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SEO Techniques To Supercharge Website Performance And Gain Organic Traffic

When your website went live on the World Wide Web, you learned a lot about SEO, especially basics like keyword research, content optimization, and title tag & Meta tag optimization. Nevertheless, there is a need to supercharge the performance of your website in terms of organic visibility SEO services in Newcastle.

You can now easily hire one of the best SEO services in Newcastle with good experience applying effective SEO strategies for a variety of businesses. Below are the SEO tactics the Newcastle professionals use to supercharge a website’s organic traffic.

Identify competitor’s SEO strategy

Find what works for your NSW competitors to help you compete on SERPs. Start by finding the competitor’s best-performing webpage and analyze it. You will find out keyword gaps, vulnerabilities in your current content, keyword cannibalization, etc. With this analysis, you can create a strategy to steal their traffic.

Create a content strategy using keyword gap analysis

Existing content optimization helps to craft a strategy for the new content creation. Make sure not to create content blindly. It should be crafted with an aim and has to justify the existing content. Perform keyword gap analysis to create a content plan quickly. Choose a robust keyword gap tool to identify the missing keywords or keywords your Newcastle competitors are ranking for. Create an informed content strategy for better performance on organic searches.

Earn authority backlinks

Backlinks are still top-ranking factors on Google. There are multiple link-building strategies designed to efficiently gain relevant links but the scale is hard to achieve. The best way is to create innovative, interesting, and relevant content. The more useful the content is the more the chance of someone finding it valuable and linking to it. 

Digital PR integration 

Digital Public relations is also a way to create and promote awesome content. Content like research studies, infographics, expert insights, and tools & calculators can be pitched to publishers and journalists. You can include a link in them directing to your websites.

Digital PR not just brings links but drives referral traffic, increases brand awareness, creates social engagement, generates sales, and improves visibility. 


Google uses CTR [click-through rates] as a ranking factor, so optimize it. Title tag or Meta description can affect the CTRs of your website. These elements you can control with PPC testing rather than waiting for a long time [adjusting and measuring results].

Ensure to have a budget for the pay-per-click campaign. Create ads and set page testing for different descriptions and titles. Determine which ones have a significant impact on your CTRs.

Supercharge page 2 ranking using internal links  

If you got high-performance keywords on page 2 then add an internal link to boost the first page SERPs. Internal linking is an underestimated SEO strategy and is often used to pass 2nd-page authority to the first page.

Core web vitals optimization

Several metrics that will impact page ranking include HTTPS, safe-browsing, mobile-friendliness, and intrusive interstitials. Optimization of these core web vitals is crucial for a better NSW user experience. 

Toxic link cleanup, image search optimization, and more are some in-depth SEO techniques that can supercharge your website’s performance!

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