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OnePlus 8T, Specifications and all other details!

This year is full of the best smartphones ever. The smartphone companies are all set to experiment and are giving us all new technologies. They are making our lives easy and better. Now OnePlus is here to surprise us with its all-new OnePlus 8T.
OnePlus 8T is the new smartphone launched by OnePlus with its new android based operating system OxygenOS 11. This 6.55-inch smartphone comes in two colors with very fine finishing.

OnePlus 8T design

Aquamarine green and Lunar Silver two very classy and glass finished designs that look awesome with you.
The design is crazy as with Glass finish the customer will get the captivating matt AG max texture that gives you an easy grip. Meticulously crafted, the slim contours create a perfect frame bringing the OnePlus 8T to life.

OnePlus 8T Display

The 6.55 inch Fluid AMOLED display comes with 120 Hz fluid for seamless scrolling. It is claiming to have the best color accuracy ever. This will add life to pictures, will make movies pop, and will add more shine to your games.
With HDR + display, it has been certified A+ from DisplayMate, HDR+, and SGS certifications. Silky smooth visuals give you the experience of desktop gaming.

OnePlus 8T Camera

Today a smartphone is all judged based on the Camera. All thanks to social media, everyone wants to capture the moment and share it in their social group.
Picture quality matters the most and it is mostly hard to capture the moments in dim light but the OnePlus 8T comes with Night Mode. Now this will let you capture all the moments with the clarity of 48 MP and HDR +.
With this Quad camera phone, you can capture with 123 ͦ. The main camera of 48 MP with aperture f/1.75, the Ultra-wide angle camera of 16 MP with aperture f/2.2. It also has a Macro lens and a Monochrome lens for more creative shots.
You can shoot 4K video at 60 fps and with the super stable feature, even a beginner can shoot like a pro. Become the director of your movie with the OnePlus 8T.

OnePlus 8T battery

It offers Warp Charge 65, which is itself a new and very improved version for charging. Warp Charge 65 will charge your phone 1 day within 15 minutes and that’s indeed a challenge done by OnePlus.
With the 4500 mAh battery, the battery life is really good even though many phones area offering better battery at a better price but the Wrap charge 65 is enhancing this one.
The wrap charge 65 is compatible to charge your other devices that can support it like OnePlus buds, Handset console, laptops, and others. So you can easily enjoy the fast charging and day-long usage.
This Qualcomm snapdragon ™ 365 with 5G is giving the best visuals, fast speed, easy swipes, and ultra-Gaming experience.
It has some more new classic features for gamers which won’t only let them experience the best mobile gaming experience. Plus Mistouch Prevent, Improved notification control, Fanatic mode, and screen recording of the game.
You can grab your OnePlus 8T now at different prices with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage.

OnePlus 8T, Specifications and all other details!

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