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Know The Most Popular Gemstone Jewelry

The very tradition of jewelry has not evolved in the past few years rather it evolved millions of years ago. History has been kept as proof that jewelry was created as well as use by our ancestors from the primitive ages. In the case of the ancient people, they used jewelry made of both metals as well as gemstones.

The jewelry made of gemstones is not only for the very purpose of beautification rather they are use in a wide manner for astrological purposes as well. Astrologers all around the world prescribe and recommend the use of gemstones for the betterment of their health as well as the upcoming days. With the development in the platform of gemstones, numerous people all around the world are using these gemstones for beautification as well as astrological purposes. Gemstones pieces of jewelry arrive with the inclusion of amethyst, moonstone, larimar, turquoise, agate as well as labradorite.


Turquoise Jewellery or various jewelry made of this stone named turquoise is bluish-green in color. It can also comply as one of the rarest gemstones used for the purpose of ornamentation for the possession of the bluish hue. This rare and beautiful gemstone use for the very purpose of getting rid of ill luck and evil energy. It also aids in the improvement of relationships between friends and partners and cures the problems like dipsomania, mental stress, depressed mind, fluctuation in the level of blood pressure, and many more.


Amethyst Jewellery may be defined as a kind of gemstone jewelry that is purple in color and it is a variety of quartz. This kind of gemstone arrives from the country Greece and it was worn by the users in form of bracelets, chains, and rings for the prevention of the desired person from addiction and intoxication. The gemstone termed amethyst was highly precious in the 18th century before the discovery of huge amounts of deposits in Brazil.


Moonstone Jewelry is named that due to the desired whitish color of the moon. It also complied that the desired name of this gemstone arrives from the visual effect, schiller which is caused by the diffraction of light. A person may wear a moonstone for various benefits like regaining the inner balance or equilibrium, healing of oneself, spiritual growth, re-union of the lost lovers, enhancement of self-sensitivity and self-worth, insomnia, positive dreaming, enhancement of intuition and many more.


Labradorite jewelry gets its name from the place of its discovery in Labrador in the country of Canada. This precious gemstone arrives in different colors like grey, brown, greenish yellow, and many more. Jewelry made of this kind of stone is generally use or worn for the treatment of optical disorders, relief from stress as well as anxiety, and stimulation of mental acuity. It is also use for the regulation of proper metabolism, hormone equilibrium as well as menstrual tension.


Agate Jewelry made of agate gemstone found in volcanic as well as metamorphic rocks. This desired gemstone consists of quartz and chalcedony. This gemstone use as jewelry since the time of the ancient Greek warriors. This gemstone arrives in various colors like green, blue, white, red, purple, pink, and many more. There various functions of the agate stone used as jewelry. Its use for the enhancement of the mind and mental functioning, improvement in the level of concentration, and enhancement in the aspects of perception as well as analytical abilities.

There numerous gemstones found in nature but its our responsibility and duty to extract them in a prudent manner because the term “gem” implies something which is precious. These various kinds of gemstones not only used for the purposes of beautification rather it has got numerous effects on the medical aspect as well. For the past few centuries, these gemstones use for the purpose of astrology by various astrologers all across the world which aids us in various manners and plays vital for the betterment of our lives.


Jewelry made of the Larimar stone or simply the Larimar Jewelry has complied as a very rare blue variety of silicate mineral pectolite which can only be found in the Dominican Republic in the city of Barahona and this precious, as well as rare gemstone, is used in the making various like of jewelry like necklaces, rings and many more. The variety of precious stones has got various positives of being used as jewelry. Like the enlightenment and healing of the physical, sentimental, mental as well as spiritual way. Its also used for the enhancement of inner wisdom, peacefulness, and clarity. also providing healing as well as love energy. The provision of relaxation is another important aspect of wearing larimar jewelry.

Rose Quartz

Originating in India and famous all across the globe, the soothing dusky pink colored. Rose Quartz is surely a symbol of feminine energy, love, and kindness. Its found in a few lovely shades including pale pink, milky red, and dark pink. While every shade is equally appealing, the most popular one is the pale pink shade of rose quartz. The pink rose quartz impresses you at the very first glance! When worked into creative jewelry pieces, the beauty of the pink rose quartz gemstone simply doubles!

Be it the rose quartz gemstone bracelets, pendants, earrings, or rings; each piece looks very elegant and sophisticated. The powdered pink shaded rose quartz jewelry can styled in various ways. All you need is a bit of creativity as well as the knack for achieving. The right balance in your whole look! To help you style your rose quartz jewelry, we have shared a few tips below. Just check them out and take your pick! Apart from the above styles, you can invent many more other styles using the charismatic rose quartz jewelry with your own creative and original ideas!


The beautiful variety of chalcedony, onyx is a lovely gemstone. That can found in several alluring shades including yellow, brown, red, and black. Especially, the black onyx has been redefined by the latest fashion trends. Whether you wear the black onyx in form of a necklace, pendant, or earrings. The truth remains the same – the charm of black never dies! While red, green, violets, and other shades have their own rules of matching and getting combined with other shades. Black is that one shade that can trusted for great looks no matter what color your outfit portrays!

The jewelry consisting of black gemstones gives you the same favor. The black onyx jewelry can paired up nicely with women’s one-piece dresses. Be it the overall black dress or any other monochromatic outfit. Donning black onyx jewelry gives you a gorgeous one-of-a-kind look. Not only the parties but also the formal occasions can made interesting by choosing a lovely black attire. You can paired with an elegant black onyx jewelry set. You can wear a nice formal black suit and accentuate the look with a pair of black onyx earrings. Complete this look with black stilettos.

Gemexi known as one of the most competent companies arriving with the best quality gemstone. All jewelry is for both men as well as women. They also known for the provision of the best-handcrafted jewelry even in the case of the rarest found gemstones.


I am working with Gemexi - Gemstone silver jewelry as a jewelry artist and living in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have completed my graduation in sociology from the Gemology Institute of America specializing in Jewelry/Metals. I have been showing my work throughout Arizona, and southeastern Michigan and also teaching silversmithing and Gemology for the last 8 years.

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