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Shopify Development Vs WooCommerce Development Diff Which is Better

You have already gone through the stage of having a business or entrepreneurial idea and are beginning to execute it. Your next step is here, to build your online store in a concrete way. Develop a website with code from scratch or skip the tedious steps that only advanced programmers know, and use a simple, useful, efficient and comfortable platform. Shopify Vs Woo Commerce? Define here which one you prefer.

Both are globally recognized, hundreds of businesses have settled with the convenient tools that both offer. For example, the Patagonia brand uses Shopify for its website, and All Blacks Shop uses WooCommerce. In the end it all depends on what your business needs , that is why it is important that you inform yourself well of its characteristics to make a decision. Here we tell you the most important of each one.

Shopify Vs WooCommerce

Shopify Development

WooCommerce Development
Pros Pros 
  • You know the exact prices each month.
  • It offers thousands of applications to customize your store.
  • They have many attractive, simple and professional templates and themes to make your site.
  • It is an all-in-one platform. Shopify takes care of everything from giving you a powerful server to the security of your site and its visitors.
  • The server or hosting is one of the best in the business.
  • Very intuitive and simple to use.
  • It offers complete customization and control over your site.
  • WordPress has a huge online community, which is great in case you have questions about how to solve something.
  • There are endless templates, themes, applications and plugins to incorporate to your site. Because almost anyone can create and upload or sell them online.
  • WooCommerce is a free and easy-to-configure ecommerce module for WordPress . (this helps you to incorporate different types of articles.  or blog into your ecommerce, which is always good for a content strategy).
Cons Cons
  • You don’t have as much control over your site with Shopify, meaning you can’t change every element on the page.
  • There is more customization and freedom on other platforms, Shopify is made to sell online.
  • It has a monthly payment and they charge commission per sale.
  • It may happen that you end up finding WooCommerce more . expensive for the add-ons that are added, or you buy themes / templates and the hosting.  or server that is also external.
  • It has a learning curve.
  • Unlike Shopify, here you don’t manage everything in one. From hosting to security is something that you have to take care of.
  • For this reason, there may be other “costs” or more tedious tasks to take care of in WooCommerce.

Let’s start from the base Shopify Development, WooCommerce Development

We are not going to delve into the history of each platform,. but it is important that you know what type of platforms they are, because this is . what determines several of the features of Shopify and WooCommerce. 
Shopify Development is a private company or in other words a closed source software , . unlike WooCommerce, which when running on WordPress, is public, or open source software . And what does this mean? Let us consider an example. This open source or closed source software is comparable to the . Apple (iOS) v / s Google (Android) operating system . iOS would be comparable to . Shopify for having a more rigorous filter to accept applications. This filter means that apps with security problems are less likely to exist, for example. Since iOS is responsible for reviewing everything that will be use in Apple. 
Instead, Android apps would be the analogy with WooCommerce,. a platform released on the Internet . Being an open source software or a platform for public use,. Every developer can create a plugin and incorporate. it into the WooCommerce plugin offer,. without going through a rigorous filter . This is why it could happen that some apps do not have as much security or compatibility. as promised in closed source software, such as Shopify or iOS. Or rather, . you will have to worry about applying the necessary security, unlike Shopify that, . being consider an all-in-one e-commerce solution , takes care of this for you. 
This more exclusive filter from Shopify Development or systems like iOS, imply less variety,. But they promise a certain standard that is not always met by public software. 


What do we mean by this of the applications? For example, if you are looking for unicorns to appear on your website every time a buy is complete,. it may be that someone has already created an application (or plugin) for that, . either in WooCommerce or Shopify. So in a few clicks you can incorporate this function into your ecommerce,. without the need for a developer to add it. 
By understanding the basis of how Shopify and WooCommerce work, . we can advance to the specific characteristics of each platform, . so that you can choose which one you choose according to what your business needs. 

All-in-one commerce solution? 

One of the main differences between WooCommerce and Shopify Development is that. Shopify is an all-in-one eCommerce solution . It is designed to give .you everything you need in an ecommerce,. without the need to have previous experience in websites. Because the platform seeks to drop all complications . that you may encounter when managing an online business.
The grace of Shopify is that it takes care of the technical aspects for you,. helping you with intuitive and friendly tools for non-technology experts. This also means that you may not be able to have as detailed control of the page , . as you could with WooCommerce, .which is characterize by the. level of customization and flexibility it offers for your website . It gives a lot of freedom to incorporate what you want in your store, for example,. manage it together with a WordPress blog. This is a great point for WooCommerce, . since if your business includes online workshops or seeks to generate blog-type content, . this platform can be more useful by having more options. 

About the server

The server or hosting is what provides the virtual space for your website . Thanks to this, several users can access your page at the same time and at any time. Hosting providers generally charge a fee for the service of delivering that space to you. The plans can have different characteristics of capacity,. security and / or speed depending on what you are looking for. 
Shopify: When making your website in Shopify you have to hire a monthly plan, . and this includes hosting. You don’t need to do it because Shopify handles everything for you, from hosting to security. It is a great point for Shopify, because the server they have included is great and very stable ,. it will always hold for more traffic that reaches your site.
WooCommerce: in this case you don’t pay a subscription, . the platform is free , but you do have to hire a separate server. In other words, you will have to learn how to handle the technical aspects of the site and thus maintain it. with enough capacity, speed for a good experience and, keep it safe.

The importance of good hosting

You have to be careful with this sale, because if when you buy the hosting. you arrive at one that does not have much capacity or performance,. it may be that if one day you do a very good campaign on social networks, for example, and many visits begin to arrive. your page, your server crashes and you lose the sales that you could have reached. That depends on the type of hosting you host your site on. 
☝An annual plan with enough features for a basic ecommerce starts from . $ 80,000 (approx 3 UF) a year depending on your requirements. Make sure that the one you hire includes the SSL security certificate (secure site),. many companies do not include it and make you pay for it .

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