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Philadelphia Best Sports Writer Ray Mirra

Philadelphia sports writer Ray Mirra is well known throughout the United States. He covers the Flyers as well as the NBA and NFL. He has covered some of the best teams in the National Football League including the Eagles, Steelers and even the Los Angeles Rams. This article will discuss why he covers the Flyers and how he became a sport writer for the newspaper in Philadelphia, PA. His love affair with the Flyers began when he was a little boy living in Cherry Hill, NJ. His first exposure to the team came when his father took him to a game at the old Veterans Memorial Arena.

“I remember getting off the elevator and watching all the Flyers players on the screen,” recalled Ray. “It was a very exciting moment for me.” A childhood dream soon became a dream of Ray Mirra. A few years later, he would be given his first official season ticket and continue to see the team play through each season. Even after moving to New York City, where the Flyers had moved, Ray would catch a game at the old Madison Square Garden.

Raymond Mirra sports writer

Philadelphia sport writer, Ray Mirra is well known throughout the United States. He covers the Flyers as well as the NBA and NFL. He has covered some of the best teams in the National Football League including the Steelers and the Los Angeles Rams. This article will discuss why he is a huge fan of the Flyers. He even has a picture of Flyers forward Wayne Gretzky on the wall. This article will focus on his experience covering the Flyers for the past seven season.

As a young boy, Ray

As a young boy, Ray learned the importance of winning for the Flyers. Ray Mirra would follow the team around from practice, sitting in on practices as well as watching the games. He became very good at figuring out statistics and the individual players on the team. Ray Mirra became especially good at the position that his favorite player occupied. That position was defensive end. Every shift, he was on the ice, he would be watching all of the plays that the opposing team would make and try to figure out how he could help his team defend that particular game plan.

He graduated from Lehigh University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Technology and Journalism. After graduating, he worked for several radio stations in the area before becoming a sports writer for the Philadelphia Inquire. Ray Mirra covered a number of sports including the Flyers as well as basketball and football. He covered the NBA for several different outlets as well. Ray Mirra also served as an assistant basketball coach for the Dallas Mavericks for one season.

Ray has always been a fan of the Flyers and he enjoys talking about them with others. He even has a nickname for Flyers’ center Wayne Gretzky which is “Gretz-Gretz”. Ray describes him as a “class act”. He is a very smart guy and seems to get it quickly and accurately.

The sporting events

Ray is extremely intelligent and he covers the sporting events in the city and country very well. He is an avid fan of the Flyers and he would watch each and every single game unfold just like any other fan. He is also very well versed in the NBA and college sports.

Ray Mirra Jr

Ray started this job in 1977 as a sport writer for the Philadelphia Inquire, and he is still doing a fantastic job. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and he likes the Flyers. He describes them as a team that is “just real. They play the right way and they play hard”. He also says that they are a “group of real fighters”.

Philadelphia best sports writer Ray Mirra is from the state of Pennsylvania. His upbringing in a family that supported him during those years when he was surrounded by sports, as well as his love for them, led him to pursue his dream of becoming a sports writer. He graduated from High School in Beaverton, Oregon and began to write for several sporting magazines while serving in the Air Force.


A sportscaster for one of the larger radio stations in Philadelphia, Ray got his first taste of sports writing jobs when he was hired by the now-defunct Penn Sports Radio. From there, he was employed at ESPN Radio and then the Disney Channel. Ray experienced early success, but he also had challenges because of the type of coverage he wanted to do: sports reporting. He wrote extensively about the Nittany Lions basketball team, but struggled with stories about the infamous “PSU shindig” scandal.

Ray Mirra

Aiding The Inquirer in covering the Nittany Lions for several years, Ray became known as a sharp and combative sports writer. He published a critical comment about the university, and he appeared frequently on the radio talk show Sports Talk With Tom Emry. Ray was so successful at being critical of PSU that he was asked to do weekly ESPN Weekend Live broadcasts that showcased his reporting on the Nittany Lions. While many sports writers enjoy this kind of attention, some sports writers balked at having so much extra attention directed at them. In Ray’s case, however, his aggressive style of writing and his strong commitment to providing well-researched information made him a natural fit for the role of PSU sports writer.

Ray Mirra the best sports writer in Philadelphia

It was that combination of observations, vocal criticism, and strong advocacy for PSU that made Ray Mirra the best sports writer in Philadelphia. For someone who grew up in the surrounding environment of State College, it was easy for Ray to write about the people and places that shaped his life. Growing up in a blue-collar town like State College, it was common for everyone in the extended family to be involved in some capacity with the high school athletic teams or the university’s track and field program.

Ray experienced it all with the PSU football team, which he served for four years. One of the most striking aspects of his reporting was the almost Fan Club-like atmosphere that existed around the campus. Though the program was eventually canceled, Ray’s love of the school and his desire to provide deep criticism of its shortcomings were the driving factors behind his continued employment with the school.

Best Sports Stories

The best sports stories come from people who are passionate about their subjects. Though the sports world can often be inhospitable to critical thinking, Ray Mirra showed early life interest in sports and he enjoyed becoming involved with the university’s sports programs. He also enjoyed a wide range of public speaking experiences, giving many talks at colleges and universities during the course of his career as a sports writer. It was these talks and the attention to detail that he brought to his writing that brought him the public attention that he was aiming for when he began his writing career as a sports writer.

A critical element to being a successful sports writer is to enjoy the business of being a sports writer. Many sports writers have a difficult time enjoying the actual writing because of the intense nature of their work. Many people try to focus on the mechanics of the game, the reporting of events, and the minutiae of sports that often distract them from enjoying what they’re actually doing. This can be detrimental to a career, especially if you are a serious sports writer. So, before you embark on a career in sports reporting, make sure you are able to let go of your concerns about how the actual writing must be.

Successful Sports Writer

You may want to start out by focusing on one aspect of a sports story. If you are going to write about a celebrity, then it would make sense to spend some time exploring the person’s life. You could talk to friends, family members, and others to gain insight into the personality of the athlete. The story you are about to write about could become your most important piece of writing, and if you do not take pleasure in your research, then you are likely to get frustrated with the story and the entire experience.

Ray Mirra – As a sports writer

Raymirra was able to turn his love for basketball into a successful career as a sports writer. He had a clear vision of what he wanted to do, and the result was an impressive portfolio of sports stories that won multiple awards. The most important part of being a successful sports writer is to enjoy the stories you are writing, no matter how complex they are. By taking pleasure in your work, you will set yourself apart as a true professional sports writer.


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