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Stop Holding Yourself Back, Try This Instead. 

If you are constantly holding yourself back, or trying to fit yourself in perfect definition… then this post is for you. “I’m not good enough for anything” and “I’m the loser of life”, if that’s something that keeps roaming in your head then my friend, you are holding yourself back. 

When you can’t feel positive and good about yourself, it’s hard to achieve something in life. So what to do to develop confidence in yourself, how to explore your true potentials. And especially, what to do first so that you can stop holding yourself back due to your imaginary limitations. Read on and find what to do when you are holding yourself back. 

  1. Redesign your thinking and attitude. 

Ultimately, it’s your attitude that puts you near or brings you away from your goals. Whatever you feel and think about yourself, is the result of your past experiences and learnings. It can be from what other people have done and said to you. Yes, you are highly influenced by the negativity of others in your life. 

Believe, you are mature and more capable more now, than before. So don’t let those thoughts and experiences hold you back, and trying to control you. Learn about your abilities, check your recent performance, and see the achievements you have in life. Be responsible to feel good about yourself. Before you expect someone to inspire yourself, try to get inspiration within.

  1. You don’t have to figure everything out. 

My friend, you know enough. Enough to do something and take the required action. When you keep reminding yourself that you don’t know enough or you still have to learn a lot, then you will hold yourself back forever. Because learning has no limits. Stop limiting yourself, you don’t have to know everything at once. 

Remember, you learn more, by doing and not just thinking. Aim to collect more experiences. So keep learning from every experiances in life, you can also refer to some blogs about life lessons that inspire and motivate you to start believing in yourself. 

Focus on learning, focus on developing. Overall, focus on taking the first step. Remember, learning is an ongoing process, that will be there always. In order to learn first, you have to do something. Don’t just think that you learn and that’s it. Forget everything that either stopping you and just start. 

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  1. Stop being with the reserved and negative minds. 

Your environment has a direct impact on what you do and aims to do in life. You become like what you’re surrounded with, Agree??

When you be with those negative minds who carry the wrong perspective towards life and only have negative things to say, your personality showing the same reflection of them.  

Separate yourself from those who have nothing positive for you to learn from. Your time is valuable, so spend it with those who truly value it. Be with like-minded peoples, those optimistic people who support you to see the bright side in life.  

Of course, these may hard at first, when you have to disconnect from a few people from your life, but remember everything is worth it for your better future, for your positive life. 

  1. Develop an optimistic approach in any situation. 

No matter how hard you try and what lessons you learned, there’ll be hard times always. So be ready for it. To this day, you have been feeling down and frustrated due to hard times.

But now take such challenges as an option to get better. Use them as an opportunity to grow yourself. Use it to become a better version of yourself. 

Instead of just compiling and holding yourself back, try to see the opportunity there. See how to make the best use of this opportunity. Don’t stay still, be adjustable and see there’ll be the right opportunities elsewhere. 

Remember, simply thinking won’t solve anything, you always opt to do something to overcome hard times, much faster. 

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  1. Stop competing with others.  

Your purpose in this world is to get better every day. You are not here to beat others and to prove why you are better than others. Stop comparing yourself with others. Yes, that’s what is holding you back. 

When you keep comparing yourself with others, you focus more on others than on yourself. Because you want to get better than them, without worrying about your skills and talents. 

Focus on your skills, see in which area you are good at and what makes you unique. You don’t have to copy and follow others always. Sometimes, you have to look into yourself to figure out what you are capable of. 

Of course, you can get inspired by others. But, never rely on others too much that you forget about your unique strength. You are unique and you are different, accept that. 

  1. Start accepting yourself. 

Like said earlier, you are limited, you are unique and not perfect. That’s fine, as everyone is special on their own. 

So don’t try to impress others or aim to be better than others. You have some specialties that make you unique. There must be something that you can do better. 

Find that purpose of your life. See what makes you feel happy and confident inside.

Just because you have failed previously, doesn’t mean you are a failure in life. If you repeatedly fail at something, then believe that’s not what you are supposed to do. If possible quit something. Yes, quit what is not working for you.

That will open up more options for you to do something that you meant for you. Who knows that will help you to find your right path in life. 

Know what you can do and what you can not. You are not supposed to figure out and do everything on your own. 

So stop being a perfectionist and don’t try to change everything. Focus on something that you feel passionate about and do that for the rest of your life. 

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Final thoughts

It’s perfectly fine when you have to accept your limitation and failure at something. That shows you at least have the desire to grow in life. 

When you accept your failure, you are responsible to do something worthwhile. At least you are not fake, you are that genuine person who stays true to your own self. 

Believe it or not, but you have the power to change your life. Stop that reserved thinking reminding you that you are not worthy. Stop holding yourself back, and start having more experiences and lessons from life. 

Release yourself from any negative thinking, and you’ll see that you are way more capable than you think. 

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