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Kids and Teens

Maximise playfulness and storage with bunk beds for kids

Whether you want to create more space for the arrival of a new family member or for your kid to play, bunk beds have so many advantages. If you are planning to buy one, then there are a number of options when it comes to buying bunk beds for kids online. But before making a purchase, it is essential to know how his amazing piece of kids’ furniture is going to help you. If you lie awake at night wondering “Should I buy a bunk bed?”, then don’t worry. This blog is here for your rescue.

Benefits of bunk beds

Brilliant for sleepovers

Sleepovers are an integral part of childhood. Kids love ghost stories, making dens and choreographing dance routines. You would not want your guest to cuddle up in a sleeping bag on the hard floor. With bunk beds, the kids can sleep in total comfort. There are triple sleeper bunk beds also that have a single bunk up top, with a double bed underneath. Therefore, they will sleep three. So if the next time you fall asleep with your kid while reading him/her a bedtime story, you do not have to worry about cramping their space.

Can be easily separated

Bunk beds are a great value for your money as these can be changed as your child grows and changes. These are perfect for a growing child. You can find loads of fantastic variations with these beds as per your requirements and choice. When your kid becomes a teen, you can easily separate detachable bunk beds into two twin singles. Moreover, these beds can be easily separated and moved if you move home and your child no longer needs to share a room. When your child moves out, the bed can be turned into a fashionable daybed, which is perfect for a spare bedroom.

Provide private space in a shared room

Due to space limitations, sometimes sharing a room is unavoidable. However, it does not mean you will not have your own privacy just because you are sharing a room. Your kid can make some brilliant dens with some clever use of curtains. With clip-on lamps, there will never be an argument over sleeping with the light on.

Handy for creating more play space

For any growing family, space is a luxury. Room to play is often limited with the floor space being occupied by much-needed storage such as wardrobes and toy boxes. By making the most of your unused vertical space, bunk beds can free up a few square meters. By choosing these beds, more floor area can be freed up for your kid that offers him/her more space to play, learn, and grow.

Teach life-lessons

Children can learn great life-lessons by sharing a room, for instance, how to share and be courteous to others. Spending time together can help brothers and sisters bond better, which they may otherwise not. Sharing a room also means a shared bedtime routine.

If you want to buy bunk beds for kids online, then Yipizone is your one-stop destination for the best kids’ furniture. It is the best brand for your child’s requirements when it comes to beds, tables, chairs, storage spaces, etc. Offering something to everyone, the reliable company manufactures world-class products for a newborn baby, a toddler who is ready to start going to school, a kid working on his creativity, and a teenager who likes to have the best of everything.

Safety features of Yipizone’s products:

  • Pure cotton fabric
  • Tested for 1000 jumps
  • Superior quality laminated board
  • Alkoyd free paint, used negligibly
  • Curved corners, no pointed edges

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