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Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

There are many opportunities for Job in Singapore. Six Sigma Black Belt course will help you make your career better! Let’s see how.

Someone who is searching for a job in Singapore or is currently doing a job in Singapore will boost their career by taking the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification In Singapore, because this course will give you tremendous knowledge of Six Sigma Methodologies and their importance in business operation.

In 1986 Bill Smith created Six Sigma. Instead, a Motorola engineer worked to further develop the products of the business that at the time did not meet the quality requirements. He based the methodology on the methods taught by Walter Shewhart, Ronald Fisher, and Edwards Deming in statistical and quality control. More

Why do you want the credential in it?

Six Sigma is a series of process improvement procedures and tools. Six Sigma ‘s fundamental objective gives organizations resources to improve their business forms’ performance. This increase of efficiency and decrease of process variability leads to decrease in errors and increases in benefits, productivity of workers and quality of goods or services.

In the corporate world, there is an ongoing discussion on whether Lean or Six Sigma Black Belt Certification In Singapore is the correct method to adopt when it came to improving business processes and disposing of waste. Both sides include supporters and critics who can find different circumstances where one program can achieve better outcomes than the other.

Others say that convergence of the Six Sigma Black belt and Lean principles is the best way to develop the most productive and profitable business system. However, the contradictions and similarity between two frameworks must be acknowledged to interpret the debate in the proper way.

The basic aim of Six Sigma is to reduce errors and waste by simplifying and optimizing all business processes, thus increasing quality and performance. Although it was originally developed for industrial use, practitioners soon realized that Six Sigma Black belt could be useful and relevant to all facets of a company – from customer care to service delivery to management.

Today, Six Sigma plays a crucial role in an organization ’s leaders, and its wide-ranging application can help a company produce tangible and measurable outcomes. Like Six Sigma, Lean is being used by companies to streamline production and manufacturing procedures. Lean’s primary focus is on taking out unnecessary and inefficient steps in product development.

The Six Sigma credential helps verify and exclude professionals who are experienced at identifying risks, failures or defects in a business process. For receive a Six Sigma credential, an applicant would have to fulfil the preconditions of experience, pass a written certification examination, and demonstrate hands-on competence. The two most popular six – sigma certifications are the Green Belt.

Why Take Certification?

Organizations put money into Six Sigma certification as it includes a structured set of methods and procedures to better enhance the group’s procedures. The certification’s basic purpose is to verify people who possess the expertise necessary to detect and remove errors in a system. Six Sigma will help large & fruitful businesses.

The basic aim of Six Sigma is to eradicate defects and waste by streamlining and optimizing all business processes, thus increasing quality and performance. Although it was first developed for manufacturing use, professionals quickly discovered that Six Sigma might be useful and relevant to all facets of a company – from customer care to service provision to management.

Six Sigma Black Belt- Black Belt qualification means you are a Six Sigma logic and quality professional. Within an agency that leads investment projects, Black Belts are known as problem solvers. Six Sigma Master Black Belt-A Master Black Belt talks to the lean and six sigma success system brain. They have wide experience in their fields and are pioneers.

A Black Belt qualification allows one to be in a position of decision-making or have the ability to influence decisions. Black Belts must be more geared towards data-driven decision-making, and must learn to use statistical tools for data analysis. With several Black Belt methods, the use of statistical software is important.

The Six Sigma Black Belt Certification In Singapore typically takes 1 to 3 months to prepare for and complete, depending on the company from which you receive the credential. The average completion time from the Management and Strategy Institute for the Six Sigma Black Belt is 30 days.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification In Singapore

Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin

Participants will highlight their profile with the Global Certificate of Six Sigma Black Certification from the rest of the professionals: CSSE-BB and demonstrate their expertise with the CSSE hallmark next to their name after the successful completion of the Six Sigma Black Belt Course and Six Sigma Black Belt Review Six Sigma Black Belt Qualification by qualified professionals.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is offered by qualified practitioners with expertise in working with Black Belt Projects and mentoring Green Belts.

These practitioners bring tremendous success and expertise through various fields and domains. We are also subject matter specialists at the Henry Harvin Academy of Management.

Program Duration:

Classroom workouts: 48hrs

Mobile Workout: 28 hours

After 15 days of training an online test is conducted on the basis of which the credential is given. During the preparation session

Course cost Rs.25,000.

The course features:

Black Belt Six Sigma Certification by Henry Harvin is ranked No.1

Achieve 12 Works

Academy of Management membership for 1 year

100% Realistic Black Belt Workout

This course’s Curriculum:

1: Implementation and Review of Lean Six Sigma and Terminologies

  • Six Sigma Story & Evolution
  • Definition: Six Sigma & Lean
  • The Lean Six Sigma merger
  • 3 M Waste Forms and
  • PQDCSM (Production, Performance, Price, Provision, Security, Morale)
  • Varying vs Flexibility
  • Six Sigma Roles & Expertise
  • DMAIC Stages

2: Define

3: Analysis and Control of quality 

4: Boost, guarantee consistency

5: Supervise

6: The test of hypothesis

  • DOE introductions
  • DOE Forms
  • DOE to use Minitab
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Case Reports

Examination & Qualification

In order to receive “ASTC Six Sigma Black Belt Certification,” each candidate must pass the written test at the conclusion of the training, which consists of multiple-choice closed-book questions (MCQs’), lasting 90 minutes.

To earn certification, you must reach a passing mark of 75 per cent. The analysis tests extremely comprehensive theoretical, measurement and functional aspects about the Body of Information.

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