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Top 6 Consumer-Focused Software Solutions

Your company requires a software solution.

The business world is constantly changing, moving, and growing due to technological advancements; businesses must be aware of these changes and embrace them to avoid being left behind. The use of software to improve services, tasks, processes and data management in businesses is not new, but it is becoming more prevalent.


The software serves various purposes, depending on each business’s needs; however, custom-made software is often recommended when deciding.


What is the definition of a software solution?

A software solution is a program that automates routine tasks and performs all of the time-consuming tasks for you.


The process of designing software applications that meet unique needs is known as custom software development. Every company, no matter how large or small, requires custom software to meet their individual needs.

What is the benefit of a software solution?

Custom software development enables you to create software tailored to your company’s specific requirements and tailored to meet those needs.


Many businesses may be put off by the cost of a custom software application at first, but the initial investment can be recouped by solving problems that off-the-shelf solutions cannot.


It would seem to be common sense that any reputable and successful company would capitalize on and implement consumer-focused software and other solutions. Indeed businesses have endeavored to implement such solutions over the two decades or so. Nonetheless, small percentages of companies prioritize customer-centricity or even expect customers to perceive them. 


One of the multiple reasons behind this is the sheer variety, and volume of current consumer data rapidly overwhelms most businesses, many of whom may not possess the necessary operations and systems capable of handling it effectively, if at all. However, the most typical and perhaps most significant roadblock to customer-centered solutions is a lack of such a culture at the organizational level, often limiting it to specific functions or sidelining it all together.


Success requires an alignment between the organization and a consumer-centered culture that is instilled in new employees. The following are the top six consumer-focused software solutions.


The first consumer-focused software solution is Slack, which operationalizes consumer empathy. Empathy is an overused business buzzword and a poorly understood, let alone adequately practiced, social and psychological concept. Basically, in a business context, it refers to the capacity to identify the customer’s emotional needs, understand the reasons behind them, and address them appropriately and effectively. While extremely important in the business world, it is often neglected, with only a minority of consumers believing that business employees can comprehend their needs and respond to them. The solution then requires closer conceptual integration within the company and less lip service.


The second consumer-focused software solution is Hootsuite, which recruits for customer orientation. From the first interactions with potential employees, business prioritization of them and their needs is a must. During interviews, hiring managers must ask each candidate to assess the customer’s orientation irrespective of role. Not only does this evaluate the customer and match them to the company’s mission statement, but it communicates the importance of doing so to others, be they hiring managers or recruits.

Adobe Systems

The third consumer-focused software solution is Adobe Systems, which democratizes the insights of the customer. Adopting a customer-centered mindset requires each employee to understand the customers of the organization and their needs. Such a solution makes consumer insights accessible for every employee without compartmentalizing such data or delegating it to other departments. A new department that combines employee and customer experiences to improve understanding of and communication with the consumer. Listening stations can be set up for employees to listen to consumer calls, while customer experience delivery updates can be given at employee meetings.


The fourth consumer-focused software solution is Airbnb, which facilitates direct communication with the customer. Businesses must create ways for employees to communicate directly with consumers to better understand and learn about them and their needs, successes, and aspirations. This, in turn, benefits the company as a whole by providing it with valuable information. Furthermore, every interaction between employee and customer matters because it affects the customer service experience somehow.

Temkin Group

The fifth consumer-focused software solution is Temkin Group, which links employee culture to consumer outcomes. This helps quantify the process and renders it manageable and measurable, motivating and empowering managers to achieve the best possible results. This, in turn, assures and satisfies clients. The question of agile coaching can also come in handy by providing training and cultivating strategies that allow businesses and their employees to prioritize the consumer in as efficient a manner as possible.


The sixth and final consumer-focused software solution is BambooHR, which ties compensation to customers. This engenders a productive risk that puts the employees on their toes and expects them to be on their best behavior at all times, in turn optimizing both qualitative and quantitative customer metrics such as satisfaction and retention, respectively. This affects making each employee contributes to the customer tangible while creating organizational alignment around a standard set of goals.


With more businesses realizing and appreciating the importance of having a customer-centric culture and strategy, they will slowly but surely find themselves closer to discovering the customer-centric visions and financial potentials of themselves and their employees.

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