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Passing The Prince2 Training Melbourne Exam In 2022

You recently passed your PRINCE2® Foundation, PMP, or CAPM exam and were informed that passing the Prince2 Training Melbourne test will make your profile stand out more in job interviews. You search the internet for the first course that meets your quality/price requirements.

Study diligently for weeks until the exam arrives but become frustrated and fail

This tale may not be yours right now, but it is common in our Facebook Group. Many new members complain about the quality of the course material they received, how they were not wholly prepared to take the exam, and how they feel awful about having wasted so much time and money in the process.

This is the primary purpose of this post. I’ve compiled dozens of stories from accurate PRINCE2 Practitioner exam passers so you may benefit from them and be fully prepared for your exam.

First, I’d want to begin this guide with a topic that is nearly never discussed, and it can get you out of the game even before you start. You must follow the technological procedures to take the Prince2 Training Melbourne exam online.

Software for Exams

You must schedule a time to install the PeopleCert exam software before the exam date. Our members advise installing it two days before the exam to prevent unexpected complications, particularly if you have an Nvidia graphics card.

Here is the PeopleCert website, where you may download the programme and learn more about the criteria.

Consider the following further suggestions:

Make the Exam Shield compatibility test at least one day before.

Try to keep your desk clear.

The camera will constantly be aimed toward your front door. Both rooms must be visible from the camera if the room has two doors. Important: Do not install anything from the Microsoft shop because it may cause problems with your PC’s drivers.

Now, let’s go to one of the most crucial parts of your exam preparation:

Making use of the manual

While studying for the PRINCE2 Practitioner test, a prevalent misperception is that the physical Manual is required. However, most individuals are unaware that a PDF version can be used as long as it is the official version. If you wish to utilise the PDF version of the Manual, you must meet the following requirements:

Use a paper copy in addition to the pdf.

  • Display the first page so they can verify that the Manual is the original version.
  • Having the manual open in another device when in aeroplane mode (laptop, tablet)
  • If you’re using Exam Shield, the book will open in a new window with a search bar where you may look for terms throughout the Manual.

Here are some pointers if you are taking the paper exam:

  • There can be no loose notes.
  • The tags on your manual are OK, but they must be discreet.
  • Understand the sections of the Manual as the exam proceeds from beginning to end.

Allow yourself enough time to become intimately acquainted with the manual and to seek specific material that will assist you in understanding how to answer the exam question.

You may use a piece of paper and a pen throughout the exam, but you must destroy it afterwards.

Tip: Using the Manual with an exam simulator improves your grasp of the procedure and allows you to save time during the real exam because you know exactly where to find the information, according to our members.

This will take us to the next stage, using a PRINCE2 Practitioner exam simulator.

Simulator for Exams

As the name implies, an exam simulator is a technology designed to simulate the experience of taking a genuine exam in a controlled environment. It will also help you gain confidence and put your present knowledge to the test.

Many organisations provide exam simulators for the PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam, but just one from Plaza is focused on replicating the actual exam experience.

Concerning the exam simulator:

  • It features 270 questions, which is equivalent to four genuine exams.
  • It provides comments on the answers you got wrong and why, with references to Manual’s chapters.
  • Highlights your strong and weak areas in Prince2 to make studying those topics easier.

According to our pupils, if you can get >75% in the exam simulator numerous times in a row, you have secured a pass on the actual exam. The price is £89 + £0 VAT / €95 + €19 VAT.

Making use of the exam simulator

You can utilise the Mplaza Simulator regardless of the course provider you are taking, but we do not advocate taking the test simulator without the handbook. Go to Plaza Simulator and perform the questions for each segment you study in the handbook (each principle, theme, or procedure) since you can opt to do only the exam section you’re presently learning.

It would be best if you did this as often as necessary until you achieve scores of more than 80% in each section.

Step-by-step instructions

When you first answer the questions, try to answer them yourself. There is no need to read the handbook. Get your results and read the explanations for the answers you got wrong and the ones you got correctly. On the simulator, repeat the practice.

Navigate the Manual to discover the answers the second time. This will assist you in becoming acquainted with it.

The answers include references to the Manual and the relevant section. Go to the Manual section and highlight them. This will help you gain time for the exam.

Repetition is essential.

Repeat as many times as necessary until you regularly achieve scores above 80%. When you begin to feel as if you know the questions and answers by heart, you are ready when they become repetitious and monotonous. The phrasing and approach of the Cisco Certification questions will be relatively similar. Take as many simulators and one-on-one tests as you can.

Some students have stated that they write every answer from the exam simulator, both correct and incorrect, into the handbook so that they may remember where to locate similar problems in the future. The more you use the Manual in your simulations and study schedule, the better your results will be.

Warning: Some users use the Exam Simulator as their primary learning tool, which is not recommend. This is not the most effective approach to learning. Use it to supplement your study.

The actual PRINCE2 Practitioner examination

So far, we’ve discussed the preparation path, but now it’s time to discuss the actual exam and some pointers to keep in mind before taking it.

The exam contains many unnecessary materials in the questions, which can be confusing. We recommend that you skip to the end of the question and then return to it to read it thoroughly.

It may appear more work, but it helps you know what to pay attention to when reading the whole question, avoid being distract by distracting text or complex terminology and find the answer faster. Many have complaine that the exam seems more like an English than a PRINCE2 exam.

Don’t be concerned about using the scenario during the exam; there may be two or three questions where you need to know the job descriptions from the extra information. Our advice is to read it only when you get to this question and at the start of the exam, but you don’t have to go back to it when answering the questions.

The exam follows the book from beginning to end. Don’t worry about the questions being mixe up; they won’t. As a result, it will be easier to refer to material in the Manual if needed, and you will not have to rummage through it.

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