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Masters in History, Languages, and Literature: Top Five Universities

If people, history, cultures, and languages fascinate you more than numbers, geometry, there’s a lot of room for you to explore in academia. If you are looking for a Master’s degree in Humanities, you can try your luck in one of the best universities in the world.

Humanities cover numerous disciplines, from history, philosophy, languages, liberal arts, literature, and religious studies. For Master’s in Humanities, you need to figure out the niche you’re interested the most in, and then start working towards admission applications

This article aims to introduce you to the best universities for studying History, Languages, and Literature all over the world.

Five universities for studying History, Languages, and Literature

History, Literature, and Languages are as important to study as technology and mathematics. So if you are more inclined towards the former, do not hesitate to openly learn and get formal education pertaining to it. There are a lot of options in academia if you want to pursue a relevant Master’s degree.

The following university can make up for your options in this regard.

1.    Stanford University

Stanford University is located between San Jose and San Francisco. It posits itself in Silicon Valley, California, as one of the top research universities at the global level. It offers around a dozen Master’s programs in Humanities. It’s difficult to get into this university unless you have a very strong academic and professional profile with excellent credentials.

The university has given the world many Nobel Prize winners and numerous innovative discoveries. According to QS world university rankings, it ranks second. The university houses Green as its main research library, which holds rich collections in the fields of social sciences, and humanities.

2.    University of Cambridge

This university is a medieval education institution with wide buildings that are visible from most parts of the city. The university provides for you the options to learn linguistics in French, German, Dutch, Italian, Slavonic Studies, Spanish and Portuguese, Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, and Modern Greek. Besides, linguistics, the Faculty of History provides a Master of Studies in History, which is a part-time degree.

In this degree, students get a chance to work closely with the teaching staff, which is composed of world-class history academicians. Research excellence framework has rank most of the History Faculty of Cambridge among the ‘internationally excellent’ and ‘world-leading.’

3.    University of Oxford

The University of Oxford has one of the best history programs in the world and is proudly standing as one of the largest graduate study centers. The research at the Faculty of History is well organized in the spheres of historical periods. Students get to participate in group projects and also get a chance to take on individual research projects.

Given the academic opportunity with the help of Education consultants in Islamabad as a student at Oxford, you will be able to strike a balance between discipline and intellectual curiosity. The university has provided an online Graduate supervision reporting system that enables all the enrolled students to report their learning progress.

4.    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT offers a HASTS program, which supports the students in their research, linked to various disciplines. The binding force behind various disciplines is the social and historical implications and foundations of the fields of technology and science.

History of technology, history of science, ethnography of science and technology, policy and security, environment and Agriculture, Life sciences, and Biomedicine are some of the disciplines covered by the faculty of HASTS at MIT.

5.    Harvard University

The graduate program at the Department of History at Harvard University is adept at training students to not only become skilled scholars but also develop into conscientious teachers. Generally, five to six percent of all the applications are actually accepted for enrollment.

Aspirants can apply for up to three programs at the graduate school of history by seeking help from education consultants in Islamabad, and for each department, you apply to, you will have to create a separate account on the admission portal.

Are you interested in a foreign Masters in Humanities?

If yes, look no further. Choose your desired niche. Be certain on the specific area within the field that you want to excel in. This practice will help you in narrowing your list down to 3 to 4 study programs in various universities of the world. Once you have done that, start applying with the help of professional education consultants. Strengthen your profile.

Get your passport ready. Set your documents and prepare yourself for the language proficiency requirements. Save up for standardized test fees and application expenses. Lastly, prepare yourself for interviews and keep on jotting down why you want to do a certain degree. Writing will help you gain clarity about your ambitions. The clarity of goals is the key to your academic and professional success!

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