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MBOX vs PST: An Informative Article to Transfer MBOX Files to PST (Free Method)


Which file format is more trustworthy on time: MBOX vs PST?

With PST, I can easily read email messages from Microsoft Outlook. As per my knowledge, MBOX is depreciated over time and Outlook will always be there.

One year back, I migrated over to Office 365 but I have an Executive who utilized Apple Mail. Now in order to read those email messages whose size is almost equal to 150GB, he wants to transfer MBOX files to PST. Any suggestions?

There can be endless reasons why a user wants to switch from an MBOX email service to Outlook. Few of them include compatibility with other OS, inbuilt calendar facility, password safety, anti-spam function, etc.

Other than these, there are many other reasons that users are confused between MBOX vs PST.

First of all, let’s talk about these two file formats then we will elaborate on how to transfer MBOX files to PST.

It’s Worth Knowing the Multiple File Types: MBOX vs PST File Extension

MBOX documents: Groups of email messages you can open without Outlook

Files with the ‘.mbox’ extension resemble PSTs, however for certain distinctions. As far as one might be concerned, you can open them on non-Microsoft applications such as Entourage, Eudora Mail, Apple Mail, Pocomail, Spicebird, and Mozilla Thunderbird. Additionally, dissimilar to PSTs, an MBOX is a text document. It stores every one of your messages, in succession – with an isolating line between each one of them.

PST documents: How Outlook saves email messages

MS Outlook changes over single messages into MSGs when you move them out of your mailbox. However, it stores your email message as a solitary PST file – a document with a ‘.pst’ extension. PST represents Personal Storage Table. What’s more, PSTs are an incredible method for getting sorted out, saving, and sharing clumps of email. For instance, you can place each one of your messages from last year into a PST document and easily archive that PST. Also, you can save these PST files on hard drives, a flash drive, or in the Cloud.

For what reason are MS Outlook Chosen Over MBOX Email Clients?

Prior to going for converting MBOX files to PST, it is nice to comprehend the benefits of PST over the MBOX format:

PST upholds numerous sorts of data

MBOX file is compatible just for email messages as it has a basic format. In any case, the PST file format works for all messages, contacts, errands, schedules, notes, mailboxes.

Progressed Format

PST design is extremely exceptional for putting away mailbox information efficiently. However, the MBOX format is extremely straightforward, and messages are saved consecutively in a text file.

Outlook compatibility with Exchange accounts

MS Outlook is intended for Exchange availability. In this way, it supports all MS Exchange editions, including Exchange 2019 and all Microsoft 365 plans. Also, it is feasible to work in the disconnected mode in Outlook.

Often updated

Microsoft Outlook and PST format are refreshed intermittently to meet the new correspondence necessities. MBOX and its email clients being open-source, are not refreshed intermittently.

Free Methods to Transfer MBOX files to PST

Now, we have understood the basic differences between and MBOX vs PST. So, in order to import MBOX emails to Outlook, you should change over your MBOX file to a PST document. To transfer MBOX files to PST, you need to follow these guidelines-

  • Save MBOX messages as EML documents.
  • Drag and Drop the EML documents to Outlook.
  • Export output email messages to PST.

Save MBOX to EML Files

In this section, we are describing the steps to save MBOX messages as EML from Thunderbird.

  • Open the Thunderbird MBOX email client. Now, choose any folder and Right-click on it to create a New Folder.
  • Specify a name and snap Create Folder.
  • Choose all the EML files you need to move and save them to a recently made folder.
  • Presently each one of the messages is available in the folder.
  • Pick each one of the messages and choose the Save as a choice. It will save the messages in EML format to any destination path.

Drag and Drop EML to Outlook

Microsoft Outlook can get to EML messages. This is the way you can import EML files to Outlook:

Open the email folder where EML documents are saved. Choose all of the messages and just drag and drop them to any Outlook mailbox.

Export MBOX Emails to Outlook

  1. Navigate to File>> Open & Export>> Import & Export in order to transfer MBOX files to PST.
  2. In the Import/Export dialogue bar, select ‘Export to a file’ and tap on the Next tab.
  3. Choose Outlook data file (.pst) and hit on Next.
  4. Click on the folder where the EML files are stored and tap on Next.
  5. Browse a new location for the PST file and snap-on Finish button.

In this way, you have created a new PST file and the user can find the MBOX mailbox in their Outlook email client.

However, this manual method is although free but comes with certain drawbacks.

  • Standard manual techniques are time-consuming.
  • While converting MBOX files to PST, data loss can occur.
  • Needs technical knowledge to perform this task.

Not suited for bulk conversion of MBOX files.

Not happy with the manual way?

Hope you understood MBOX vs PST differences. But, if you intend to avoid such manual method problems, you can take the help of automated MBOX to PST Converter for Windows and Mac. It is very simple to use, reliable, and easily import bulk MBOX emails to Outlook PST format.

It is a professional application for exporting multiple MBOX messages to PST files. The tool can save MBOX files from all mailboxes like Inbox, sent items, drafts, outbox, etc. It is highly beneficial for IT professionals to easily transfer MBOX files to PST in batch at once.


There are numerous advantages of using this application-

Export MBOX files as PST with attachments- You may often see that email messages are embedded with various attachments. So, don’t worry if your MBOX files have attachments in them because this tool will convert MBOX to PST with associated attachments as well.

Selective conversion- After you have chosen MBOX files for the conversion and you want to remove particular unwanted folders then you can easily de-select them from the preview list.

No information loss- During the conversion of MBOX emails to PST, there will be no loss to the integrity of data. This application will keep intact all email message details, metadata, attachments, images, hyperlinks, signatures, etc.

Split PST file- This tool presents an option to split PST files as per the MBOX file. Also, one can make a combined PST file as well. Users can split the resultant PST file by size such as 2GB, 5GB, 10GB.

Supports all types of MBOX files- This utility is compatible with all the latest MBOX email apps like Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora, Gmail Takeout, Gyazmail, Horde, Mulberry, Postbox, SeaMonkey, Sparrow, Sylpheed, etc.

Compatible with all Outlook versions- This application supports all Outlook editions such as Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, etc.

Runs on all Windows machines- You can easily install this product on all Windows OS like Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, etc.

We hope that you liked this blog and now have clearly got an idea regarding MBOX vs PST. Also, take the help of the above free method to transfer MBOX files to PST. For avoiding the manual method limitations, choose the automated technique.

Note- Perfect MBOX to Outlook Converter tool

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