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Integrating Online Consultanting

The 2020 pandemic changes forced many businesses in different industries to rethink how they would achieve goals, get work done and solve the labor resource challenge. No surprise, shifting to online and remote work brought in a far greater reliance on distance work and multiple parties with different types of employment. It also proved that online consulting could be a very viable and flexible workforce, especially for companies that had to work under significant financial pressure when times were tight. As revenue waned from a lack of in-person business, many companies had to find ways to get the same work done with better people at lower costs. That brought in full-fold the online project expert.

Companies Realize They Are On to a Good Thing

Now, as companies are returning to a more familiar office environment, workflow and, more importantly, a better revenue picture, online consultancy still remains a very viable labor option, particularly for companies who need specific skills on a temporary basis, for hybrid teams and for pilot projects where companies are not ready jump into a new direction with permanent staff but need to get off the ground effectively.

Most Work is Doable From Anywhere

Combined with the fast advancement of online collaboration tools that didn’t exist just a few years ago with such wide availability, online consultants today can effectively work on most tasks that office staff can do as well as a growing portfolio of field tasks as well. More importantly, online consultants open up the labor market for a company to be able to reach more skillsets since geography is no longer a limitation when working completely online. Regardless of industry, company after company has realized not only the scale of what’s possible has increased, their productivity has also boomed as well.

Myths Have been Proven Wrong

The original fear was that online consultancy was going to cause traditional jobs to disappear. What people are realizing now is that not only does it give companies the ability to bring in extra help online when scaling up fast, it also provides for targeted resources to help with specific projects. And, for those on the staff side of things, many are realizing online consulting also provides them an easy way to produce a second income as well. In short, the new labor aspect has become a win-win for all involved, especially after having been proven so effective in 2020 thanks to a pandemic and social distancing requirements.

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