Signs That Tell Your PVC Curtains Are Deteriorating

Even though most PVC curtains out there are built to last for a long time and are manufactured out of high-quality components, they will eventually deteriorate. That’s why it’s vital to detect the signs of deteriorating from the first moment onwards so that you can take preventive measures right away. 

It’s not suggested that you wait till the last minute to replace your old PVC curtains and that’s why we are sharing some easy-to-detect signs that will tell you that your PVC Strip Door is deteriorating. 

Deterioration Symptoms For Your PVC Curtains

It should be perceived that PVC curtains are built in such a manner that they can withstand intense abuse. But, that shouldn’t mean that they are totally impervious to any harm done towards them. For example, if you use your PVC curtains regularly, scratches will build upon the surface of curtains. 

While scratches might not be a problem in the first place but it can, however, be a breeding site for bacteria & germs – in case they are not cleaned regularly. Therefore, when you see scratches or cuts appearing on your PVC curtains, it’s time that you proceed to replace your PVC strips. 

Usually, PVC curtains are transparent and you see very well through them. But, over time, the surface of your PVC strip doors will become cloudy, making it more challenging to see through them. You can decide to clean them to remove the cloudy appearance, but if that doesn’t work, then the cloudy appearance is because of the PVC itself and not the dirt. 

Replacing it would be the sane thing to do, especially from a safety and hygiene standpoint. 

If you plan to use normal PVC curtains in freezer units instead of freezer-grade PVC curtains, then your curtains may face splits & cracks in their surface. Once your PVC curtains crack, it will become almost impossible to glue the two separate pieces together. Moreover, the curtains will not be able to serve your purpose once they are cracked and split. 

Times like these are when you need to replace them entirely. 

One of the greatest benefits of using PVC curtains is that – they are highly flexible. But, if they lose their flexibility and thereby become stiffer, then it will be the correct time to replace those PVC strip doors. 

Furthermore, we suggest that if your PVC curtains are already a few years old, then you should start making provisions to replace them – doesn’t matter if they pose any problems or not. Try to maintain your PVC curtains correctly and you can use them for an extended period. 

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