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App Development

Reasons Why Flutter App Development is Trending

Flutter has been a major trendsetter in the areas of application development as far as cross platform application development is concerned. Due to this many application developers and smartphone app developers are looking forward to using flutter for the dairy application development requirements. Organizations and companies are looking forward to using flutter in their daily app development environments. 

The letter has been slowly growing in popularity because of the various advantages and functions that it has to offer to developers and designers alike. Let us see what makes flutter so popular in the field of cross platform app development even when there are several other frameworks that are equally capable to perform the same job:


Customized and impressive designs

When it comes to designing a customized app that is person nice to touch and feel, clutter is a clear winner here. The amount of customization that is being offered by platter apps as well as the customization that you can do as a user or as a developer is immense in nature and therefore this is one of the main reasons why flutter is trending in the cross platform application development spectrum. Personalized apps as well as customized apps vertical is used in Cross platform application development spectrum, easier to manage and interact with it. Because of this very reason, there is no doubt that flatter is growing in popularity as well as searching in recognition. 


Perfect for any MVP

Developers and designers put a lot of time and investment into creating an app. As far as cross-platform application development is concerned, this is likely to reduce the overall development time as well as cut down the efforts needed to develop an app by about 50% in nature. writing fewer lines of code to achieve the same task can be a rewarding and admirable aspect special in the field of app development. Therefore if you are short on time and required to develop an App in the quickest way possible so that you are able to show it to the investor and raise money for your product, flutter is able to fit the bill just fine.


Supported by Google

Flutter is owned as well supported by Google which is the largest search engine company in the world, as well as the leading tech company, that is known to drive innovation and inspiration in the things that they do. Support from Google means a lot for a particular Technology as you are insured by getting a constant stream of updates, improvements, and bug fixes for your technology. You can count on Google to provide you a regular update when you use the flutter software development kit to design apps for Cross platform application development.


Single Codebase

Cross platform app development enables, to use a single code base for the development of apps that can run on different platforms. So for the price of one you are getting two apps that are equally performant in nature. Because of this any changes that you do the app is reflected instantaneously in your app. the single code base technology ensures that you develop the app and manage only a single file for the app. Because of this nature, You only need to manage a single code base for doing any kind of changes to your app


Needs Less testing

 Flutter is known to be tester friendly in nature. Whatever app you write in flutter can easily be tested and deployed to multiple devices and multiple platforms. The testing aspect of flutter, enables it to be highly performant in nature, does it provides a better medium for testers to ensure quality control for the app, as well as flutter, enables easy testing for the app. Thus the amount of effort required for testers to test the app is reduced. This helps to saves in development cost as well as time required to market the app


Saves a lot of development time

 As we have discussed earlier that you only need to maintain a single code base to develop two different apps that is one for Android and one for iOS, you are able to save under development time as well as efforts that you can put for the app design and development. This enables you to save valuable resources as well as enables you to invest them properly. 


Close to native app functionality

 Apps developed using flutter provide close to native functionality as well as the performance of search apps are quite similar to native apps in nature. because of this reason you get close to native performance while designing a flutter app and this can be an advantage for the app development process.


Hot Reload

Hot reload enables you to make changes directly in the code, as well as see the updated changes instantly in your App under development. It saves on compilation time when you have multiple lines of code that take time to recompile, this enhances the developer’s productivity as well as their efforts that he or she puts into development.

Conclusion: Because of the above reasons, it is evident that flutter is gaining in popularity and searching is becoming a trend on Google. Many developers and designers are looking forward to using flutter for app development purposes.

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