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Joomla Development its Features with WordPress

Joomla is a CMS or Content Management System (Content Management System)

What is Joomla and what is it for?

Joomla is a dynamic content management system that allows you to create highly relevant sites with first-rate interactivity, professional finishing and great efficiency. Its main management as a CMS is the implementation and management of online content.

We talk about online management, because everything in Joomla is done over the Internet’s. When we access our site in Joomla to modify, add or delete content we do so exclusively through an internet connection. That is, to an HTTP protocol (Hypertext transfer protocol)


This is all that a Joomla user needs to publish information on the web and keep it up to date. This undoubtedly makes Joomla a powerful tool for the dissemination of information and communication of academic documents, online marketing and also Internet businesses.


What websites can be created with Joomla?

Joomla is a CMS that you can use to create various types of websites.. We can create corporate sites, blogs, community portals and even Intranets  with this system. Intranets, for those of you who do not know them, are internal communication platforms that large companies usually use for customer management, communication between employees, internal company announcements, etc. These types of platforms are usually custom developments.


Who can use Joomla?

Joomla is a very intuitive and easy to use CMS. Knowledge of HTML and CSS, which are basic programming languages, will always be very valuable, but if we do not have them, we can also try to use the Joomla platform. Anyone who wants to have a website can use Joomla


To develop websites with your own code, knowledge of web design and programming will be necessary,  but to be use from the user version, prior knowledge is not necessary. It is so easy and friendly that anyone can take responsibility and manage their own web content without the need for the support of a webmaster


Most of the more technical aspects of the system are hidden from the common user and have been meticulously work by Joomla programmers, facilitating the process for administrators and online content editors.


What technologies does Joomla Development use?

Joomla is programmed in PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and SQL  (Structure Query Language). For its correct operation it uses relational databases, specifically MySQL . Both PHP and MySQL are open source or open source programs  :  a software development model   based on open collaboration. It focuses more on practical benefits (access to source code) than on the ethical or freedom issues that are so prominent in  free software . For many, the term “free” refers to the fact of acquiring  software for free, but more than that, freedom refers to being able to modify the source of the program without license restrictions, since many software companies lock up their code, hiding it, and restricting the rights to themselves.


Based on this same open source philosophy, we can also affirm that  Joomla  will run better in data centers whose platforms are Linux / Unix and whose HTTP servers are Apache. With this we are not going to say that  Joomla  does not work on Windows platforms with IIS servers (Microsoft’s Internet Information Server), but it does do so with all its power and functionalities on Unix / Apache platforms.


Joomla operation is mainly performed by two elements:


PHP File System: They will be responsible for generating the query actions and will also carry out the necessary modifications in the databases, converting the data into simple web pages that can be interpreted and works in all major modern browsers.

MySQL database. This database contains all the information about the site and most of the system settings in a clear form and clearly delimited tables.

are destined, each one of them, to store information specific.

Free and free use of Joomla Development

Joomla is completely free, freely distributed and open source software.


This implies:


Joomla can be download for free

It can be use without the need to pay for licenses or permits

It can be redistribute and shared by multiple users.

Allows a full degree of adaptation and customization

Joomla website building services can be market.

You can buy websites develop with Joomla.

Joomla or WordPress


Both WordPress and Joomla are “programs”, “tools”, “applications”  commonly used by webmasters to create web pages . Let’s say they  are the “base” of the design of millions of web pages .


Two systems have huge communities. Both from users and developers. Use plugins to extend the capabilities of the system. But in CEI: School of Design and Marketing we tell you why WordPress  Development is better


Why is WordPress better ?

  • It is simpler . Conceptually it is faster to understand and handle it. We are talking about a platform that uses basic concepts, exploitable for any web page. Intuitive creation of pages, blog entries, categories, sub-categories, tag, menus, etc.
  • It is more secure . We already know that there is no total security on the internet but if we take the task of measuring the default security of Joomla vs WordPress it would be 100 times more difficult to hack wordpress. The programmers who have developed wordpress  did not forget about security when they created it .
  • You have a  plugin maintained for any project  you want to develop. Generally, to be able to do “wonders” you need the help of a plugin. WordPress has almost 35,000 plugins to do practically whatever you want.
  • The  migration between versions is simple . We could say that practically automatic. A matter of clicking for the administrator, and your wordpress will be working in the latest version.
  • Better SEO interpretation . If Google understands your page well, it will index it well, and finally, you will receive more visits on your website.

The  installation of  both wordpress, plugins, and themes  is a task for children.

In terms of security, both CMS are very safe and they make it very easy for us to maintain them. Perhaps the only information we have to give in this regard is that Joomla does not have automatic updating active while WordPress does have this feature, so we have to be more attentive to make updates by hand. Still, we cannot determine the vulnerability of either Joomla  Development or WordPress as dangerous.

Matches between Joomla and WordPress

The great connection point between the two CMSs is their primary definition: they are both completely free, freely distributed and open source software.

That is, we can download both managers for free without having to pay any license, we can share it as many times as we want, we can make as many changes as we want on it, it allows us a very wide adaptation and customization and we can use these CMS for our own profit by creating websites and monetizing them.

We hope the Joomla vs WordPress article has helped you and you have fewer doubts about it.

If you want to know more about WordPress, we recommend our WordPress course where you can learn to create professional websites in record time.

If there is a difference that can make us tip the balance between these two CMS, it may be the integrated functions that we can count on for web positioning.

To this end we have to highlight the virtues of WordPress.

We can say that Google greatly likes this CMS. While it is true that all CMS end up reloading the base code of our website, WordPress allows us multiple tools aimed at optimizing our website for SEO. Some of the most important plugins are Rank Math or Yoast SEO.

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