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6 Common Wire Connection Problems and Their Solutions

Electric malfunctions can cause a lot of house fires every year. To prevent it, we can start by looking at our fuse boxes or breaker panel to figure out the day of the last inspection. It is recommended to have a pro look at things every ten years, but most of us only get the system modified during a renovation or an addition. Ferret Australia is one of the most recommended tools developers in the market because of its sturdiness from the very beginning. The flexibility that the company offers during the cable-feeding process is excellent. 

Ferret Australia provides a solution to every worker dealing with cables. Most of the wire connection problems are nobody’s fault but are simply the result of time. To understand the needs of the problem, it is essential first to understand the root cause of the issue occurring.

Here are a few of the potential sources and causes of wire connection and their solutions.

  1. Dimming or Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are a sign of a wire connection problem as light fixtures only draw a small amount of power; therefore, it is a rare possibility that the fixture itself causes the dimming or flickering. Sometimes on a windy day, when the cable moves, it may cause a short. This is a definite sign that the home’s wiring requires an upgrade. 

  1. Funny Odours

Whenever you smell any smoky, burning, or odd odors at the electric panels or the point of your outlets, it’s never a good sign. This is an indication of one of the most dangerous wire connection problems. 

Solution: It’s best just to turn off and unplug anything connected to it and call your electrician to determine the rest. 

  1. Too many extension cords

There is a reason why electric wires are concealed within the walls. Running an extension cord frequently can create many additional points where cords can get pinched or short out, leading to damaged outlets or fire.

Solution: If you keep needing more outlets, get them installed by a professional electrician but using extension cords should be minimal.

  1. Exposed Wires

This is caused by amateur electrical work. It is never a good sign to see too much-exposed copper wire showing at the cables.

Solution: Switch off the power, disconnect all the wires, and strip off additional insulation, so that excess wires are not exposed. Then, reconnect the wire and ensure they are securely connected.

  1. Tripping circuit breaker

Tripping is a good sign; when high-power consuming items are used before plugging the hairdryer or microwave, it may be possible to get it tripped.

  1. Aluminum wiring

Corrosion occurs when aluminum is in contact with copper, and when the connection closes, it may also lead to fire; therefore, using aluminum is no longer a safer option.

Solution: To stop corrosion due to the grease in the nuts, it is advisable to retrofit a dielectric wire nut.


Wires are under a repetitive heating and cooling cycle, expansion, and contraction. Hence, every time a switch is used or appliances are connected, the wired connection will loosen over time. Still, a significant danger can be easily escaped with a bit of caution and assistance from professional equipment of the Ferret Australia.

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