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Pressure Leaf Filters: The Most Significant Equipment in Oil Refining

The process of vegetable oil filtration is very complicated as well as intriguing. It involves so many processes and steps that are carried out with so many tools and equipment. Leaf filters are one of them. As the name suggests, they come with leaves and carry out the process of filtration effectively and efficiently. Horizontal pressure leaf filter is one of the most technologically advance machines playing a great role in oil filtration.

Pressure leaf filters are of two types-

  1. Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters
  2. Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters.

Made and supplied by India’s leading oil refinery equipment manufacturers in India, pressure leaf filters are made of vessels using both vertically and horizontally. Each of these filters also has so many layers of wire mesh. The mesh in the inner side acts as a discharging filtrate and at the same time, it supports the outer layers.

Prominent features of a Vertical Leaf Filter

  • Hermetically sealed, takes lesser space and offers more filtration rate
  • Designed for PLC automation with the automated discharge of the filtered cake
  • The range of filtration areas up to 125 M2 in a single housing
  • Minimum pressure drops across the leaves
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and capacities at a very cost-effective price
  • Offers very easy discharge of cakes because the cake is released by gravity releases while letting it drop towards the discharging outlet
  • Can be used very well when a huge amount of filtration is required making use of very limited space.


  • Edible Oils
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Molten Sulphur

In a Vertical Leaf Filter, the slurries are fed into the pot making use of pressure. The pot is fitted with vertical leaves that fill the requirement of the channel. Each leaf has a neck at its base and collects the filtrate. It leaf is make in such a manner with ribs on the two sides that make the possible for the filtrate to stream uninhibitedly towards the neck.

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter is a highly standardiz and perfectly create machine that meets a large number of requirements of oil refineries across the globe. This machine has already proved its worth in oil milling set up its mettle as the most user-friendly as well as eco-friendly equipment. It is also make of vessels that are construct horizontally to accommodate the plates stack.

Salient features of a horizontal pressure leaf filter include the following:

  • Movable bundle or movable shell
  • Movement of bundle or shell by a hydraulic power pack
  • Designed for PLC automation
  • Suitable for dry or wet cake discharge
  • Filtration areas up to 200 m2
  • Economical operational costs
  • Compact operation and thus no spillage.
  • The pressure leaf filter possesses no rotating parts, thus keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Concluding Remarks

Mectech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Vertical and horizontal pressure leaf filter in India. Apart from the filters mentioned above, the company also offers Mecklear Gravity Filter, Shining Filtration, Candle Filter, Pulse Jet Candle Filter, Self-Cleaning Disk Filter, Automatic Brush Filter Strainer,Palm Olein to Super Olein and many others.

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