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Pierce Into The Food Delivery Service Platform With Gloriafood Alternative

Tackle the growing demand for food delivery services by installing a food ordering application. You can directly take orders from customers, without any third-party service providers. To facilitate this, at Appdupe, we build Gloriafood alternatives for your business. This blog will cover the basic functions, crucial features, and benefits of launching this app.

Basic Functioning Of The Application- An Overview:

  1. The user will log into the application by completing the registration process.
  2. Now, the user will search through the menu list to select the desired food.
  3. The user can select any number of food items based on their availability.
  4. Once the user selects the food items, payment is made, and the restaurant admin will place the order.
  5. The admin will send the tracking ID to the user, to know the exact location of the order.
  6. The delivery executive will reach the user’s location and will deliver the order.
  7. Based on the quality of service, and food, the user will give reviews.

Let us further get to know the crucial features of the app. Here is the list of inbuilt features. In addition, we provide paid plugins based on your business requirements and budget.

The Customer App:

Profile set up- The user will log into the app either by completing the registration process or by using social media credentials.

Order history- The user can access their past order history. If they want to repeat the same orders then they can do so by simply clicking the reorder button.

The menu panel enables users to order their food based on the options available.

Custom menu- This feature allows users to select the type of food they want, and also combine them to order as a combo.

Label dishes- The food items will be labeled based on the type of food like veg, non-veg, egg, etc.,

Customize dishes- Users can customize their dishes like the type of ingredients to be used, toppings, etc., This gives them a personalized experience.

Dish status- The admin at the restaurant will constantly update the availability of dishes. With this feature, users will get to know whether a particular dish is available or not.

The Order Panel:

Takeaway- The takeaway feature allows users to order their food online, and pick up directly from the restaurant.

Booking features- Apart from ordering food parcels, users can also book tables for a later date.

Delivery radius- As a business owner, you can decide the places to which your services are extendable. You can specify the radius, around which you deliver orders.

Multiple payment gateways- With this application, you can integrate multiple payment gateways like Paypal, iPay88, CardConnect, POLiPay, etc.,

Business Ideation:

  1. The initial step is to identify the requirements of users. The requirements are to be carefully listed down. This phase is called Requirement gathering and analysis.
  2. Then the requirements are documented and this phase is called Software Requirement Specification(SRS). The SRS is the agreement between users and the company.
  3. Once the requirements are finalized, the demo model is developed and verified with users whether it meets their requirements.
  4. Then in the design phase, requirements are translated into a structure that can be further transformed into source code.
  5. Now the source code is transformed into a suitable programming language and each functionality is added to the prototype.
  6. The modules are added one by one and tested against both positive/negative test cases. 


Our Gloriafood alternative solution is white labeled, and customizable. Since our solution is ready-made, you can launch this application into the marketplace in no time. We build solutions based on your business requirements and provide options for scaling up in the future.

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