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Popular Types Of Khaki Scarf

It is hard to imagine an autumn-winter look without a warm scarf. With him, the outfit becomes more comfortable and interesting. Today, designers offer such a variety of models that it is not always clear which product to choose and what to wear it with. In the article, we will talk about the history and varieties of the accessory, discuss fashionable bows, and also learn how to beautifully tie a khaki scarf around your neck.


In the era of the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang Di, warriors tied them around their necks to protect themselves from the cold. During the time of Peter the Great, they began to wear the style of a scarf with tassels, putting it on over the right shoulder.

At the end of the 18th century in France there were very fashionable starched muslin shawls that were wrapped around the neck. But the real peak of the popularity of products came at the end of the 19th century, when fashion designers began to produce personalized silk scarves. Since then, interest in the accessory has only continued to grow.

Today there are many types of scarves and their names for women. Let’s discuss what scarves are and how they differ. Perhaps some style will be a discovery for you.


Scarves differ in shape, seasonality, length and material. The density and texture of the finished product depends on the threads. Scarves can be from:

  • wool (sheep, llama, goat, rabbit);
  • cotton
  • silks;
  • flax;
  • viscose;
  • synthetics;
  • semi-synthetic fibers.

Depending on the material, the accessory can be winter, demi-season and summer. Cotton products are more useful for the autumn-spring period, while linen options are ideal for summer. We have considered the materials of manufacture, now we will discuss the types of scarves and their names by style.


A shawl is a large knitted or woven shawl on the shoulders. This type of scarf for women became very popular thanks to the French Empress Josephine Beauharnais. She wore a shawl on her dress and was known as the first fashionista. In total, in the wardrobe of Napoleon’s wife, there were about 400 cashmere scarves.
Today, a shawl is a type of women’s scarf that is worn on the shoulders and tied around the neck. The accessory fits perfectly into the autumn look, protecting from the first cold weather. Knitted models look good on curvy women, while slender girls prefer cotton or cotton ones. Shawls can be warm and summer, triangular and square.


What scarves to wear? Take a closer look at the stole – a product of an oblong rectangular shape. The accessory is decorated with fur, ruffles, fringe, lace and patterns. Usually stoles are worn as a cape, pinned up with a brooch or pin. The first product made from sable skins was tried on by the German princess Lieselotte in the 17th century, and already in the 18th century, the fashion for an elegant element of the wardrobe came to Russia.


Snood is one of the most famous types of neck scarves. It has the shape of a circle and is worn over the head. Snoods retain heat well and protect from frost. Products look very elegant as a headdress. If you do not like hats, snood will be a great solution.


Arafatka or keffiyeh – a type of scarf on the head. Mostly Arab men wear such an accessory. The scarf was created to protect the face and head from the hot sun and sandstorms. Depending on the area, it is worn with a hoop, in the form of a turban, and simply as a cape on the head. In the deserts, the arafatka is completely wound around the head and face, leaving a small slit for the eyes.


Which scarf to choose? Another interesting model is the sketch. This option consists of a collar with a zipper or buttons and a scarf. By zipping up the zipper, you can keep your neck warm, even if the sweater is without a neck. In general, it is worn in different ways: unbuttoned, neatly folded on the chest, with a scarf tied, under and on top of the jacket.


A knitted triangular scarf is called baktus. The homeland of the product is Norway, where the scarf was an element of the national costume. There is a huge variety of bactus models. It is decorated with tassels, fringe, lace, and all the patterns and colors simply cannot be listed. The scarf looks elegant on its own and complete with a hat.


A boa is an animal skin or a narrow fur strip. Such an accessory was very popular at the beginning of the 20th century. Girls threw it over their shoulders or neck in addition to dresses and outerwear (as a collar). Today, a boa can decorate an evening dress or coat. Your image will immediately become more expressive and richer.


A poncho is a rectangular piece of fabric with a hole in the center. The product is a traditional clothing of Latin Americans. Poncho can be with fringe, tassels, with or without a neck. It is usually worn in autumn and spring over golf or a sweater. The poncho makes the outfit more stylish and solid.


This season, the scarf is a real trend. She is a bright touch of the whole image. A scarf around a girl’s neck has become a long-loved classic. Now it is very fashionable to weave a scarf into a tail, braid or bun, and also tie it on a handbag.


The buff looks like a collar around the neck. Athletes prefer this model because it is universal.


If you are looking for a scarf for the cold season, choose a product made from natural threads. For example, from sheepskin, angora, cashmere. Woolen accessories retain heat well and last for years. How to choose a women’s scarf and what to focus on? When buying, consider the following:

  • Build – women with a curvaceous figure are not recommended products with a large or abstract pattern. It is better to stay on prints such as a vertical strip, a small cage or animalistic.
  • Color type – before buying a scarf, determine the color of your appearance. This will help you choose the right color for your product.
  • Quality – look at how well the edges of the product are finished, if there are any protruding threads or loose loops in it.
  • Trends – to create an up-to-date look, find out what fashion bloggers and designers advise.
    Before choosing a women’s scarf, listen not only to fashion trends, but also to personal preferences. Trends come and go, but style is always with you. It is best to stick to the golden mean: follow the fashion without losing your individuality.


In the recent past, it was about five centuries ago, Chinese warriors, in order to protect their necks from the piercing wind in the cold areas where they had to fight, wrapped them with small pieces of cloth. Archaeologists believe that these were the prototypes of the first scarves.

It seems strange why they needed them where they lived. After all, in the territory of the Roman Empire there was always a positive temperature. But the warlike Romans often went to conquer new lands where the climate was cold. It was possible to catch a cold in aggressive campaigns in such countries. And the brave, but not accustomed to the cold, Roman soldiers, in order not to catch a cold, for example, a throat, wrapped scarves made of warm fabric around their necks.

With the advent of new fabrics, this accessory, in addition to practical use, has become a fashionable part of people’s clothing, especially women. Recognized trendsetters, the French, quickly realized that a simple accessory in the future will be in great demand and will win a worthy place on the human body. And so it happened in the 20th century. The scarf is popular in our century. Moreover, all its varieties are difficult to list and characterize. And yet we will try to remember the most stylish, beautiful of them.

For many years now, a one-piece circular snood scarf has been unshakably popular, dressed as a collar, or as a hood and stand-up collar connected together. In fact, as a replacement for all kinds of scarves, stoles and shawls, snood is very comfortable, and even beautiful. Solid, voluminous, closed in a ring – it reliably covers the neck, warms the back of the head and face.

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