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MS Teams: Why Businesses Need to Use Them

Nowadays, businesses have to adapt to the current environment as going back to an office setting is dangerous due to the pandemic. Having everyone close in an office can cause the virus to spread faster, and you do not want your employees to get infected. But with a work-from-home setting being implemented by many businesses, it should significantly reduce the infection rate within your company.

Note that communication is important when you have a business to run, so you have to utilise communication tools like microsoft teams. It is one of the most well-known messaging platforms that many businesses use because it keeps the employees connected. If you think you do not need it, you should learn the different benefits to convince you otherwise.

Benefit #1: More than just messaging employees

You may misinterpret the use of MS Teams. You should know that it is crucial because of the many messaging features that can help you communicate with team members and employees. If you need to make a quick message or call one of your colleagues, MS Teams can help you do that effortlessly.

It also has a file-sharing system that lets you upload files onto a chat box that the receiving end can open. If you want to set up a meeting with one or multiple people, it supports you to invite and have all of them attend the call without the need to create a group chat. You can find that it is integrated with various Microsoft apps like Office or OneNote, preventing you from changing from one tab to another all the time.

Benefit #2: Utilise the built-in planner app

Another advantage of using microsoft teams is that you can use the Microsoft Planner app that ensures each of your employees can get a breakdown of the tasks they need to do every day. Since everyone in your company is operating from home, sending out tasks personally to an employee’s desk can be difficult.

You can message each of your coworkers on what tasks they need to do, and they can place all of them in the MS Teams Planner app. There will be no inconvenience of anyone missing or completing a task. Besides the planner app, they also have access to other built-in apps they might find helpful, such as SharePoint and Power BI.

Benefit #3: Message or Video Call on Any Device

Some of your employees may be away, and you need to discuss something. You should know that MS Teams has the option to be installed on phones, tablets, and other compatible devices. Communicating has never been that easy because all your employees stay connected no matter where they are.

You can even join in work meetings while you are outside jogging and exercising since you can install it on your smartphones. And once you finish with your exercise and are already home, you can switch over to your work computer while the meeting is still ongoing. It ensures you never miss a single vital detail within the meeting, saving the person talking time and energy.

Do not hesitate or delay but consider benefitting from MS Teams for your business right away! Clear communication is always the first step to achieving success within a business.

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