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Preparing for 3 year LLB Course after Graduation

3 year LLB Course

Leaving behind the lucrative option of an integrated 5-year program must have been a tough choice, especially when you could have saved a year in your journey to becoming a legal professional. However, if you have still done that and have found your passion in law after graduation, you can prepare for LSAT India exam or other entrance examinations to seek admission into the 3 year LLB program offered by some of the top universities and law schools in the country. But as the competition is high, the journey of preparation might just become tougher, and keeping that in mind, we are here to help!

Setting up the course for the preparation

Before you start off mugging and reading the necessary study material to prepare for the LSAT India examination, set the course for the preparation. This means you need to do your research about the exam patterns, the questions, the type of sections, and analyze your own strengths as well as weaknesses. A general study plan will keep you in the crowd but as soon as you customize to suit you and your progress, you will be able to do wonders in your entrance exams and get admission into 3 year LLB program quite easily.

Burning the midnight oil

Once you are all set with the preparation of the study and effort you need to make, start making your effort count. Burn the midnight oil, walk the extra mile and ensure that no stone is left unturned while studying for the examination. When you pay in sweat, only then you are able to reap the rewards. The competition is quite tough and thus, you need to be better than the average lot to be able to qualify for the exam. Even if you have to sacrifice entertainment and playtime for the same, do not hesitate in making the choice. After all, you are working towards realizing your dream of becoming a lawyer or legal professional.

Smart work and hard work

Hard work alone is not enough to crack through LSAT India or any other law entrance examination. Along with effort, you need to use your brain as well, on every step of the preparation. Do not just go on studying whatever you can find, analyze the pattern and the questions, try and focus on topics that are focused in the examination. You could also eliminate sections or parts of the syllabus that is redundant or is never touched in the examination. This approach might be a bit risky but hey, you never know – it could prove to be the game-changer for you as well.


Preparing for LSAT India to seek admission into 3 year LLB program isn’t exactly a cakewalk. If you would need to be persistent with your efforts and continue pushing harder to be able to surpass the competition and secure admission to the finest law schools. But remember, follow your passion, heart and seek advice from mentors whenever in doubt.

Pankaj Sharma

Pankaj Sharma is a professional blogger. He covers topic like business, education, travel and entertainment stuff with fun. He's continued blogging and keep on inspiring other bloggers for the living.

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