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Macrame: What Are They All About?


Macramé has gained popularity in today’s world. By creating knots into several textiles, you can craft macramé. This technique might seem difficult at first, but you can do it with the right inexpensive supplies and craftsmanship. 

Several artists and artisans are planning creative ways to take macramé to the next level of crafting wall and plant hangers. This old age practice of crafting technique has been in and out of trend for several years. 

Because of the practicality, this crafting technique will be around our time. On the other hand, you can create key chains and table cloths using your hand and a few crafting supplies.  

What Is Special About Macramé?

 You can create knots to give the piece a proper shape. You can tie each knot with your hand without any tool. Additionally, you can use the mounting ring to keep the piece stable while knotting. To make the whole piece recognized as macramé, there has to be at least one macramé knot. 

Generally, macramé pieces are tied with several knots. You can also combine other knitting techniques with macramé pieces. You can purchase macramé from Macrame Australia.

Common Macramé Supplies:

  1.     JuteTwine
  2.     Yarn
  3.     Hemp
  4.     Leather
  5.     Mounting rings
  6.     Wooden beads

For starters, you can follow a DIY project to keep it simple and basic. Before purchasing an entire stock of macramé supplies, try to apply the tools that you already have. You have to be sure of what you want before putting in a lot of money into this. You can start by picking out one type of threading and one mountain ring. Check out Macrame Australia.

Macramé History:

In the current world, macramé isn’t struggling, but it has been for the longest time. When people think about ancient macramé, we immediately think about bohemian wall hangers back in the 1960s. This ancient knotting method originated back in the 13th century. 

The concept of macramé came from Arabic countries. Macramé was distributed throughout the European countries. In the 17th century, under the guidance of Queen Mary II, the ladies of that era were taught this form of knotting. 

Only weavers and ordinary people were not tying these knots anymore. Sailors used knotting for several sailing purposes and for leisure time. Then these sailors helped to spread them all around Europe by trading them as popular pieces like hammocks, hangers, etc. 

Project ideas:

There are several macramé projects that you can finish, and each of them has a subsection of variants to own it. Once you are habituated with knotting, you will be accustomed to newer and unique weaving techniques and can develop genuine patterns of work. We have listed some of the best macramé ideas for you to go ahead with:

  1.     Key chains
  2.     Wall hangers
  3.     Plant hangers
  4.     Tablecloths 
  5.     Jewelry
  6.     Textile fringes
  7.     Belts

In the current world, the millennials have brought back the concept of macramé so that our generation can fall in love with the idea of this crafting. You can find further details at The Macrame Man.

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