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Learn About Rights to Fight for Traffic Tickets

Have you ever been caught by a traffic police officer due to some kind of violation of traffic laws? The odds are that you were either given an option to pay a hefty fine or attempt to combat the allegation in the court of law. You must opt for a DUI lawyer in Cobb County, GA, irrespective of whatever reason you have been charged for. It is important that you know your rights so that you do not land up losing money that could be saved or even losing your driving license to the government.

Do you think you have a case that can be considered in the court? Was the ticket given to you unlawfully? Did you have to violate traffic rules to save another person? Take suggestions from a Marietta DUI lawyer and work together to get the violation off your driving records. If you decide to go down this route, you will have to be ready to be a part of the following aspects –

  • Consultation with an attorney–Look for a relevant attorney who has some experience handling the same type of case as yours.
  • Ask for evidence for your violation – Tell the APD (Atlanta Police Department) that you want to review the footage of the apparent driving crime that had been committed.
  • Trust your defensive choice and be vocal about them ­­– Just because you think something is illegal, does not make it illegal. It is always a wise choice to discuss all your thoughts and views regarding the time of being caught violating traffic laws.
  • Familiarize yourself with State laws – Navigate yourself to the DMV website of your state and thoroughly read through the laws to find some loopholes that can save you prospective future trouble.

Accepting the fine may be a wise choice if you want to avoid the hassle of going to court. But this action would be considered as you have accepted the violation. Consequences could range from a spike in insurance rates to long-term suspension of your license or even mandatory social service (depending on the type of violation).

You may also have an option to opt for attending traffic school rather than splurging out cash to pay for your ticket. Another option is to tell your lawyer to convince the judge to erase this violation statement from your driving records, as you will be partaking in driver safety courses for reducing the possibility of future traffic violations. Via this option, there is a greater chance that your DUI lawyer in Cobb County, GA can dodge the possibility of the violation impacting your insurance rates.

There are a number of irresponsible citizens who manage to stack up a number of driving violations over the years. These violations may be related to skipping signals, parking on the wrong side of the road, overtaking in a potentially dangerous manner, driving under the influence of substances or even speeding on the streets. The aftermath of such violations usually results in the collection of many points on your driving records. This leads to a situation where your driving license gets revoked for a long period of time. To get your license back under such circumstances you may have to involve yourself in one or more of the following steps mentioned below –

Wait it out– Serve your punishment whatever it may be. If you need to do social service at an old age home or provide driving lessons (under supervision) to kids, make sure you finish your complete sentence. This requires no extra efforts and actions over and above what you have been stated to do.

Put your proof of insurance on the table ­– If you find yourself on the lucky side, you may have applied for high-risk insurance back in the day. Bringing this up when you are held responsible for a traffic violation can substantially help to resolve the issue sooner and save even months or years of possible suspension from all driving-related activities. A DUI attorney in Marietta, GA will handle such cases and scrutinize the terms and conditions of the insurance that you had applied for.

Proof of being re-educated on crimes committed – Depending on the nature of your violation, you may have to undergo a substance abuse course or re-join traffic school to re-study all the rules and techniques to abide by the state’s driving laws. Upon completion of such ‘rehabilitation’ courses, you would usually be given some documents as proof of completion. Take this document to the DMV and inform them that you are allowed to get your license back.

Pay the fine – You can either go the DMV and pay the fine or opt for courier or online portals. The amount to be paid usually depends on your principal place of residence.

Managing the police, ongoing court cases and the DMV will prove to be an assured burden if you go about the process yourself. Rather take the services of a reputed attorney in your area and solve the problem.


Sanjiv Singh is a professional content writer who writes informative articles of different niches mainly related law. He is writing creative post for last 10 years. He has knowledge in various fields so his aim is to educate people through his articles about topics like drug crime defense attorney, DUI defense attorneys, traffic violation, drug crimes etc.

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