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PTA Mobile Registration Check Complete Guide to

A Guide to Register Device through PTA mobile registration step by step process

If you haven’t registered your device according to the PTA mobile registration check, this is the right place for you. Please read the entire blog to understand the key element most people tend to ignore while searching; the other half can’t seem to find the actual information they were looking for. 

To end the illegal mobile purchase and selling process, the Pakistani government took a brilliant step to undermine those involved in this business and started the PTA mobile registration process online. Due to this current registration system, all the illegal mobile business took a major hit and suffered a huge loss that cost them their entire businesses.

We all know Pakistan only lets those mobile devices run inside Pakistan containing 15 – digit GSM Association registers IMEI number.

GSM Association is responsible for representing worldwide mobile networks making it the highest associate member running a great ecosystem, especially for mobile companies. 

Step by step Guide to PTA mobile registration 

Step by step Guide to PTA mobile registration 

All you need to do is follow the below step by step process, and at the end of this blog, you will be registered. 

You need to understand some points before starting the registration process. Certain scenarios where registration is required; otherwise, the Pakistani government has given its local users many chances. The Pakistani government gave limited time to the local users where the operational devices will get registered automatically. This process gave ease to many users, and many were able to get registered hassle-free. 

If you are an international user or an expat, then the following are the scenarios for you.

  • The device you are using is from abroad, or you travelled to Pakistan with a new device then you have to register your device.
  • The IMEI of your device is valid, but unfortunately, it’s not registered from the PTA registration system then you need to register.
  • As a Pakistani, we often get surprised by our relatives with a brand new phone from “amreeka” that we get excited about, and then this PTA makes it impossible for us to use, then you need to get it registered.  

‘’Keep in mind that all devices that use IMEI number needs to be registered.’’

Ways that you can register your device

There are several ways you can get your device registered, but only a few are valid. You could get scammed while registering your device, so you need to be vigilant. 


  1. The easiest way for you is to dial *8484# to receive an SMS on your mobile device. 
  2. You can also reach any customer service center operator they can guide you through the process. Or use PTA mobile application to get your device registered.
  3. Or you can visit

Now, let’s break down these three steps furthermore. 

When you use the 1st method, you will receive an SMS informing you about your device registration validation. The method tells you the device is yet to register, and it also tells you a certain deadline in which you get your device registered, or simply it tells you that your device is reported or blocked. 

The 2nd method has two options the first one is to reach any customer support center operator, that way you can easily understand the process keep in mind you might get scammed it’s up to you to choose the better option. The second part of the 2nd method allows you to install the android version of the PTA Mobile Registration check application. You have to put your basic credentials to get the application running on your mobile device. The application automatically identifies your device’s IMEI number and informs you about your device’s registration status. 

The 3rd method is to use the PTA website specifically provided for the users to understand better. You have to click on this link enter your IMEI number in the provided field it will tell you the status of your device. 


The Deadlines Timelines 

The initial deadline started back in 2018 on the 20th of October, since then the deadlines experienced variations by the government to give adequate time to the local and international users. Additionally, the illegal mobile industries were repeatedly throwing tantrums to get enough time to make amends for their wrongdoings. It was surprising watching the ratio of the illegal mobile business suffering in Pakistan. 

To give ease to the user’s government extended the deadlines several times. The deadlines first occurred on the 15th of May 2019. In June, the deadline stated that the extensions will no longer serve and that the process will initiate in the first week of June.  

The Pakistani government gave enough time during the pandemic to easily register their devices accordingly. 

Registration at the Airport

A person can easily register their mobile devices if they are travelling back to Pakistan. There are offices located at the airport, for mobile registrations.

The PTA started the registration process at the airports with several counters dealing in this matter. Authorities take the unregistered devices entering Pakistan and register mobile devices on the spot. If you are a citizen and travel back to where you came from, the PTA registration system will allow you 60 days to run that device in Pakistan. 

If you want to know how much tax your device has in Pakistan, visit Find Out Exact Tax/Customs Rates! And you can easily find the FEE SCHEDULE of PTA mobile registration check.

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