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iWantU – application for Android.

iWantU is a modern dating app that provides users with a unique platform to find interesting and compatible partners or friends. The creators of the application were inspired by the popularity of the TikTok 18 platform and decided to do better. With it, you can create a profile, express your interests, upload photos, and start communicating with potential people in your area and beyond. iWantU provides a convenient and secure way to meet new people, and with its advanced features and intuitive interface, the app is becoming popular among those looking for meaningful relationships, friendship, or just good conversation in the online world.

Main advantages and features of the iWantU application:

Ease of Use: The intuitive interface makes the process of creating a profile and finding people to talk to easy and enjoyable.

  • Lots of Users: The app provides access to a large user base, which increases the chances of finding a compatible partner or friend.
  • Search by Interest: You can indicate your interests and preferences in your profile, which helps you find people with common interests.
  • Geolocation: The geolocation feature allows you to search for users in your area, making it easier to organize meetings and communicate in real life.
  • Photo Gallery: You can upload photos to your profile to present your best side and attract the attention of other users.
  • Chat and Messaging: The app provides convenient communication tools including chat and messaging.
  • Security and Privacy: iWantU provides some security measures and allows you to set privacy settings to protect your personal information.
  • Filtering Features: You can use filters to more accurately search for people to match your criteria.
  • Free registration: The free registration option allows you to familiarize yourself with the application and its capabilities.
  • Upgradeable: iWantU offers paid options such as advanced search filters and no ads to improve the user experience.
  • Multiplatform: The application is available on various platforms, including iOS and Android, making it convenient to use on different devices.
  • Active Community: iWantU frequently hosts various events and promotions to keep users active.
  • Variety of Purposes: Users can use iWantU to meet people for the purpose of creating relationships, friendship, communication, or even to find partners in hobbies and activities.

These advantages and features make the iWantU app an attractive choice for those looking to meet new people and communicate in the online world.

How install?

To install the iWantU application on your smartphone, go to the official application store of your operating system (Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS), find the iWantU application in the search, click on the “Install” button and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

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