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Why Should You Rent Freezer Vans For Frozen Cargo?

Relying on the chiller vans for delivering the frozen items is universal in several businesses. The freezer vans are rented by many companies that transport short-lived items. Among these businesses, companies that handle edibles require chiller vans significantly. To deliver the food items unharmed and free from decay, a chiller conveyance is necessary. All that is noteworthy regarding the chiller vans will be discussed as you go deeper into the article.

How renting chiller vans can be helpful to me?

It is right to say that the need for temperature-controlled vehicles is increasing day by day. Leasing chiller van in Dubai is very popular as the temperature stays hot for a larger fraction of the year. However, many of the industries benefit from the renting of chiller vans by transferring their goods in super excellent condition.

Not all companies afford the purchase of chiller vans in Dubai, so the best option for them is to rent a chiller truck that suits their requirements. Leasing a freezer van is also the best alternative and is the traditional way to transit perishable commodities.

Goods apart from frozen items that require the leasing of chiller vans for their transfer include:

  • flowers
  • beverages
  • medicines
  • milk products
  • ice cream
  • meat
  • poultry
  • fish

All these articles require a suitable temperature to retain their freshness during travel.

What Are The Main Points To Be Studied To Rent A Chiller Van?

Now let’s look at the points that are needed to be considered to hire the right van for your items.

  1. What is the product?

When you search for a freezer van for rent, the first thing that you need to understand is the nature of the product that you need the chiller van for. This includes the temperature requirements of the product to deliver it without spoilage.

  1. What temperature does it require?

You should understand that whether the product needs a chiller or a freezer, depending on the temperature requirements of the product, the decision should be made.

You should ensure that the temperature of the freezer van for rent is according to the product, as each product requires a different temperature. So maintaining the right temperature is the key point in retaining the greenness of your shipment.

  1. Why is Pre-cooling important?

Pre-cooling means cooling the product before it is transported and loaded into the freezer van rental.

Products that are reaped from the field contain a lot of heat from the sun. Pre-cooling is carried at the initial stages after the collection to remove the heat and to make the product ready for the next step.

Pre-cooling provides the items a long-lasting temperature which helps to increase the life span of the products.

  1. Why is reasonable circulation necessary?

The adequate circulation of air assists in maintaining the inner temperature of the freezer van rental. The heat enters the reefer truck through the dividers, body of the truck, i.e. the floor and the roof of the truck. The heat is transferred to the refrigeration unit.  The proper circulation contains a system following the refrigeration unit mechanism to eliminate the heat.

This decent diffusion of air helps to keep the inner temperature of the reefer preserved and provides a uniform temperature throughout the journey.

What are the benefits of rent a freezer truck?

Let’s dig into the reasons that make a freezer truck worth renting.

  1. Safe transit of cargo

A freezer truck rental allows you to deliver your goods securely restoring the freshness of the products. As the objective of the companies that deliver food is the quality of their items, a chiller truck guarantees the delivery of food items on time in excellent quality.

Transferring the food items by means that ignore the temperature requirements of the products could result in their decay. Delivery of rotten food can be unhygienic for the customers and can lead to an illness. This can lead to a negative impact on your business and you might gain a bad name among the consumers.

Therefore, a freezer truck not only saves you from the trouble of the breakdown of your food during long-distance travel but also helps you to maintain a trustworthy relationship with your customers. In this way, you gain an admirable reputation among the competitors.

  1. Safe delivery at an affordable price

Every businessman does not afford to buy a refrigerator truck for the delivery of his merchandise. At this point, renting a truck is a great opportunity. Chiller vans in Dubai are available at a price that goes with the budget of the merchandiser.

So in this way you deliver your orders on time protecting the quality at a price that is easy on your pocketbook.

Moreover, renting chiller trucks can be highly beneficial to those businesses that require different temperatures for their several products. They can each time lease a truck according to their shipment. However, in this case, buying a reefer truck will bound the business to its temperature requirements and the dealer might require a new van.

  1. Updated Models of trucks

Frequently renting freezer vans is better than buying in a way that every time you can benefit yourself from the updated version of the truck.

Besides you can also rent a better truck if you find the previous one unsuitable for your shipment.

The latest versions would make it easier for you to carry your products and help you to provide your services efficiently.

What should a chiller van include?

  • A chiller van rental should have all the important aspects that meet the needs of the client.
  • It should be rented from a top-reputed company that guarantees no trouble with the automobile.
  • A chiller van should be available at an affordable rate with special features to haul the goods safely.
  • The inner surface of the chiller van should be flawless so that you may not face the consequences.
  • The temperature settings should be working properly so that the user can change them according to the requirements.
  • Lastly, the ideal conveyance operates accurately and performs its operations precisely, and creates no fuss for the user.

What are the different types of freezer vans?

There are four main types of freezer vans that are used to carry short-lived items. These different types are also known as conversion vans. This is because these are converted into chiller vans from a regular automobile.

  • Insulation Only Van

This van is ideal for products that do not require chilling temperature. Insulation only van contains a 50 mm thick insulation to maintain a climate for non-decay items. To use it for the transfer of short-lived items, a refrigeration unit should be attached.

  • Chiller conversion vans

This van also includes a 50 mm insulation with a chiller unit. These vans can achieve temperatures from 0°C to 8°C. Suitable for florists, pharmaceutical companies, meat, and dairy products.

  • Semi freezer conversion vans

For the transport of frozen goods, a semi-freezer van is the best choice. It can maintain temperatures as low as -10°C to -15°C and can easily transfer the frozen goods.

  • Full freezer vans

This type of van has thick insulation of 100 mm and can obtain a temperature as low as -25°C.

What type is the best for you, depends on the requirements of your product and the size of the  cargo. Make the right choice of freezer van rental so that your investment proves to be useful and you deliver the goods at the ideal temperature.


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