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Prepare yourself with supplies before getting a new cat

You are building a wonderful and rewarding relationship and it is necessary to prepare yourself before your cat gets home, because a new cat comes with a lot of change for both you and the cat. There are different things to buy a kitten and collect in advance to save you from stress make the new cat feel like her new home.

New cat

We have compiled a checklist to help you make the transition as smooth as possible:

  1. Cat Carrier or Crate

The first important thing is to get a cat carrier or crate. You will need this to bring your new friend home. It should be safe with plenty of ventilation and easy access for you. The carrier is made of plastic with a locking door on the front to provide the right amount of accessibility and could not probably claw its way through it. And always cover the boots of the carrier with a soft towel before placing your kitty inside.

  1. Food

The second important thing is the food, any living being needs food to live and grow. So you must talk to our professional and they would guide you to buy the exact amount or kind of food which is necessary to match with your cat’s age, body, and breed.

  1. Food and Water Bowls

To make or form a habit from the begging is necessary for any pet. Although the new cat can be fed in any dish, it is also necessary that they have their own dishes like any human does.To find the specific food and water bowl you want for your cat.

  1. Toys

Every cat loves to play and you can start bonding with your new cat by playing with the new toys. So provide your cat with a variety of safe toys. Make ineffective playing time for your cat with a fishing pole, dangling lure, toys with catnip. Avoid toys with small parts and can be torn off such as bells, feathers, or pom-poms and choke your cat with it.

  1. Litter box

This is the most important purchase of all and is an absolute must for both indoor and indoor-outdoor cats. Before feeding your kitty, you must think for their toilet option, if you want to save your home. Ensure the perfect size of the box or tray, with a suitable litter and a mat under the box to catch stray litter.

  1. Cat bed

Again a cat bed would form a beautiful habit within your cat; many cats will happily fall asleep anywhere, but a cat bed will be a favorite napping spot. This must be warm, soft and cozy, and placed in a location where your kitty feels comfortable and safe.

  1. Cat Scratching post

Cats need to scratch, so purchasing a cat scratching post can save your furniture and help them with that urge. The post should have a fixed base and be as tall as the cat can stand on the hind legs and get a good stretch with. Buy the different types of scratching post online.

  1. Grooming Tools

To be very safe, always groom your cat with the specific tools made for them. This will give them a pain-free and healthy grooming session. Buy only cat nail clippers, cat combs with fine and blunt tooth heads.

  1. Cat collar

Make your cat wear a collar that allows enough room to fit between the collar and the neck. Tag your cat as domestic and always mention their name and your address with your phone number in the collar.

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