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Laundry and Dry-Cleaning App Cost With Key Features

It is not wrong to say that doing laundry on your own is tough and boring. Numerous people would like to get rid of the process. That where the on-demand laundry apps shine that allows user to save their time by giving out laundry tasks to the laundry services.

The business model is the same as the old-time, where the washer-men visit homes to collect dirty clothes. The washer-men take care of washing and ironing of the clothes and deliver them fresh clothing to the customer. The practice has faded with time due to the intervention of technology as washing clothes became easy with the introduction of a washing machine. 

However, nowadays, people just do not have time to spare for washing and ironing clothes. This is giving rise to the on-demand laundry app, which is going to become a successful business model in urban areas.

The laundry apps are becoming quite a hit in the urban population. According to the statistics, the revenue of laundry services is expected to reach 8.90 million US dollars by the year 2020. So, if you are interested in opening a new laundry business or would like to upgrade your laundry business, then you must know more about dry cleaning app development. The dry cleaning and on-demand laundry apps are going to be the future of the Industry. 

How the on-demand Laundry App Works? 

Placement of Order

The laundry is one of the tasks that people like to plan. They like to pick up the time when they need certain clothes and for what days. Therefore, allowing customer them to place an order, and schedule the plan must be included in your app or web application. 

The Service Provider pick up 

The next part after the customer schedule the pickup time is the service provider reaches their location and picks up the dirty laundry at the scheduled time. Therefore, the app must include a feature that allows them to put labels in a different order. You can put the order number on the bag with the use of the labels is not to mess up. 

Washing of Dirty Laundry

The service provider then washes dirty clothes, which are handled by the professional staff. The customers can expect a great quality of service. 

Drop off Clean Laundry

After the laundry is done, the service provider will deliver the clean laundry to the customer. The service provider must focus on being punctual and deliver the laundry in a given time slot. Such behavior increases customer satisfaction, which is good for your business. Therefore, the app or web application you use must provide a service where the customer can track the entire process. Integrating the app with GPS allows users to see where the delivery boy is during the pickup and dropping off of their laundry. 

What key features do you need in your on-demand laundry app?

Since it might be your first time interacting with an app developer, you might like to be prepared about the list of app features that you like to discuss. The app developer can add some of the interesting features from their side in your product. 

So, let us look at the key features you need in the laundry app to help the following people associated with the business- 

  • Client/ Customer
  • Laundry or Staff
  • Admin or main panel

Client/ Customer panel 

The Client Page

The client page refers to the portal through which the customer or client gets in touch with your service. The first thing that customers need to do to avail themselves of your service is to register or log in to their account. The customer can log in to the account using their email-id, name, phone number, etc. The developer has to provide the facility that customers can use to add their location. Moreover, the customer must be able to run a search for the nearest laundry center. That way, both the laundry service and customer can save their precious time. 

The next thing is to make the customer choose the services that they want. So, you must provide the list of options for service that they can scroll through and choose. The laundry business avail different services than washing, such as dry cleaning, ironing, etc. The customer should be able to place their order easily. Moreover, to make things easy for the customer, you must provide the quotation of each service so that customers can make choices depending on their budget. 

The client page is the portal through which the customer can get in touch with the laundry services. Firstly, the app developer needs to develop a registration or login page where the client can log in using his name, email, and mobile number. The developer also has to provide the facility of geo-location so that he can search for the nearest laundry center within the quickest time.

Furthermore, the laundry needs to be transparent with their customer. A customer must be fully aware of when the pickup and delivery timing. Moreover, they must be able to track the entire process. More updated you make you the customer feel happier they are going to be with your service. 

The Laundry or Staff App Page

The on-demand laundry app should have features that make life easy for the client and but also for your staff. Here are the basic features that you need as a service provider from the laundry app. 

  • Log in/Sign up- Similar to the customer panel, the service provider or staff must have a login id. 
  • Profile management- The laundry staff should be able to see their profile. Moreover, the app should display the pending account request. 
  • Make changes in the laundry charges- Depending on the various factors, your staff must be able to make changes in the charges. You can provide different quotes depending on the number of clothes received and the service selected. 
  • View Order Request – The staff should be able to view the customer request. Moreover, they should be able to decline or accept the request from the customer.
  • View Order history – The laundry staff must be able to keep good track of the order. Therefore, the apps must be able to record the order history, which should be accessible for staff members. They can check the pending, delivered, and completed orders and manage the task appropriately. 
  • Manage Offers and Discounts- The staff member or service provider can manage the discount and other offers.
  • View Reviews and Ratings – The next crucial part is to view the review and rating provided by the user. Going through the comment of the customer can help you improve your service. 

 The Admin Panel

The Admin panel is the main server that gives you control over both the client and staff page. The function of the admin page is to handle the database and go through other issues related to the app. The admin can view the history of booked orders and have control over the dashboard. 

Cost of Developing a Laundry app

The next step is to look at the cost of developing an app. Since the cost cannot be overlooked, here is a basic estimation of the time taken in app development.

  • The designing of an android or IOS app could take 150-200 hours.
  • The backend infrastructure development can take about 200 hours
  • The engineering of the admin panel can consume 60 hours.

Here are the hourly rated of app development

  • Easter Europe based developers: $30 to $150 per hour
  • India based developers: $10 to $80 per hour
  • US-based developers: $50 to $250 per hour


Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Gloabal Clients. He love to share his thoughts on Web & App Development, Clone App Development and Game Development.

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