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Ninja Warrior Course 3 Simple Steps to Become a Ninja

adventure+ has a range of different ninja warrior course to suit a variety of different needs. We take play seriously and ensure that in every obstacle course design children are challenged while keeping safe. It’s a lot of fun to dress up as a ninja for Halloween trick or treating or a party. If you’ve waited too long to order your ninja costume, you may become a ninja in just 3 minutes by following my 3 simple steps below. You’ll still need a few things, but they shouldn’t be too difficult to come by, and you should be able to put together the ultimate ninja outfit in no time.

Black Long Sleeve Turtleneck:

If you want to be a stealth ninja, you’ll need a black long sleeve turtleneck since, let’s face it, becoming invisible without one is nearly difficult. You’ll obviously need black pants, but without the shirt, you won’t be able to pull off the ninja look. Make sure you buy a brand new jet black shirt that hasn’t faded in the wash.

Turn a black t-shirt inside out:

The next step is to turn a black t-shirt inside out. Peek through the neck hole while wearing the t-shirt over your head. You’re almost there; you only need to complete one more crucial step to become a ninja.


Because ninjas don’t leave fingerprints and must be extremely quiet, you’ll need some black gloves to finish the look. The ideal gloves are leather, tight-fitting gloves; once you put them on, you’ll almost believe you’re a ninja. If you want to add a weapon, numchucks work excellent, but be careful because those things hurt (and I don’t just mean other people; look out for yourself!)

A ninja warrior costume contains three major components that are essential for becoming invisible and convincing as a true ninja. You’ll need a black long-sleeve turtleneck, a black t-shirt that you fold in half to cover your face inside out, and some awesome black ninja gloves. You’re ready to hit the town with these three pieces and surprise a few individuals from the shadows. Just don’t get too carried away; in this gear, people might mistake you for a real ninja!

Obstacle Course Race

We have a full-scale Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Training facility where kids and adults of all ages and abilities may test themselves against the obstacles seen on TV. We have everything adventure sports enthusiasts need to have fun, train, compete and feed their passion.

Our course includes a wide variety of Ninja Warrior-style obstacles as well as several replicas from the TV program, allowing anyone to practice like a ninja!

In Queensland, Urban Xtreme is at the forefront of Ninja Warrior-style training. We specialise in developing the next generation of adventure sports athletes for competitions such as Ninja Warrior, Obstacle Racing, and just for fun.

In 2020 and 2021, our Ninja Performance program helped our academy athletes place in the top ten in Australia. If you want to compete after completing our program, our certified coaches can help you climb to the top.

Our Warriorfit program is an Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) program aimed at enhancing Spartan and other OCR Racers’ performance. Our goal is to not only increase the Ninja Athlete and Obstacle Course Racing communities but also to educate the general public about the benefits of grip strength and movement-based training.

Can you conquer our 11-meter rock climbing walls, the tiny Mt Midoriyama rope climbs, the salmon ladder, or the ring field?

Our knowledgeable instructors are always available to assist you in breaking your own records and making the most of the course. You can practise your abilities and advance at your own speed. Adventure+ is offering the best ninja playground and fitness equipment in Australia.

Your Ninja-In-Training

They may be inexperienced or new to the sport, but they have high ambitions to become Brisbane’s fittest, most agile, and daring ninja warriors. That’s why we created a 10-week Ninja Warrior Course in Brisbane specifically for them!

We have different programmes for ages 4-6 (Lil Ninjas), 7-12 (Jnr Ninjas), and 13-17 (Teen Ninjas) that will challenge their strength, balance, coordination, and team-building skills across Ninja disciplines and are already one of our most popular adventure sessions (bookings fill up fast!).

The Flying Bar is a cross between the Jumping Bars and the Pipe Slider. It’s a horizontal variant of the Salmon Ladder in which participants must navigate a track by jumping from one cradle to the next while holding onto a pipe. The Ninja’s Edge gives you guidelines and advice on how to practice for this obstacle so you can become the next American Ninja Warrior in this obstacle guide.

The Flying Bar, which can be seen on both American Ninja Warrior and Australian Ninja Warrior, consists of five cradles, each of which is around 5 feet apart. The contender willing to take on this task will be put to the ultimate test of upper body strength and dexterity.

A Guide to Designing Ninja Playground & Fitness Park

Guide to Flying Bars

The first step is to switch hold the Flying Bar, then produce momentum by kicking your legs up in front of you while remaining in control so that the bar does not come out of the cradle. Pull yourself forward while clutching the bar on the forward upswing and allow the momentum to carry you to the next cradle.

This obstacle can be modified in several ways, such as skipping cradles to complete the challenge faster, which needs overall upper body conditioning. The second modification is to utilise a different gripping technique so that your hands grab the bar more naturally.

Tips for Flying Bars

The key to effectively completing this obstacle is to use the hand gripping techniques that are most comfortable for you. Another advice for finishing the Flying Bar is to take your time and make sure you have full strength in your palms and bicep muscles before moving from cradle to cradle on this Flying Bar difficulty.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Guide: Flying Bar Exercises

Although the Lache and the Salmon Ladder are the most popular required ninja warrior obstacles and have many of the same qualities, it is also important to prepare your body before preparing for the Flying Bar.

You can do HIIT at home or at the gym by sprinting on a treadmill, elliptical, or other cardio machine. You may also raise the speed of your normal strength training activities like pushups, squats, and mountain climbers to really get your heart pumping.

Arm curls with barbells of your selected weight, pull-ups. And arm pulley movements are our second recommended workout for Flying Bar training. These will help you strengthen your upper body while also increasing your flexibility, so you’ll be ready for any unusual-feeling muscle groups. That may be functioning in this obstacle that wouldn’t be in any other obstacle or challenge.

After the Flying Bar Guide, what’s next?

It’s time to put your Ninja Warrior obstacle guide for The Flying Bar to the test. For now, start with pull-ups and cardio training. It’s also crucial to work on strengthening upper-body flexibility, which aids muscle recovery. And puts you on the fast track to conquering the next American Ninja Warrior course.

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