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Some First Aid Techniques You Must Know

We don’t want to get hurt and get an accident in the form of an accident or something. However, this is God’s destiny and secret where we never know when we are injured or have an accident.

Accidents can not only happen on the highway, you can also experience them at home. Learning first aid is very important so that it can be done as soon as possible while waiting for medical help.
Apart from not being able to panic, there are a number of types of first aid that are important to know and provide for everyone. The reason is, mishandling can actually make the condition worse.

Therefore, it is better if we prepare some special skills that can be useful for providing first aid to ourselves and people who experience disaster.

What is First Aid?
First aid is the set of actions and techniques that allow the immediate attention of a person until professional medical assistance arrives. This first aid makes it easier for the injuries suffered not to worsen and the evolution of the injured person will depend on this action. First aid is actions aimed at reducing the effects of injuries that the victim may present and must be applied until medical personnel arrives. The general condition and subsequent evolution of the injured person will largely depend on this first action.

The entire population should know how to apply first aid in emergencies and health emergencies.

10 general tips in the first aid action protocol

  1. Act quickly but remain calm.
  2. Avoid crowds.
  3. Know how to impose yourself.
  4. Do not move the injured person unless absolutely necessary.
  5. Adequate transfer (as a general rule, do not immobilize the injured person and, if necessary, move him in a block).
  6. Never provide the injured person to eat, drink, or medicate.
  7. Reassure the injured person.
  8. Keep the casualty warm.
  9. Do only what is essential.
  10. If you don’t know, refrain.

In this article, you will also learn some brief tips on how to give First Aid in an emergency or in any situation.

For certain treatments, we not only have to depend on what is sold in pharmacies but also we can use some of the materials available around us to be used as the right solution to deal with various kinds of wounds.

Here are some tips on providing first aid.

  1. Overcome people fainting and not breathing
    If you find a case like this, you have to lay the person with his face facing the sky then give a punch in the middle of the chest to help the heart pump blood. This is first aid if someone suddenly stops breathing or their heart rate disappears due to an accident, drowning, or something else.
  2. First aid when choking
    When someone is used to laughing or talking while eating, they are usually prone to choking. To overcome this, you can give a blow to the back because this can help remove the food stuck in the throat. But you have to be a little careful when doing it.
  3. How to stop Bleeding
    To stop the bleeding, you can press down on the wound and hold it firmly so that the blood flow stops. In addition, this process will also help the blood to coagulate faster so that the blood can be prevented from coming out excessively.
  4. Overcoming Burns
    First aid for burns, you can use ice cubes or toothpaste. This is one of the ways to prevent skin trauma and to prevent inflammation.
  5. Dealing with Broken Bones
    When someone is on the bone, never shake the part that was broken. And don’t let the victim rest on the broken bone as that can make things worse.
  6. First Aid in Heart Attack
    If you find someone having a heart attack, make sure you position the person in a sitting position, then help them reduce pressure on the heart (provide a sense of comfort and calm). Continue to give confidence to the patient that help is on the way so that he has the enthusiasm to face the pain he is suffering.
  7. Overcoming Hypothermia
    This is a critical condition when a person feels cold and causes disorientation such as drowsiness and can also result in fainting. For hypothermic patients, the first aid you should do is give them hot drinks or those that can warm the body.
  8. Coping with Nosebleeds
    First, make sure the patient is seated, then tilt their head back slightly to make the bleeding subside a little. Loosen tight clothes around their necks and press their noses to help control any bleeding that comes out.
  9. Handling Insect or Animal Bites
    If you or your family experience an insect bite, the first aid you should do is remove the insect sting if it is still trapped. Then use the wrapped ice cubes to soothe the sting.

Caution: Seek immediate medical help and advice in case of respiratory problems, fainting/unconsciousness, deep wound with profuse blood, severe burns, suspected fracture or fracture, suspected heart attack, allergic reactions, bites. insect or animal, poisoning, shock, any condition that worsens rapidly, Hopefully useful.

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