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PEMF for Headaches

Almost every person suffers from headaches. Some people feel the throbbing head almost daily. Battling with headaches frequently can be devastating for your education, career, and social life. Taking painkillers excessively poses a threat to your health. Understanding the causes of headaches is important to find the right cure. PEMF for headaches could be a successful treatment approach for its relevance to headache causes.

Wrap Your Head around Headaches

The pain originates as a result of signaling in the brain, nerves, and blood vessels.

Identify your headache for finding the right cure. Mostly, headaches come under two main categories. 

Primary Headaches: These are not caused due to other medical issues. These include cluster headaches, migraine, or tension headaches.

Secondary Headaches: These arise due to other medical conditions such as head injury, hypertension, infection, sinus problems, tumor, trauma, medications. 

Treatment starts after knowing your triggers. It could be related to stress management or medication. 

Is PEMF Effective For Headaches?

Pulsed electromagnetic field works well for treating headaches. Mostly, headaches occur due to anxiety, stress, or inflammation. Nothing could be better than killing these. Similarly, if hypertension is the cause, nothing could be better than pulsed therapy. If hormonal imbalance is the reason, electromagnetic induction is the best cure. Low-frequency and low-intensity electromagnetic induction are not only effective against migraine and headaches but also help in relevant issues, including sleep disorders, stroke impacts, and pain management.

Pain management is the special expertise of pulsed therapy. Headaches are no exceptions. Whether it is chronic or acute, PEMF helps in blocking the pain signals while treating the real causes. The therapy works for fighting headaches at three levels.

1. PEMF Increases Endorphin

A decrease in the endorphins (a happiness hormone) level in the body is a reason for headaches and depression. If the balance is regained, headaches could be well-treated. Besides endorphins, the pulsed waves stimulate other friendly hormones like serotonin. Having these in ample amounts in your body is similar to rather than taking opiates. Apart from feeling better for your headaches, endorphins keep you relaxed and in high spirits. These are naturally found opiates in the body, and PEMF enhances their production. This is the benefit you get by doing yoga, meditation, or deep breathing.

2. PEMF Reduces the Intensity of Headaches

The technique works by slowing down or even blocking the pain impulses. Fewer pain signals result in the weakening of the pain sensation. The electromagnetic field induces a chain of electrical reactions that travel along the neural pathway to lessen the feeling of pain. One impact comes when your body becomes less responsive to triggers that induce a headache.

3. PEMF Heals Headaches with the Root Causes

PEMF boosts a chain of reactions that are essential for your body’s healing. The process starts from general and narrows down towards specific until it reaches cellular level. Here it brings about some changes in cells’ chemistry and electric potential and boosts their self-healing capabilities. Once the cellular injuries are healed, cells start functioning at their best performances. The impact does not end here; rather, it is an initiation of improved circulation, metabolism, energy, and detoxification in brain cells. In short, regular use of pulsed therapy is an easy way to reduce the severity and frequencies of killer headaches.

Has head throbbing made your life miserable? If yes, check out for the best range of PEMF devices. 


PEMF is a non-invasive and drug-free treatment that can certainly be a great option. Irrespective of the reasons, the therapy offers the solution for its best pain-alleviating qualities. So incorporate the therapy in your health practices, and you would not feel the need to rely solely on painkillers.

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