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What Makes PHP The Best Option For Web Development In 2021?

PHP as we know it is the world’s leading technology for web development and web designing. PHP was introduced to the public in the year 1990 therefore it has a rich history of more than twenty years behind its back. PHP can not only be used for web programming, but it can also be used for web application development and server side programming as well. 


With the number of features and functions as well as the numerous facilities that are provided by PHP, it is no doubt that PHP is being used everywhere to facilitate web programming and web designing as well.

What makes PHP the best option for any kind of web development work in 2021 is what we will be seeing in this article


Open Source

PHP is not only open source in nature, but anyone can contribute to the development of PHP, and introduce new functions for it. This means that there is a two-way communication or mutual development happening for both the technology as well as for the developer. 

There are no expensive licenses aur any kind of fees that needs to be paid for the developer or programmer to use PHP India web development applications. This makes it the best possible technology that is free to use for everyone and anyone. PHP is being used for a wide variety of applications that includes web development, server side development as well as client side web application development. 

The tools and technologies that favor PHP can easily be used and mastered by many different developers and programmers are like. It goes without saying that PHP is indeed the backbone for any kind of web development efforts as web development is incomplete without PHP, there is no technology that comes this close to web development as PHP does.


Rich History

PHP is long being used for not only web development but also for client side development applications as well. There are many remote applications that can be developed that function as a standalone desktop application that helps users achieve their objectives. 

PHP was first used for the creation of a server that facilitates the use of web development, and to run efficient web applications. PHP has a good 25 years of rich history behind its back therefore making it the most mature language that we have seen so far 


Highest Usage for Web

PHP can be used for any kind of web development effort very easily and flexibly. It goes without saying that the web has been born because of PHP. Web developers and programmers can easily create numerous applications in PHP, making it the best choice for any kind of web development and supporting today’s modern technologies as well.


Nowadays there are many frameworks that are introduced to the general public that utilizes PHP at its Core and facilitates the creation of many different web applications that have different features and functions all together.


Great Community support

PHP provides great community support for many users and web developers. They can easily connect to experienced professionals UN experts that have a wide knowledge of PHP. There are many forum groups and user groups available that can be solely used to help many PHP web developers and designers get on with their web programming airport. 


There are abundant resources that are available for web developers and designers which we can use to learn and master the language and provide the ease of web development pretty easily and flexibly.


Highly used for CMSs

With over 80% of the web powered by PHP, PHP is also being used for the creation and usage of many content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and many more. 


These content management systems help in the proper Management and Organisation of content that goes on the web. When it comes to content management systems, PHP is the most preferred language used by developers and programmers who like to add new features and functions to these systems.


Can be used for server side and client side web development

PHP is being used for not only server-side application development but also for client side application development as well, there are many applications that are being used by corporate and Enterprises that facilitate the usage and development of PHP for their core functionalities and features. With such an amount of usage it goes without saying that PHP is the technology that is being used to take web development to the next level.


Simple and Easy to learn and master

Simple and easy to understand language that makes use of Plain English statements to create code that achieves the objectives of web development. Any developer or programmer can master the language pretty easily and flexibly. It becomes extremely easy for developers to write readable and reusable code that facilitates web development and provides new features and functions to it.

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Therefore because of these features and a variety of reasons, it is evident that PHP is the most preferred language when it comes to any kind of web development in 2021.

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