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App Development

Why Do You Need To Prefer Outsourcing Over In-house App Development?

If you have trumped up your mind about developing an app for your business, then you have made an excellent decision for the future of your business. Development is the central part of having a start-up with a creative idea and looking for digital transformation. As this is a time and effort-consuming activity, but you may consider two ways, in-house and Outsourcing development. 

Like, every coin has two sides. The same goes for outsourcing and in-house development. Unfortunately, choosing between them can get complicated at a time. This blog will walk you through the fundamentals of In-house and outsourced apps, the pros and cons of outsourcing and in-housing, and why you need to prefer outsourcing over in-house app development.

Fundamentals of In-house App Development

In-housing app development is the practice in which the work is performed in-house. It means within the premises of the organization. The company uses its employees to perform all the activities.

Choosing in-house development is no different from hiring permanent staff to your firm. You will need to go through the process of recruiting and interviewing to build your own IT team. However, if your start-up is precisely focussing on IT products, It may be feasible to hire in-house developers.

Fundamentals of Outsourcing App Development

Outsourcing is when you hire a third-party organization on a contract-based structure to fulfill your tech requirements. 

Many companies are looking towards modern outsourcing. However, as per Statista, in 2021, The turnover of IT outsourcing is expected to reach $97 billion. Many companies are offering high-quality outsourcing services because they have enough skill sets to present.

Pros of In-house App Development 

1. Physical Availability

If you have an in-house development team, the people are working from the company’s location and can supervise physically. Physical Availability enhances better communication and understandings between you and your team that makes work effective and synchronized. In addition, it makes things easier to get things done.

2. Direct Communication

Direct communication is a clear advantage of having an in-house team. Being together in the same workspace will facilitate the communication process by abolishing any misunderstandings. As a result, you can implement changes faster-engaging errors speedily and speed up the project implementation.

3.Swift Troubleshooting

Approvals are usually faster when every developer involves in the exact physical location, faster relevant changes in the development process, faster deployment, and problem-solving that suit your business. Even during a horrific pandemic situation, the team is still available in the same country. It will be easier to monitor daily progress.

4. Better Control

The main advantage of an in-house team is that you have better control over the development process. It makes things easier for you to observe the progress of work and supervise the project. You always know what all team members are doing during working hours. The control of entire business operations on you, and you have full accountability of the recruitment process also.

Cons of In-house App Development

1. Higher Expenses

The cost of in-house app development is much higher than outsourcing app development cost. It is because the expenses of an in-house team are distributed in several different factors like professional growth plans, taxes, rent, hardware devices, software programs, maintenance, and more. Therefore, the price is an issue that can change everything.

2. Skillset Limitations

The rising IT industry brings an overwhelming demand for tech experts. However, the local skillset might not be sufficient for your business plan, and it’s already tough to hire the right person in some areas. As a recruiter, you need to be able to source candidates and evaluate their technical skills. Thus, the skillset limitations are the primary aspect while you are hiring an in-house development team.

3. Employee Expulsion

The possibility of people leaving your company is high, and software developers know that their skills are in demand right now. Developers tend to change their job every one to three years. Finding a new developer is a time-consuming process, and it seriously impacts your project’s speed and slows down your expected deployment.

Pros of Outsourcing App Development

1. Cost-Effectiveness

The outsourcing app development cost is cheaper than in-house. However, training and recruiting talented developers is difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. If you are operating in a region where local talent comes at a premium price, you will have the clear advantage of outsourcing. However, outsourcing teams generally have better experience in different areas. Eventually, if an unexpected issue or a new functionality arises, hiring developers or professional experts is no need.

2. Access to the Best Talents

Outsourcing allows you to access the best talents and unlimited hiring opportunities. Whenever you deal with the in-house development team, your skillset is limited to a specific geographical area. But in outsourcing, you can combine different freelance developers from different areas to meet your requirement. This flexibility of choosing the best team will provide you with extraordinary results in the long run.

3. Focus on your Core Competencies

Well, you focus on your company’s other core competencies as outsourcing application development saves time rather than in-house development. We all know that building a successful mobile application takes a lot of effort. Every person in the team is responsible for completing their task and achieving a quality niche of work for developing an app. A tech manager has responsible for proper communication between developers and bringing the best talent from them. You can give more time to content, marketing, and other essential aspects of your business’s success.

4. Quick Project Launch

The outsourcing app development team works on several projects. Thus, they set deadlines for every project to meet the project’s niche. The majority of an outsourcing agreement includes penalties for violating deadlines without proper reasoning. Therefore, there is no need to further delay in outsourcing. In addition, it reduces the time to market that helps you in a quick project launch.

Cons of Outsourcing App Development

1. Communication Gap

Hiring a development team in another country can have its downsides from a communication point of view. The communication gap depends upon two factors time zones and language barriers. Thus, you have to set a clear communication path before the beginning of the project.

2. Control Limitations

You cannot control the management of app development entirely as you have a lack of control over the team while developing offshore. Therefore, you lose the ability to monitor personally regarding implementation. Furthermore, as your development team has far away from your location, you may face control limitations on your project. Still, you will follow the process, receive regular inputs, feedbacks and reports and be aware of how well the development is going.

3. Security Risk

The most common fear while offshoring your app development is that someone can benefit from your business idea. Therefore, it is pretty risky to rely on an offshore IT agency when non-company employees or third-party IT agencies are involved in the process. The risk of falling your essential data into the wrong hands increases. 

4. Language Barriers & Cultural Differences

When collaborating with an outsourcing company from a different timezone and country, you may face cultural differences. On the other hand, when you outsource your app from a non-English-speaking country, you may also face a language barrier. Cultural differences make misunderstandings due to the beliefs and working patterns of the company. However, a language barrier can cause miscommunications and confusion.

Why Need to Prefer Outsourcing over In-house?

You might be wondering whom to hire? A full-time in-house development team or an outsourcing team?

Choosing between in-house and outsourcing is challenging, but in the current scenario, businesses around the globe prefer outsourcing instead of in-house. The main reasons for outsourcing over in-house is mentioned below,

  • You can include anyone you may need for the project. It will help you to start the development process faster instead of spending time on building team relations.
  • In a fast and intelligent recruitment process, you should have the ability to identify uniqueness, experience, and skills when recruiting.
  • Fast and effective recruitment can improve focus on core business activities.
  • You can get a strong team with prior development experience while outsourcing. Geographical location plays a vital role as well.
  • Projects deployment faster in the short-run, outsourcing can easily hand over different project phases in a short period while in-house development is excessive.
  • Cost-effectiveness is another main reason while businesses are eyeing outsourcing instead of in-house. In-house development is costly because of team training and growth plans, rent, taxes, maintenance, etc.

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Final Thoughts

We have discussed the fundamentals of in-house and outsourcing, the pros and cons, and why you need to prefer to outsource app development rather than in-house. Making the correct choice between in-house and outsourcing is not easy, but making a good choice depends upon your priority, time, quality, price, communication, and quick deployment.

The trend is that businesses prefer outsourcing as it gives excellent results in saving money, efforts without losing money, quick deployment, faster project launch, and cost-effectiveness. Get in touch with our experts if you have any further queries regarding outsourcing app development. I hope our content was helpful.

Nikunj Shingala

Nikunj Shingala is a Co-founder of Webs Optimization Software Solution Company, a leading web & mobile application Development Company specialized in Hybrid, Native, iOS and android app development.

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