.

Avoid Any Special Character: 

Including special character to the name of your website can make it too confusing and of low quality. Also, such a domain name looks spammy and failed to gather enough traffic on the search engine.

Even if you consider examine other popular domain, there are very few or no one that uses a special character in their domain name. Thus, this is the simplest way to customise a domain name.

Importance of TLD: 

TLD stands for Top Level Domain. There are several domain name extensions like .com, .org, .net, .com, or .us. In addition to these, you could have all sorts of different domain names.

. Com is one of the best and reliable domain name. Using it, helps to improve to gather traffic on your website. So, after finalising your domain name, ensure to choose one of the best TLDs and then go for domain purchase online.


Everyone who is interested in starting something their own has to run a website. It’s a mandatory thing to follow. You can’t get the people’s attention until you have your website, so get the business idea, customise the name, register it through its online domain purchase, and run your business website.


Pooja is a digital marketing professional. Presently, she is an incredibly passionate about software, technology, website design, paid marketing, and content marketing. She is fond of reading and Writting and exploring new things.

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