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Kids Room Renovation and Safety Tips

There are many things you may need to consider if you’re working on your Kids Room Renovation project that would impact your child’s safety. Choosing a floor, for instance, becomes a complicated decision to make. 

Initially, you need to plan this well, and when preparing for this kind of renovation on a child’s bedroom, the most crucial aspect to consider is versatility. Children’s interior spaces should reflect their personal favorites, giving them their needed comfort, fun, and organization. Efficiency on the design change is critical as concerns develop and change. If you’re designing a nursery for a newborn, it’s wise to plan to consider getting the crib out of sight and turning it into a toddler bed. This kind of reorganization in the room is quite nifty and cost-efficient. 

The same can be applied if you’ll consider that your toddler no longer needs diapers and it’s time to get rid of their changing table. 

Kids Room Renovation Project: Budget & Cost 

Budgeting is one crucial part of planning for a renovation or upgrade on your kid’s room. It is essential to consider the expected needs while you weigh if you can afford them. 

As an effective budget setter, you must ensure to make a list of your non-negotiables. Choose to get the DIY projects that can help you save money. Always designate funds for unforeseen mishaps or additional fixes that may arise—events building designers say happen more often than not.

Considering what you need to put inside the renovation space, it’s always wise to buy basics like a good cushion, furniture, and practical window treatments.

Some others choose to work with a contractor, be upfront about your resources and work with them to determine what you can afford. Another crucial tip is always making sure the builder is fully licensed and guaranteed. 

Kids Room Renovation Project: Walls, Doors, and Trim

Whether you are re-painting, changing doors, or adding molding, be sure to size up your plan before diving in without the benefit of a pro. If you are working to install new drywall for the first time, an expert may be well worth the expense, whereas installing a new door and frame can often be made quickly on your own. 

Painting the room is typically one of the most accessible and most affordable renovation hacks to grab. However, it’s essential to have a smooth, clean canvas to ensure your efforts will go into nothing. Preparing the walls can be as simple as filling in gaps, sanding down uneven spots, and implementing primer over existing paint—to more labor-intensive designs such as eliminating wallpaper.

Usually, supplies for paint are cheap. Plan to buy rollers, roller covers, trays, painter’s tape, primer, paint, brushes, as well as plastic coverings to protect walls and furniture. Depending on ceiling heights, a ladder or step stool will be needed and extension poles, should you need to move higher-up spots.

Room Lighting

The proper lighting is key to building a comfortable, peaceful environment in any space, particularly in your kid’s room. If you’re planning to install a new lighting scheme, it is wise to ask a professional. Electrical wiring can be difficult and risky to manage. You would need some support if you are not sure how to work with this stuff. 

When picking light bulbs for a kids’ room, make sure to get “soft-white” rather than hard fluorescent or spiral bulbs. Examine light sources from the child’s view and avoid accessories that look cute to your eye but offer only the brightness of an exposed bulb from your child’s view.


The scope and difficulty of the installation method for this part will change depending on the flooring that you choose. Once you know how difficult the project will be, thoughtfully examine whether to tackle it yourself or call in a pro.

I’ve listed a few items here that you can pick and use as a guide in choosing the best-suited flooring for your kids’ room. Of course, opt to get the one that looks great in your dreamspace. More likely, you would deal considering the following characteristics: 

  • Low maintenance – Managing a household with kids and aging parents can get busy sometimes. Having a floor that looks good with a bit of care is a blessing.
  • Easy to clean – Kids as always make a mess, so it would be nice to have flooring that looks pristine after a quick mop or wipe.
  • Easy and safe to walk on – Ease of movement is essential, especially when using mobility aids like walkers or wheelchairs.
  • Soft underfoot – A little cushioning won’t harm a toddler’s developing feet and is also beneficial to someone who has health concerns like arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, etc.
  • Slip-resistance – These help kids and seniors avoid slips, skids, and falls. It helps them move around safely and independently too.
  • Shock absorbent – It would be nice if the floors can minimize the impact of a fall or an accident. 
  • Sound insulation – It would be nice if the floors don’t produce pretty loud noises when the kids run around and when the seniors use a stick to support them.  

Now that you know everything to look for apart from aesthetic appeal, here are amazing flooring choices when you have seniors and toddlers at home. I’ve also included the rating to each one. 

Flooring Facts for Laminate flooring
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Almost zero maintenance is required and is easy to clean, thanks to its protective overlay.
  • Safety: Laminate flooring can be slippery when wet, but you can apply an anti-slip coating for laminate floor products.
  • Comfort: Softer when compared to hardwood floors. Its HDF or MDF core makes laminate floors barefoot-friendly.
  • Look and feel: Available in a variety of natural-look designs and textures (i.e., a great substitute to hardwood, bamboo, and natural stone floors)
Flooring Facts for Rubber
  • Cleaning & maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Safety: Shock and slip-resistant. 
  • Comfort: A soft underfoot and can support play and home workouts.
  • Look and feel: Comes in minimal styles, colors, and textures.
Flooring Facts for Cork
  • Cleaning and maintenance: When properly sealed and maintained regularly, it is easy to clean.
  • Safety: It has a non-slip surface, and it won’t catch your feet. 
  • Comfort: Soft cork floors are susceptible to furniture damage, but hard cork floors can support a person in a wheelchair.
  • Look and feel: Comes in a limited variety of styles and colors.
Flooring Facts for Carpet
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Requires regular cleaning and maintenance to preserve beauty.
  • Safety: Cushions the feet and body. It provides some protection against injury. 
  • Comfort: Soft to touch and creates a cozy atmosphere.
  • Look and feel: Available in a wide variety of styles, colors, designs, patterns, and more. 

These are the important factor you can use if you’ll be planning a home renovation anytime soon. If you are not sure what kind of flooring to install, always remember to choose the one that will improve your family’s quality of life and the one that will address your family’s needs and priorities. 

You have lots of options nowadays, and almost all of them have products that suit nearly every design style we know. For a better outcome, seek advice from a draftsman. Share your goal for your upcoming home improvement project, and they will be glad to help you.

April T

Content partner at Superdraft, a project coordination platform enabling customers and industry professionals to plan, design, and build dream projects.

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