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Steps to Migrate Your WordPress Site to a New Host

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Moving your site to another host can be a mind-boggling and troubling experience, yet it shouldn’t be. Regardless of the way that there are critical steps to move your WordPress site in case you follow our guide you can succeed. 

Various people are defined with the need to move to another host because of issues with their current provider and have adequately had. In any case, as often as possible, moving to an inexorably reliable host is deferred on various events due to a neurotic dread of submitting a blunder and hurting your site(s). 

To get around the issue, people may pay a tremendous charge for a specialist to move their site for them. Or then again search for another host that offers a development organization as a significant part of another encouraging pack. Also, a short time later there are the people examining this article who take the third option of having a go at it themselves. 

In case you contribute a little vitality setting up your own site, moving isn’t something to be stressed over. It will in general be an unmistakable endeavor at whatever point moves nearer adequately and can without a very remarkable stretch be changed out of should any issues occur. You can try WooCommerce Shipping plugin to your new WordPress website.

We should experience the methods required to move your WordPress site to another host, anyway before we start giving you how you can move your site, if it’s not all that much difficulty recollect that an enormous number of the best WordPress encouraging associations will truly move your site for you, so if you have as of late purchased another encouraging arrangement and are planning to move your site check with your new encouraging provider first to check whether they offer free migration. 

Steps to migrate WordPress sites to a new  host

Stage 1:You should Backup Your Website Files. 

Stage 2:Then Export the WordPress Database 

Stage 3: Create the WordPress Database on Your New Host Server 

Stage 4: Now edit the wp-config.php File 

  1. Change the Database Name 
  2. Change the Database Username 
  3. Change the Database User Password 

Stage 5: Now import Your WordPress Database 

Stage 6: Upload The WordPress Files To Your New Host 

Stage 7: Defining New Domain and Search/Replace Old Domain 

Stage 8: Final Touches 

Second – after the 48-hour time period has passed you should now get to the new web page when you go to your website. It’s presently you can interface with your old web host to eradicate the records and database. You ought to regardless have a local fortification copy of these reports and the database convey, nearby the first wp-config.php record if you need to move back the migration. It will in general be a keen idea to grasp these archives for a comprehensive period just to be on the shielded.

Why you should transfer your WordPress site to a new host

Why should you go for a new host? The answer of this question is in your site analytics. If your site has become slow and even trying many efforts you are unable to gain its speed then this problem can be of your host. In this situation you can contact your host and ask him about this query if they are unable to solve then you can go for a new host. If you want more detailed step-by-step procedure you can visit How To Migrate/Transfer WordPress Site To A New Host? (A Practical Guide)

It is very easy to transfer your WordPress website to a new host with the stepwise detailed instruction. 


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